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Another week packed with astrological promise. Jupiter and Pluto conjoin for the second time in Capricorn, and on the same 25th degree, so echoes from their first meeting (Easter time) will be sounding long and loud. (See this week’s Friday Bite.) As always with such a combustible pair, the good will be off-the-wall fabulous, and the bad…

We are also gearing up for the last lunar eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and the cycle is going out in style. Closure and completion is the theme, and we should also expect international relations to be pretty tense in the coming days. This eclipse, taking place within hours of Independence Day, may deliver a particularly profound message to the American people.

eclipse path

You will be able to see the eclipse if you live in south-west Europe (including the UK), much of Africa, and North and South America.

Last but not least, on the 28th, Mars will enter its own sign, Aries, where it will influence all our lives for the next six months. I’ll be looking at this fiery planet’s effect on all twelve zodiac signs on my new YouTube video.




From this point and throughout the next six months, we are on something of a roller-coaster ride: some great highs and some dreary lows – a great reason to get my unique six-month forecast for each sun-sign – a must-have guide to life and love, success and sanity.

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Friday Bite

3 July 2020

I thought I’d stepped through the looking glass for a moment. My morning ritual – tea with CNN’s Rosemary Church – included a segment on an unusual coronavirus by-product:

180 lucky winners of a lottery, took a flight on an Air Bus to nowhere.

They won the opportunity to go through airport security-screening, identification-inspection, and other immigration-clearance procedures before boarding a plane, destined to remain at the gate for five hours. (No in-flight food, by the way.) If, like me, you’ve been imprisoned in your seat-belt for several hours while your plane languished on the tarmac, you could only watch these happy travellers in sheer disbelief.  But, apparently, so greatly is air-travel missed in Taiwan that 7000 people entered a lottery to get on a plane that never left the building.

Sad to say, that brief moment of whimsy was soon eclipsed by news of the number of coronavirus cases in America – 100,000 new cases in two days – an escalation that will surely lead to a proportional number of deaths. Jupiter and Pluto were at maximum power (the second conjunction of the cycle having occurred on Tuesday) demonstrating their combined principles of growth/inflation and elimination/transformation.

Indeed, any of you still in doubt about the power of astrology to supply a narrative of the times, need only consider one or two global events of the past week to be convinced.

On 1st July (less than 24 hours after the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) the Kremlin and its supporters won a vote to amend the Russian constitution. This vote allows Putin to continue to rule Russia beyond the end of his fourth term (2024) until 2036.  Putin’s iron hand is clearly behind this thinly disguised measure to keep him in power. If you remember, in the fall of 2019, I was exploring the possibility of a power-grab/land-grab by Russia in 2020, due to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. (Saturn-Pluto conjunctions are commonly in play when the boundaries of countries change, often through or in the aftermath of war.) This vote was mooted on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (10th- 14th January) and it has been ratified on the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of 30th June. That both Jupiter and Pluto (and Mercury) are all retrograde, however, suggests this plan may not be fulfilled to the letter…

On Tuesday, 30th, under cover of darkness and an hour before the 23rd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China, the sweeping national security bill passed by Beijing in late May, came into effect. The legislation criminalizes secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers. At that moment, 11 o’ clock at night, Hong Kong lost its special status: no longer a semi-autonomous state but shackled by China. As Jupiter and Pluto conjoined, another power-grab was accomplished. However, as with Russia, a similar fate may await China, given that Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury were all retrograde. This story is far from over.

In years to come, I believe we will look back at 2020 not only as the year of the coronavirus but as the year tyranny came to town. 


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