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As I pen my greeting to you this week, it is fifty years to the day since man first walked on the moon. Yet, despite all the technology it took to get there and the phenomenal steps we have taken since in terms of space exploration, as you see the moon sailing serenely across the night sky, it remains an object of mystery. Even during the day when it may be a transparent globe, it is still an object of mystery.

At the moment, I’m working on a piece about Uranus for my course – a planet synonymous with breaking boundaries and taking us where we never expected to go – and in the process I have been examining the glyph for this planet. It comprises a circle with a cross on top flanked by two semi-circles. To all intents and purposes, it looks like an old-fashioned television aerial, but those two little semi-circles remind us that Uranus is our conduit to the higher realms of thought and spirit and soul.

Regardless of the upsets Uranus inspires, its purpose is to awaken.

On 20th July 1969, at the moment Neil Armstrong jumped onto the surface of the moon, Jupiter and Uranus were in exact conjunction at zero degrees of Libra and sextiling Mars in Sagittarius. It is most unlikely that NASA chose this moment, this giant leap for mankind, because of its astrological significance, but, by coincidence, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction is the perfect signature to have upon this historic occasion.

As we go through the course of the coming week, the Sun will be drawing ever nearer its 90-degree angle to Uranus, so we have a wonderful opportunity to see what ground-breaking developments will be taking place in our worlds and the world out there.

And if you want to know a little bit more about Uranus and what we can expect during the week ahead, visit my YouTube channel.

Fasten your seat belts.

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Friday Bite

This morning, I heard a member of parliament opining, “We live in peculiar times…” And I thought, how refreshingly honest that was, although it still isn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.

On Tuesday, 23rd July, we will discover who Britain’s next Prime Minister is. It’s no secret that over half the 160,000 members of the Tory Party will have voted for Boris Johnson, which is very bad news for most of the people of Britain – that is the remaining 97 percent of the voting public – who would almost certainly prefer the rather sane and sensible Jeremy Hunt. But there we are. That’s politics for you.

Just in case you need reminding, Johnson has vowed to take the United Kingdom out of the EU on 31st October, “do or die!”.

On Tuesday, 16th July, the European Commission elected its first female president, Ursula von der Leyen. Appointed her may be a little more accurate. Her election was controversial. Not a lot of people like her; in fact, she is the least popular member of Angela Merkel’s cabinet. She officially takes office on 1st November, the day after Britain leaves the European Union.

What, if anything, do Ms von der Leyen and Mr Johnson have in common?

The sign of Libra.

I never tire of telling students, forget about Venus-ruled Libra being sugar and spice and all things nice. Libra is a Cardinal sign, and all the Cardinals (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn) are movers and shakers. They have ambitions. And they intend to achieve them, albeit with the aid of a generous dose of charm and charisma and a dash of barely concealed chutzpah.

Margaret Thatcher was a Sun Libra, Mahatma Gandhi was a Sun Libra. Theresa May, David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu are all Sun Librans. And if you do your research on famous politicians and leaders, you’ll find a high percentage of them have planets in Libra. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, to name but two. And why should we be surprised. Libra, after all, is the most diplomatic sign of the zodiac.

Ursula von der Leyen has the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Libra and, in common with Margaret Thatcher she is seen as a “tough cookie”. While Thatcher acquired the nickname, the Iron Lady, von der Leyen is known as Flinten-Uschi (Shot-gun Ushi). She has been vaulted to her new position on a Saturn transit (square) to her Mercury and a Pluto transit to her nodal axis. Indeed, Tuesday’s lunar eclipse fell in square to her nodal axis. Plus, Uranus is opposing her natal Jupiter.

I look forward to seeing how the new EU president deals with the United Kingdom’s attempts to renegotiate the deal, or more probably, its exit from the EU without a deal. Libra or no Libra, I think you could safely predict hers is going to be a proverbial baptism of fire.

So, Boris. I posted his chart on my Friday Bite a few weeks ago. Nothing has changed! He has a stellium in Gemini and Libra rising, and a total of seven planets in Mutable signs. The Mutables are equivocal if nothing else and, wrapped up in that charming, diffident Libra package, this potential future Prime Minister is a danger to himself and the Kingdom. He cannot be trusted.

A vote in parliament on Thursday, 18th July effectively prevented a Prime Minister from taking the United Kingdom out of the EU without a deal. However, since the chances of striking a new deal, even re-opening negotiations, before the 31st of October are almost nil, the UK may leave the European Union by default.

As you may know, Mercury is retrograde. It was retrograde when Hunt and Johnson were voted to be the final runners for the premiership and when the result of those 160,000 votes will be revealed next Tuesday, Mercury will still be retrograde.

The implication being that whoever becomes Prime Minister will be taking office in the certainty that his tenure is uncertain.

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