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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 30 March – Sunday, 5 April

On Friday, Venus arrives in Gemini for an extended visit. Normally, Venus would spend roughly a month in your sign, but this year she is with you until the 7th of August. Venus is known as the Lesser Benefic given that she is the bringer of love and peace, yet although these next four months represent a premium period for finding love and setting romantic relationships on a long-term footing, sometimes an established partnership experiences a test of its strength and durability. Venus also inspires opportunities to find success and happiness in other areas of life. You may not have hit the astrological jackpot, but you’ve got a lot going for you now.

Hail Venus!

The Month Ahead for Gemini

April 2020

A month with Venus in your sign is always blessed, only this year she will spend until early August in Gemini so you have blessings in abundance. Her presence will spritz up your love life and endeavours close to your heart, so put disappointments and betrayals behind you. If ever there was a time to find love, mend a broken fence or put a relationship on a permanent footing it is during the next five months. That being said, it may take the demise of a relationship to open the way for better things to come. Love aside, a friendship or creative project could take a battering, especially if money is involved. Only you can decide whether a material loss is worth sustaining for the sake of an alliance.

The Year Ahead for Gemini

If you thought last year was eventful, wait until you’ve had a taste of 2020. The eclipses of 5 June, 30 November and 14 December fall on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis bringing people into your life who represent your teachers, and who shape your future in some regard. Venus will spend almost five months in your sign, which will help the single and the seeking find love


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