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When I say our stars for the week are Christmassy, I mean they’re magical to look at but dangerous if you start messing around with buttons and switches you know nothing about. Fizz. Bang. Pop. Sputter. And if that sounds like a mixture of Neptune and Uranus, you’d be right.

Mercury and Neptune are 90 degrees apart, so we all need to be careful how we deal with information. Misunderstanding and muddles proliferate in a Neptunian environment. We lose our way, sometimes literally.

And then there’s Uranus. Venus will arrive in Aquarius on Friday forging a 90-degree angle to Uranus, and on Saturday the Moon in Scorpio joins the party and forms a T-square. Events happen suddenly under an alignment like this, so while a surprise romantic proposal might be wonderful, getting the wrong end of the stick and kissing goodbye to a relationship… Not so much.

I will be trying to find some time to plan a Christmas menu – yes, I realize it’s last minute – and for the first time ever, I’m not doing turkey! I’m following Uranus and abandoning tradition.

Vive la difference!

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Friday Bite

It’s over. All over. Not Brexit, of course, but the General Election.

By the early hours of Friday, 13th December it was clear the Conservative party led by prime minister Boris Johnson was going to get a majority. As dawn rose over Westminster, that majority became a landslide victory. Not since 1987 – and the third successive election won by Margaret Thatcher – had the Conservatives achieved such a majority.

In his victory speech (8:16 am) Boris Johnson declared he would work “flat out to prove you right in voting for me…” and he made a vow “to lead a people’s government…”. He also thanked some members of the British public for lending him their vote, acknowledging that his historic victory was due in considerable part to disenchanted Labour voters jumping ship.

The election was an unmitigated disaster for the Labour party, whose marmite leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in a speech acknowledging defeat, stated he would not lead the party in another general election. And it must be said, this statement was entirely in keeping with his equivocal stance on Brexit, anti semitism and a whole heap of other major issues, which was a direct cause of Labour’s defeat – the worst since 1935. Given that the next general election won’t be until 2024, he could lead the party for years. At least, he’s left the door open, not given a definite time-line of his departure. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe next year. Neptune in charge.

But thanks to the people voting in great numbers, there’s no more agonizing uncertainty. The United Kingdom will withdraw from the EU on 31st January, although it will take the best part of 2020, if not longer, to be officially out. And, once the axe has fallen, so to speak, the people of Britain just have to get on with it, whether we like it or not.

Time for a little astro-analysis.

You may remember in my Friday Bite some weeks ago I put up a chart for the election. And many of the indications in that chart proved prescient. Mercury rising, I suggested, indicated the importance of the younger vote, which indeed was the case, and the Venus-Saturn-Pluto stellium inconjunct the Moon pointed to resolution.

Here’s what I said on  1st November:

The intense stellium – Saturn-conjunct-Venus-conjunct-Pluto – is reflective of the issues, not least Brexit, that have divided both the kingdom and the government and led to the election. That this stellium is inconjunct the Moon, which is at the apex of the Finger of Fate, puts the power firmly in the hands of the people to resolve the stalemate.

Mars, of course, is also inconjunct the Moon, albeit widely, lending an aggressive, adversarial aura to the election. I’d like to think that the sextile between the stellium and Mars demonstrates the potential for resolution.

What muddied the waters of this potential clear-majority result was the Moon’s being void of course and a Neptune square to the Sun-Moon opposition. This was suggestive of a hung parliament.

However, the power of that stellium and its part in the Finger of Fate configuration was by far the stronger influence.

That the election was held on a full moon signalled closure and completion, although, of course, not every general election under a full moon will produce such a decisive result. Interestingly, though, the 11th June election of 1987 which gave the Conservatives their biggest majority was also held on a full moon that precisely mirrored that of 12th December 2019.

Here are the two charts.

What is also interesting about these election charts is that they both feature 18/19 degrees of Capricorn, which is the Conservative party’s Ascendant. In 1987 the election Ascendant-descendant axis was the mirror-image of the natal Ascendant-descendant axis and in 2019 Saturn was less than a degree away from the Tory party’s Ascendant. Saturn is a strong feature in both election charts, which might suggest a poor turn-out or some other negative – hardly a landslide victory – but Saturn can also be seen as a consolidating influence, as crystallizing the issue. And it is possible that the Conservatives will always do well on a strong Saturn influence, given that it is the party’s ruling planet and reflective of its long-established hold on Great Britain. Plus, Margaret Thatcher had Saturn rising in Scorpio, bang opposite the Tory party’s Pluto. And she transformed the fortunes of the Conservatives.

Which brings us on to Boris.

For Boris the election Moon at 20 degrees of Gemini, fell on his natal Mercury. In my YouTube video (8th December) I suggested that since Mercury ruled his 12th and 9th houses, that full moon potentially augured a judgement by the people. Which indeed it did!

Jeremy Corbyn was not so lucky. That election full moon also fell on his natal Mercury, and although we do not know which houses Mercury rules since we do not have an accurate chart for him, the people similarly delivered an overwhelming verdict on his performance. You may also notice that the election full moon fell on the Labour Party’s natal Pluto, which stands proud on its Gemini Ascendant. Death and rebirth, indeed.

We are proud of our free press in the UK, but even bouncy Boris must have blanched at some of the comments made by journalists about him and the prospects for the future with him at the UK helm. “The nightmare has happened. The worst of men is elected prime minister. The hardest times lie ahead… How bad did Labour have to be to let this sociopathic, narcissistic, glutton for power beat them.” (Poly Toynbee, The Guardian newspaper)

Gemini is a tricky sign and although this does not make all Geminis untrustworthy – by no means – Mercury’s people have a way with words, especially when they have Mercury also in the sign, and the ruler of the chart (Venus) in Gemini. He deserves the chance to prove he can be a great prime-minister, even after a rocky start, and with his Moon in Scorpio, he’ll be tireless in the pursuit of his objectives.

Johnson has some intriguing connections to his party’s chart. His natal Jupiter is conjunct the Conservative’s natal Pluto and his Neptune opposes it. His talent to bewitch and beguile may thus totally transform the party’s identity – its natal Pluto being in opposition to its Scorpio Sun. And yet another revolutionary note is be found in Boris’s Mid-heaven in conjunction with the party’s natal Uranus. Sparks indeed.

So, let’s give Boris a chance. We’ve made our choice. It’s up to him to prove everybody right – or wrong. And probably very soon.

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