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The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 29 May – Sunday, 4 June

As you go through the week, you’ll see the moon drawing nearer and nearer to fullness. Always a signal to reflect on where you are and the current state of play, this full moon falls on the axis of relating, bringing a relationship or a person you are close to into view. Is it decision time for a relationship? Are you in or out? Or is it that an issue has come to a head and requires resolution. A contract could be ready to sign, an offer on the table or an agreement about to be ripped up. Endings and beginnings are always part of the narrative on a full moon.

Closure and completion.

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Monday, 22 May – Sunday, 28 May

Saturn is in the early degrees of its passage through the zone of career and life-goals, and during the course of the next two and a half years, you’ll discover the benefits and the drawbacks of this transit. On Sunday, the Sun in your sign squares Saturn, on the one hand, reminding you of your responsibilities and the limitations of certain situations and, on the other enabling you to see what of your endeavours has legs and what is destined for the sidings! It’s time to face a reality or two. Fortunately, Jupiter is on hand to lift spirits and encourage the spirit of adventure.

A bit of this and a bit of that.

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The Month Ahead for Gemini

June 2023

The sun may be out and you ready to enjoy all the activities and events on offer but there’s still a need for the occasional reality check. With both Saturn and Pluto in retrograde, events in the past may return to be re-examined and the odd issue could arise that gets in the way of all the fun. The weekend of the 17th has stardust sprinkled all over it, and whether you have a special date in the diary or events conspire to make it happen, you’ll be opening a new personal chapter, one that requires taking on more responsibilities and entering new and unfamiliar territory.

The Year Ahead for Gemini

It has been twenty-nine long years since Saturn entered the zone of career and life-direction, and it may prove helpful to look back on 1994/1995 because the actions you took then are up for review. You’ll either be celebrating your achievements or bringing to an end a long commitment and moving forward.


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