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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 26 September – Sunday, 2 October

Its’s been a while since the cosmos smiled on us, so although there may continue to be challenges, you can go a long way to overcoming them in this astrological climate. Aside from simply enjoying the good things of life, your creative output is high and much progress can be made with personal and professional/business projects. It may also be a long time since your inner-child got a work out, so if you’ve been feeling sluggish and somewhat jaundiced with life (and love) deploying your playful spirit could make a positive difference across the board. Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us the greatest joy.

Finding the joy. 

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The Month Ahead for Gemini

September 2022

You can’t put yourself under sustained pressure for an unlimited time. You need to cut down the pace and figure out what is deserving of your energies and what is not. This is Mercury’s job as it heads into retrograde from the 10th onwards. In an effort to complete a project on time, you may have skipped a step or two and these need correcting. On or near the 16th, there is a risk of a misunderstanding; deploy your emotional intelligence to read the signs and signals. September gives you an opportunity to backtrack and to reconnect with people who are important to your happiness and success. 

The Year Ahead for Gemini

As the year opens, Jupiter will be in pride of place on the Midheaven of your solar chart. Make the most of this planet’s expansive properties because it will be another twelve years before it returns. Not that you’ll be doing all the work. Luck and opportunity come hand in hand with Jupiter.


Your year ahead forecast has changed. It is longer, more detailed, bigger and better.


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