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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 27 January – Sunday, 2 February

This astrological climate is perfect if you have nothing better to do than float around on Cloud Nine feeling the love and allowing the spirit to lead you. But if you’ve got people and to see and places to go – and what Gemini hasn’t – you’re going to need your wits about you and your feet on terra firma. Not everything you’re being told is gospel and people you may be relying on could let you down. So, double-check everything. Also, while following your intuition can often lead to inspired outcomes, at the moment it is more likely to take you on a wild goose chase. Reserve judgement.

Reserve judgment.

The Month Ahead for Gemini

February 2020

Does it feel as though you’re stuck in a groove? A situation persists despite your efforts to resolve it and move forward? Eighth-house transits are like that. Like a ship becalmed. Changing your space is recommended, first and foremost in terms of location, albeit for a couple of days. Once you, physically, have moved, your perception will do the same. And suddenly, you’ll know what to do and/or the situation will magically start moving. Actions should be taken before Mercury turns retrograde (17th) however, since the second half of February could involve going back over decisions made earlier and delays and diversions will be part of life.

2020 Overview

Imagine standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The waves are high, the skies dark, although way in the distance is a patch of brilliant sunlight toward which a great ship is sailing.

That’s 2020 in a picture frame.


The Year Ahead for Gemini

If you thought last year was eventful, wait until you’ve had a taste of 2020. The eclipses of 5 June, 30 November and 14 December fall on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis bringing people into your life who represent your teachers, and who shape your future in some regard. Venus will spend almost five months in your sign, which will help the single and the seeking find love


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My Yearly Forecast

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