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I seem to have been talking about the eclipse season for weeks, and now it is upon us. America is burning – at least several cities are ablaze with protests over the killing of George Floyd – and as I often say about full moons, even more so when they are eclipsed, simmering situations come to the boil.

I’m going to be talking a little more on my YouTube channel (new video on-line from Sunday) about the eclipses to come in late June and early July, but with Friday’s squaring Mars the potential for even more incendiary developments is high.

Since the forthcoming lunar eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius is the first in a series over the next eighteen months, current events act as warning shots across the bows. Whatever our sun sign, situations that threaten to spiral out of control should we not take a different course of action, require addressing. And although we are all sick and tired of self-isolation and social-distancing, ideally, we need to redouble our efforts to stay safe.

Putting others before ourselves, doing the hard thing, making the difficult choice: if we follow these guidelines we’ll come through this unprecedented time with flying colours.

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Friday Bite

Friday Bite 29 May 2020

Living astrology. Such a good phrase. It is what I do, writing about the astrology of our times and living it every day. No matter how long you’ve been doing astrology, by observing the transits and the personal and global events they preside over, you’re always learning something new. Or, as is the case this week, reinforcing your theories.

Eclipse seasons have variable timelines, but they cover at least two weeks either side of an eclipse. So, here we are, one week away from the first eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, and we can already see major events of the last two weeks have that game-changing aura about them.

On Thursday, 28th May, China approved a resolution – announced last week – to impose security laws on Hong Kong, which effectively curtail its semi-autonomous status. There have already been strong street protests from the Hong Kongers, and with the law now in the process of becoming, those protests will surely become longer and louder, and to add to the concern, turn the possibility of international engagement into a probability.

At the same time, thousands of miles to the west of Beijing, a city was on fire. Two days earlier on a street in Minneapolis, a man was murdered in broad daylight, the act caught on camera by passers-by. That man was George Floyd. He was 46 years old and black. His attacker, the man who knelt on his neck until there was no breath left in him, was Derek Chauvin, a policeman. He was 44 years old and white.

This appalling act proved to be the spark that ignited the tinderbox of anger, outrage and racism that had been building for months, if not years. Shops were looted and businesses razed to the ground. I found the news footage reminiscent of Atlanta on fire in Gone with the Wind.

The President of America, as always quick to respond, fired off a tweet calling the protesters “thugs” and threatening to intervene, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. Twitter was equally quick to respond declaring the tweet “violated Twitter rules about glorifying violence”. This exchange followed Twitter’s decision to place a fact-check label on Mr Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballots, an action that provoked the Trump administration into issuing an executive order to curtail legal protections that shield social media companies from liability for the content posted on their platforms.

And so another war begins. And Mars has yet to enter Aries…

In my Friday Bite last week, I mentioned that actions taken on and around an eclipse have profound consequences:

Eclipse seasons are game-changers and the events that happen from late May until late-July, and during the next eclipse period (mid-November to end-December) will affect political and national destinies. Leaders, especially those with planets on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis – put your hand up President Trump (Sun in Gemini opposition Moon in Sagittarius, itself a lunar eclipse) and Prime Minister Boris (three planets and the Sun in Gemini) – should take note. Actions taken at this time will come back to bite you in the posterior. Friday Bite 22 May ’20

Half way through the year, five months to election day in the United States, and Mr Trump is in danger of losing any chance of being re-elected. Boris too is putting his premiership at risk over the Cumming’s affair and the shocking number of deaths from the coronavirus; maybe not now, but in six months’ time on the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, he could pay the price of the accumulated weight of his failures to protect, provide and lead the British people.

It is not too late for either of these populist leaders to change course. The question is do either of them have the breadth of vision, the self-awareness and the humility to see where their actions are leading.

And then there are the moves China is making over Hong Kong, also in the fore-shadow of an eclipse. The situation may take a lot longer than six months to play out – for actions at this time to be seen to have consequences – but the chart of the resolution, which effectively brings Hong Kong under China’s control, forges significant connections with the horoscopes of both nations. And it reinforces my belief that China may bring Hong Kong kicking and screaming back into the fold, but it will come to regret it.

china chart
hong kong natal chart

At 15:21 on 28th May in Beijing, the passing of the national security resolution occurred as Libra rose and Venus, the ruler, occupied the 17th degree of Gemini. Pluto and Jupiter hug the IC and the Moon in Leo in the 10th house squares the 7th house Uranus.

Given that the resolution is aimed at suppressing subversion, secession and terrorism, we might expect to see a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on one of the angles, and caught up in a stellium with Saturn; the Sun and Mars are in square, revealing a high level of conflict, reinforced by the Moon-Uranus square, and Venus (the ruler) is square Neptune suggesting a degree of confusion, obfuscation and betrayal over its inception.

But it’s the position of Saturn and its connections to the charts of both nations that provide the actions-have-consequences aura. Saturn at 1 degree 41’ of Aquarius is conjunct Hong Kong’s Neptune-Venus opposition – here it seems Hong Kong’s very spirit is being crushed – and it is precisely conjunct China’s Ascendant and applying to its Moon. Saturn is the planet of karma and its transit to China’s Ascendant not only reflects the country’s heavy-handed approach to reining in its “member state” but also that it is not just about control but also fear. Emboldening China is Jupiter’s return to its original position, which first occurred in March, will reoccur in July (retrograde) and again finally in November.

china resolution Hong Kong

Also worthy of note is the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the resolution is China’s nodal axis (bringing an element of fate and destiny into the mix) and the Descendant is conjunct Hong Kong’s natal Saturn. Last but not least, Venus, the ruler of the chart connects to the forthcoming lunar eclipse (5th June).

Out of this string of degree areas, planets and points, emerges a picture of a country (China) no longer flexing its muscles in preparation to “rule the world” but actively embracing its perceived destiny. The question is will the rest of the world stand by and let it succeed?

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