If you live in the Arctic you’re in for a treat on Saturday: a partial solar eclipse. In some parts of the globe the eclipse will produce a dark ring around the moon and in others a small bite will be taken out of the sun.


The eclipse can best be seen in north-east Canada, Greenland, Scandinavia and much of Asia. You’ll need to get up at five in the morning if you’re in North America but east of Greenwich it will be visible through the afternoon.

This solar eclipse marks the end of a short season of eclipses, and astrologically speaking it symbolizes not an ending but a beginning. The eclipse will create a Finger of Fate or Yod formation since it is inconjunct both Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is also involved since it is a mere four degrees from the eclipse. Quite what it will mark in terms of world events remains to be seen, but actions taken at this time by leaders and nations – whether great and good or the reverse - will bring about new chapters.

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13th Aug 2018 - 19th Aug 2018

It’s always a relief when Mercury gets back on a normal course, but what emerges in the aftermath in the way of missed messages can be an embarrassment at best and a real problem at worst. Then again, good news that was held back or misdirected could appear, and fears that something had turned pear-shaped may prove to be as wrong as wrong could be.Every astrological coin has two sides.Being born with a retrograde Mercury is not the life impediment that you might think. It doesn’t mean you are destined to be two steps behind everyone else and rarely able to make a decision without having to go back on it.

Not at all. People with a retrograde Mercury are neither slow nor stupid. And I speak as one myself. What do I do? I write, I communicate and I travel extensively.A retrograde Mercury can inspire an interest in history and a liking for research. People with retrograde Mercury like to connect the dots and look into the whys and wherefores behind situations. A retrograde Mercury is more reflective. Yes, there will be individuals born under a retrograde Mercury whose thinking functions are impaired or whose ability to move is limited, but the finger of blame cannot be pointed at this planet’s motion at the time of birth.You are born at a moment in time that reflects precisely who you are.

In the cosmic code will be your history and your potential in this life. That we are born with disabilities and must therefore struggle to fulfil our potential is not the fault of one planet heading in the wrong direction.So, all you retrograde Mercury’s out there. I salute you. We are part of a great team.


August 2018

Leo: Seize the astrological moment and free yourself from old habits and toxic relationships.


Cooking Under The Stars

An excerpt from Woman&Home magazine...

Penny Thornton learned how to cook at around the same time she was taking astrology classes. Back in the late 1970s, her then-husband was a sous-chef at London's Dorchester Hotel. Then in the mid-90s, Penny, who was living in the US, had a ten-minute daily slot on the Food Network, combining astrology and food.

As Penny explains, "The relationship between astrology and food is based on the ancient belief that all things in the universe are connected. Animals, birds, fish and plants were all 'ruled' by a planet or sign."

Penny's new book, The Zodiac Cooks, embraces her two passions. It's an amusing and informative gastronomic romp through the zodiac alongside delicious recipes. So read on to find out whether you really are suited to spelt...

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