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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

During the next seven days, first Venus, then the Sun and finally Mercury all angle mighty Pluto, so the hands on the cosmic clock are pointing to endings-and-beginnings. While this is an entirely positive theme, Pluto rarely presides over fun events: this planet of the deeps is at his best detonating situations in order to create new and fertile spaces. Situations reach the end of their shelf-life on a Pluto transit, and deep understandings are made about yourself and the world as you see it. None of this means events you are looking forward to are going to disappoint, but it does mean something or someone is going to have a major impact on your thinking, of not a lot more besides.

Could the earth move?

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The Month Ahead for Gemini

April 2021

Until the 23rd Mars remains in your sign, on the one hand, inspiring you to set wrongs to rights and implement strategies aimed at getting you where you want to go but, on the other, turning life into something of a battleground. You’ll need to tread carefully during the week of the 5th, because it will be easy to make a misstep or misinterpret a situation; information could be incomplete and someone may not be telling you the truth. Then again, sometimes what appears to be a wrong move turns out to be the right one. Later in the month, aim to take a little more chill-time, and if you’re worried about something, talk about it.



The Year Ahead for Gemini

What happened on and around last November’s lunar eclipse (30th November) and December’s total solar eclipse (14th December) set the shape and texture of 2021. It’s a new world, and some new people to go with it. Fortunately, solving problems and innovation are your strong suits because the eclipse patterns that began in mid-2020 continue to give you a wild ride in 2021.


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