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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 10 December – Sunday, 16 December

With Mercury’s arrival in the zone of relating you won’t be looking for companions or invitations this Christmas. People will be coming to you with offers, whether for business or pleasure, and for a few Geminis a romantic proposal is on its way. Maybe not this week but before 2019 comes in. There have been some complex influences to cope with recently, but these are on their way out and things should be becoming clearer by the day. However, what cannot be resolved before the holidays is not worth fretting over. Often time turns out to be your friend.

Invitations and offers.

The Month Ahead for Gemini

December 2018

You are quite the flavour of the month. People are reaching out to you and making their interest known. This may well be for professional reasons but for many Geminis the climate is distinctly romantic. Meetings, propositions and invitations could form part of the Christmas joy. If there is a potential hitch, it is Neptune-shaped and may involve a mixed message, a missing item or a lost cause. Especially on or near the 5th assume nothing and check everything. You head into 2019 with Jupiter at your back ensuring a year of extremely positive developments. Deck the halls with holly, indeed!

The Year Ahead for Gemini


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In the meantime, here is a little taster:

You will remember the year for whom you met, what you did with other people and the events that impacted your life, for better or worse. Indeed, these four words are well chosen since many Geminis will marry or form long-term partnerships…

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