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Hurrah! Spring at last! On 20th March at 22:00 GMT the Sun enters Aries, marking the spring equinox. (Apologies yet again to those of you down-under who are heading into autumn, but, as you may know, modern astrology developed in ancient Sumer, and the zodiac cycle reflects the seasons as they are north of the equator.)

This spring equinox is rather special. It occurs within hours of a full moon, which makes it a Full Worm Moon, and it is also a supermoon. (A Worm moon is so called because it occurs at a time when the ground is softening and the earthworms reappear.)

In my January newsletter I looked at the frequency of earthquakes at the time of new moons, full moons and eclipses, and there is some evidence that the moon has a part to play. What seems to be especially significant is if the full moon is of extreme duration, which this one, apparently, is not.

Whether there is indeed greater seismic activity at this time (and, to get things in perspective, there are hundreds of minor earthquakes every day) we can certainly expect reverberations in the world of politics. Simmering situations come to boiling point at full moons and emotions are at full volume.

Fasten your seat belts, folks!

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Friday Bite

Well, what did you expect on a retrograde Mercury, Brexit is delayed. After an eleventh-hour meeting in Brussels on the night of the 21st March, EU ministers decided to scrap the 29th March as the date Britain will leave the Union.

Three years of discussions, debates, arguments and acrimony have led to this state of semi-paralysis.

In a nutshell, Prime Minister May is to present her withdrawal agreement to parliament for the third time on Tuesday, 26th March. (Mercury will still be in retrograde.) In the unlikely event that it will be voted through, there will be roughly two months in which legislation can be passed that will allow Great Britain to leave the EU in an orderly fashion on the 22nd May.

The more likely scenario is this: parliament will reject the agreement for the third time of asking and Great Britain will leave the EU, with or without an agreement, but probably without one, on Friday, 12th April.

As Gary Younge in The Guardian put it, parliament has “just over a week to either find a unicorn or convince itself that the donkey it got for Christmas was a unicorn all along.”

On the 26th March, when MPs vote for or against Mrs May’s agreement, the Moon will be in Sagittarius applying to a conjunction of Jupiter. On the last vote the Moon was similarly not void of course and the vote was decisive, but not in favour of the Prime Minister. Mercury was retrograde. So, there is a very good chance the same thing will happen again next Tuesday.

The days surrounding the 12th of April are dark indeed. The Sun will be square both Saturn and Pluto, Venus will be conjunct Neptune and Jupiter will be stationary retrograde. More crucial is the position of Saturn and Pluto, which will be squaring Great Britain’s Ascendant-Descendant axis and the Venus-Neptune conjunction which is opposing Britain’s natal Saturn.

It is difficult to see a happy ending in these influences, although to a certain extent, whether Britain leaves the EU with or without a divorce deal, the country faces a very difficult future. Of that we can be one hundred percent sure.

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