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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

On Tuesday, Mercury turns direct but before you assume your progress will be straightforward from then on, hold the phone! This is a complex set of alignments, and although you may achieve all your objectives, there will be reverse turns and hairpin bends. In large part, this is due to the combination of Friday’s full moon and Pluto’s habit of presenting issues you thought either were dead and buried or nothing to do with you. If something is rotten at the core or has a limited shelf-life, better you deal with it now than to allow it to dwindle on.


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The Month Ahead for Gemini

June 2021

It has been six months since a total solar eclipse pointed to a new page of your life book, but it may have taken until this June and a second eclipse (10th) to reveal the content of that page. A relationship is almost certainly in the mix, and people you meet now and commitments you make will form an important part of your new future. This is not the easiest of months, and some Geminis will feel they have lost their way or that something is no longer within their grasp, but whenever eclipses affect your sign, you are being realigned with your destiny. Travel and discussions are also on the agenda, and in both instances require a leap of faith.



The Year Ahead for Gemini

What happened on and around last November’s lunar eclipse (30th November) and December’s total solar eclipse (14th December) set the shape and texture of 2021. It’s a new world, and some new people to go with it. Fortunately, solving problems and innovation are your strong suits because the eclipse patterns that began in mid-2020 continue to give you a wild ride in 2021.


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