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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 25 May – Sunday, 31 May

Next week a lunar eclipse will flank the relationship axis of your solar chart, but already its effects could be in play. Full moons bring situations to a tipping point, so difficulties between you and a partner or associate are likely to become even more pressing, and a temporary or permanent separation may seem to be the solution. By contrast, it could be time to put a relationship on a long-term footing. These are complicated times for most people on the planet, so although life must go on, emotions will tend to be exaggerated and decisions made in the heat of the moment may well be regretted.

Think about it.

The Month Ahead for Gemini

May 2020

Despite Venus’s good fortune, you’re still going to run into a mystery and an obstacle. But, however strange or challenging events may be, by early August things should be straightened out or you’ll be so over them it won’t matter. It’s the 11th – 13th June birthdays who have the most to win and lose from this month’s developments; if in doubt, the answer lies in your heart or your gut, not in those little grey cells. The new moon in Gemini (22nd) opens a new chapter, and yet again there is likely to be a mystery behind it. Address those things that require urgent attention, otherwise keep your options open.

The Year Ahead for Gemini

If you thought last year was eventful, wait until you’ve had a taste of 2020. The eclipses of 5 June, 30 November and 14 December fall on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis bringing people into your life who represent your teachers, and who shape your future in some regard. Venus will spend almost five months in your sign, which will help the single and the seeking find love


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