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I have one word for you. Saturn. Yes, this policeman of the planetary team is on duty this week, so now is not the time to cut corners or offer your pure, undiluted opinion to someone who might not appreciate it. Stay between the lines and accept criticism and your medicine alike with grace.

Saturn is stationary, turning direct on Wednesday. This planet has been in retrograde since the end of April, which may have coincided with an extended period of hardship and frustration. Projects may have stalled, relationships stuttered, and in general it may have seemed as if we’re all getting nowhere fast, at least in one area of life.

We can see the planetary drama being played out in front of our eyes, particularly in the halls of Westminster, and with a ruling from the Supreme Court over the suspension of parliament due hours before Saturn’s change of direction, this decision is going to change the fortunes of Brexit, if not British politics.

I can’t say I’ve come to like Saturn over the years – I mean who enjoys being reminded of their failings and being sent back to the drawing board – but without this planet of law and order, actions and consequences, we would be all over the place.

Enjoy your week of reality checks.


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Friday Bite

Saturday’s full moon marks the end of a short but jaw-dropping period of Neptunian mists and misrepresentations. The past two weeks have been a veritable hymn to this planet of lies, leaks, illusion, chaos and loss, but while some of early September’s Neptunian developments are still unfolding, one will achieve a degree of closure on Friday the thirteenth.

Actor, Felicity Huffman is due in court in Boston on Friday to be sentenced for her part in the US college admissions’ scandal, dubbed by prosecutors and the FBI as “Operation Varsity Blues”. She has pleaded guilty to paying $15,000 to help improve one of her daughter’s SAT scores.

This scandal has Neptune’s signature all over it.

In an effort to increase her daughter’s chances of entering college, she sought the help of a counsellor, William “Rick” Singer. After a year of tutoring, Singer advised Huffman that since her daughter’s scores were failing to measure up, a more radical solution might be preferable. That solution required a proctor to boost her daughter’s scores after she took the test.

William “Rick” Singer was more than a counsellor. He was the mastermind behind a multi-million-dollar fraud in which dozens of parents knowingly participated. In return for large sums of money Singer helped people lie, cheat and bribe their way into prestigious universities.

Ms Huffman has embraced her crime with honesty and courage. By her own admittance, she found motherhood challenging and was “desperate” to be a “good mother”. In a letter to the judge she admitted, “I talked myself into believing that all I was doing was giving my daughter a fair shot”.

We do not know Felicity’s time of birth, but from the solar chart we can see that Neptune is currently squaring her Sagittarian Sun while Uranus is squaring her natal Saturn.

Huffman’s natal Venus-Neptune conjunction is squared by Saturn and opposed by the Moon, supporting Felicity’s statement that she finds motherhood challenging. Hard Moon-Neptune aspects in a natal chart can indicate a woman whose image of her mother is sketchy; either a mother who is so wonderful, she can never be emulated or one who is so inadequate, she is unable to provide a model for her daughter to build on.

Uranus has been periodically squaring her Saturn for the past few months, bringing this whole dynamic unexpectedly to life. And, although not to labour the point, that Felicity succumbed to temptation because of a misplaced sense of doing her best for her daughter – an action that led to her being charged with a federal crime for which she faces a hefty fine and imprisonment – is an essay in the workings of Neptune.

At the time of writing, the hearing has not even begun, but should she be placed on probation, sentenced to community service and given a hefty fine, you can be assured that the current position of Jupiter on her natal Sun is doing a marvellous job of protecting her. On the other hand, given that powerful Neptunian theme, not only in her natal chart but Neptune’s present position in square to her Sun, she may fulfil yet another Neptunian role – that of sacrificial lamb – receiving a prison sentence along with a fine.

Whatever the judgement, Ms Huffman has already done time for her ill-considered actions. She has not worked since the news broke of the scandal, and she has taken the blame squarely on her shoulders in the full glare of the media spotlight. Yet, like Martha Stewart before her who served a five-month prison sentence for conspiracy – it may turn out to be the making of her, or at least the birth a new and better version of herself.

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