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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 20 May – Sunday, 26 May

It has been twelve long years since Jupiter graced your sign so on Sunday you can set out the proverbial welcome wagon. The next twelve months have much to offer in the way of great opportunities, travel and good fortune. In many cases, luck will be the result of preparation in that years of hard work will pay off but in general you’ll feel sunnier and more hopeful, which in turn sends out messages that you are someone on the up and up. Thursday’s full moon may well preside over events that already fulfil this prediction but if you feel anything but blessed, remind yourself that all things change, sometimes overnight…

The promise of things to come.

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Monday, 13 May – Sunday, 19 May

In a little over a week, Jupiter will enter Gemini, thereby beginning a year of growth and opportunity, so whatever the negatives of the current time, they can be overcome and certainly compensated for. Not that you can afford to ignore a red flag of any description. Uranus is conjoined to the Sun and Venus in the twelfth house of mysteries and muddles, so what emerges in this mid-May period could come as a complete surprise. It is probably not a good idea to take aggressive action until you have a better idea of the whole picture. Make expedient moves not irrevocable ones.

Surprise, surprise!

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The Month Ahead for Gemini

May 2024

On the 26th, Jupiter enters your sign and embarks a year-long cycle of growth and opportunity. At least one of your ships is set to come in during the months ahead. With this in mind, don’t fall at the first fence: if someone rejects you, assume it is because something (or someone) better is around the corner. On the other hand, if a situation is getting out of control, particularly one with financial implications, aim to put a stop to it. Realities are best faced on or near the 17th.   May might not be perfect but it’s got its share of beautiful moments. Indeed, the weekend of the 25th has romance written all over it.

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The Year Ahead for Gemini

You might like to think of the first half of the year as a time of preparation and a period when you must make a supreme effort to overcome challenges while in the second half, one or more of your ships comes in… In your twenties, thirties, forties and fifties, you will be looking at where you want to be ten, twenty, thirty years down the line, whereas if you’re in your sixties and beyond, you may already be living your best life, the one you spent years crafting and grafting for. Since Pluto’s theme is transformation, whether you are part of the younger or older generation, your plans for the future will change, not only as a result of your growth and personal experience but because of the great global changes that lie ahead.