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2020 continues to confirm astrology’s unique role in telling the story of our times. On the 30th June, Jupiter and Pluto met for the second time in their cycle – on this occasion in retrograde – and world events in the days surrounding this conjunction were suitably transformational. (Please see my Friday Bite 3rd July). And less than a week ago, the lunar eclipse in Capricorn fell across America’s Sun, placing this great country at the heart of important and controversial developments.

During the course of the coming week, the Sun will oppose this mighty conjunction, so we will be able to observe first-hand just how the action of a “personal planet” awakens the potential of an aspect or alignment – in this case the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. We know Jupiter is synonymous with growth and inflation, and Pluto, elimination and transformation, so situations already out of control will reach a tipping point, in some cases with devastating consequences.

There is, of course, no such thing as an all-bad aspect – there’s always a plus and a minus to everything in astrology- so, whether in our personal lives or on the global stage, we may see increase and transformation of the very best kind.

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Friday Bite

10 July 2020

Mars has been in Aries for a mere ten days, and we can already see the pace picking up, particularly with the coronavirus, which is reappearing with force in Australia and Hong Kong, and continuing its steep upward rise in the United States. And we’re also beginning to see an upsurge in conflicts across the world.

On Wednesday, thousands of protestors clashed with riot police in Belgrade as they massed outside the parliament building after President Aleksander Vucic reintroduced lockdown following a spike in cases of Covid-19 – the blame for the rise laid squarely at the feet of the president who, the people believe, reopened too quickly and too aggressively in order to win the election.

You may be interested to know that Mars is currently hovering over Serbia’s natal Saturn in Aries, while Vucic is battling with the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter trio which is squaring his natal Mars in Aries. It will be interesting to see if he is still in one political piece by the time Mars returns to its natal position in mid-August and squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

In his Independence Day speech, President Trump made mention of the violent protests taking place on the streets of America’s cities, referring to the protestors as anti-patriotic and vowing to keep in place statues and monuments celebrating the country’s past. In response, protesters in Baltimore pulled down a statue of Christopher Columbus – he who discovered America – and rolled it into the harbour.

In many cities, the Black Lives Matter protests have erupted into shameful exhibitions of looting and violence, and while such acts have to be condemned, time and again, these peaceful demonstrations are being hijacked by extremists and outside agitators, as, indeed they are the world over. And this trend is not going to stop any day soon. As Mars in Aries gathers momentum against this difficult background of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, we shall see more and more violent episodes, not just over racial abuse, but over the failure of governments to protect the people from the ravages of the coronavirus.

With so much disharmony in the world, you may not have noticed that one of the world’s greatest violinists, Ida Haendel, slipped away from us last week, aged 96. Born in Poland, she was a child prodigy, at the age of three picking up a violin and reproducing a song on it. Her remarkable tone and the combination of classical rigour and romantic warmth made her interpretations of familiar works unique. Sibelius maintained her performance of his violin concerto was as he had imagined it. She was much loved. And will be much missed.

Here’s why.



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