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March comes in like a lamb and goes out with a bah-bah! And in between, with the exception of some Neptunian mists, the astrology is pretty good. But, oh those Neptunian mists…

In view of the impressive alignment during the week of the 8th – a new moon aligns with Venus and Neptune in Pisces – we should, perhaps, get our ducks in a row now, which on this occasion means making sure we have not left undone those things we ought to have done. And we should also blow the dust off our baloney meters.

One of the themes of this Pisces alignment is renewal, which is such a positive prospect given the gloom of the past months. And while we cannot guarantee the sun will shine every day, when it does shine, we should make the most of it.

I’m heading away from snowy Sweden this week and returning to England, so renewal for me means the prospect of a spring-clean and a restocking of empty shelves.  FYI, I have to have a negative Covid test in order to board the plane – a test that costs more than the ticket. Just in case any of you were thinking of flying to Great Britain for a weekend-getaway.

If you’d like to find out more about this Pisces alignment, please check out my new video.

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Friday Bite

Friday, 26 FEBRUARY 2021

There’s a reason for everything…

On Tuesday, February 23rd, at 7:12 in the morning, an SUV travelling northward along Hawthorne Boulevard in Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, breached the median, cut across two southbound lanes and, after hitting the curb and a tree, rolled over several times before coming to rest up an embankment. The driver was later transferred to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for severe injuries to his lower right leg.

That man was Tiger Woods. They say he is lucky to be alive.

I’m not sure luck had anything to do with it. Tiger Woods is a survivor. He has undergone more than one life-changing experience, and come back stronger and better each time. And if that sounds like Scorpio, you’d be right, and you’d be wrong. Mr Woods is not a Sun Scorpio; he is a Capricorn, but he has Pluto – the planet of transformation and the ruler of Scorpio – rising to his Ascendant. Like all Scorpio-Pluto types, he periodically hits rock bottom then rises to the top again. And he will most certainly overcome these terrible injuries. Whether or not he will return to the game again may be in doubt at this point, but as far as Tiger is concerned, he’s planning to win again, and again.

Tiger Woods was a child prodigy, introduced to golf before the age of two by his father. An outstanding player through school and college years, he won his first Major in 1997 (aged twenty-one) and by June of the same year was ranked number one in the world. Fourteen years later, his ranking had fallen to fifty-eight. His fall from grace due to a combination of injuries and personal problems – he and his wife, Elin, divorced in 2010 in the wake of a series of scandals involving his infidelity.

The journey from the lows of 2009 to his win at the Masters in April 2019 was painful in every sense of the word. His very public struggle with infidelity led him to seek therapy for sex addiction and in 2014, he underwent the first of four operations on his spine. In 2017, he was arrested for driving-under-the influence – a development that caused many in the world of golf, and beyond, to write him off. Two years later he won the Masters and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

So, what can the astrology tell us about the legendary Mr Woods?

tiger woods natal chart

Tiger is a Sun Capricorn, and if there’s one thing we need to remember about this Saturn-ruled sign is that life improves with age for its natives. (Yet another reason never to write him off.) That he excels at sport is a reflection of his elevated Mars in one of the key Gauquelin positions for famous sportsmen. (In the Nineteen-fifties, French statistician, Michel Gauquelin, carried out a series of studies on groups of individuals famous in their fields and was able to provide statistical evidence that specific planets appeared in certain areas of the horoscope with a degree of consistency beyond chance.) That Mars is in Gemini also supplies a reason for his issues with fidelity, although his commitment to the game is not in doubt. (Maybe Venus in Scorpio has a little to do with it too.)

I have already referred to the importance of Pluto in the first house in regard to Mr Wood’s ability to rise like a phoenix out of the ashes, and although Pluto is not conjunct the Ascendant it is still powerful enough to have become a major life-theme. Pluto is opposed to Jupiter in the seventh house of relationships and both are squared by the Sun, supplying another reason for his innate ability not just to survive but to transcend adversity.

Which brings us to the present time and the accident on Hawthorne Boulevard.

tiger woods accident february 2021

The first thing you may notice about the horoscope of the accident is Neptune’s conjunction to the Ascendant in Pisces. Neptune rules Pisces, of course, so Neptune is both the ruler of the chart and the rising planet. And what do we know about Neptune? It is the planet of illusion and deception, mystery and miracles, suffering and sacrifice. And all these things are part of the story.

First, the accident itself. Tiger can remember nothing about it. Admittedly, this is a phenomenon often experienced in traumatic incidents, but in this case, he may never recall what happened. We might speculate that it was a trick of the light, a spectre that crossed his vision or a momentary lapse of focus that caused him to swerve.

It is miraculous that another vehicle was not coming in the opposite direction at the time Tiger lost control of his SUV, and I suspect, we will believe his recovery and ability to overcome his disabilities will be nothing short of miraculous.

Suffering is something our hero is inured to, and a river of pain lies ahead, but sacrifice not so much. So, what sacrifice might be involved in the aftermath of the accident? It might be his career. We’ll have to wait and see.

At the moment the SUV went out of control, the degree of the Ascendant-Descendant axis was 19 Pisces/Virgo 59 – the mid-point of his Mars-Moon opposition – and we need to remember that Mars is conjunct the Mid-heaven (the life-direction/career point of the horoscope) while the Moon is conjunct the IC (the roots of life and the foundations of the future). Transiting Neptune was precisely conjunct the Ascendant and therefore connected to the same Mars-Moon mid-point.

I’ll come back to Neptune shortly, but another key transit of the moment is the Uranus opposition. Uranus may have completed its final pass to natal Uranus in the April of 2020, but it was still within a degree of exactitude at the time of the accident. Saturn too was in the mix, squaring his natal Uranus and having recently opposed its natal position. These two major transits – the Uranus-opposition and the Saturn-opposition – are life-landmarks. The Saturn-opposition is a time of assessment – how far have you come and what is and isn’t working; it can mark a period of struggle and deflation; the glass seems half-empty. The Uranus opposition can have a similar effect of causing us to examine our lives, and we may decide we can no longer put up with certain aspects of our existence; it is a time of release and rebellion. The problem with these landmark transits is that they need to be consciously embraced otherwise they will emerge in events that compel us to change tack, and that we probably won’t like a lot. And, certainly with the Uranus-opposition, accidents and force majeure are often the agents of rude awakenings.

And then there is the total solar eclipse of the 14th December, 2020 (23 degrees Sagittarius 08) that fell precisely on Tiger’s IC and then re-emerged as the Mid-heaven at the time of the accident…

It is hard not to see this event as destiny’s work.

While the accident and its physical, psychological and emotional effects are going to be yet another opportunity for Tiger to exercise his super-human powers, it may also serve to change his perspective on life. So often with ambitious and successful individuals, the sacrifice they make is the loss of their personal and family life, and it is a sacrifice that is rarely perceived at the time, but when it is too late to do anything about it.

Neptune’s mysterious tentacles are all over the accident, and they are also reaching out to planets and points in Tiger’s natal chart. Neptune is not only squaring his Mars-Moon opposition but drawing ever nearer the relationship axis. A factor which may well turn this traumatic episode into something of a fairy-tale story. When Tiger has recovered, marriage could be in the stars.

It would not be the first time someone has fallen in love with the person who nurses them through injury and illness, or someone who is unfailingly there for them. The question is, will that person be long-time girlfriend, Erica, or someone else? As Tiger mulls over his life, his purpose and his future – all responses to his landmark transits – only he can establish what must go and what (and who) will be essential parts of life to come.

There’s a reason for everything.

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