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Guide to Interpretation

Exclusively available on Astrolutely, and prior to publication in print, a downloadable e-book of Penny Thornton’s new book The Astrology Handbook Part I - Guide to Interpretation.

An essential companion to her video Astrology for Beginners: How to interpret a Birth chart in 19 Minutes

The Week Ahead for Gemini

Monday, 20 September – Sunday, 26 September

Tuesday’s full moon flanks the axis of life direction. In keeping with all full moons, a conclusion of some description is in sight. Perhaps a job has come to an end and retirement is around the corner or maybe you are moving on to a new position. On the other hand, the theme of closure and completion could apply to home and family. Certainly, finding the balance between your place in the world and your private life is the challenge set by this full moon. The week has an edge to it, and it may be difficult to get people to agree to your ideas and your terms, but do your best to find consensus – Mercury heads into retrograde on the 27th.

Seeking balance and consensus.

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The Month Ahead for Gemini

September 2021

Getting creative is the subject of your September stars. Whether you begin a new creative enterprise, put your personal stamp on a project or set about starting or adding to the family, you will be bringing joy into your life. And should you be job-hunting or wanting to increase your income, the time may well have come to start your own business. Put the power back in your own hands. The full moon of the 20th brings a situation to crunch point, and while it may be possible to close and complete a deal at this time, don’t be disappointed should a commitment come to an end. It is time.

The Year Ahead for Gemini

What happened on and around last November’s lunar eclipse (30th November) and December’s total solar eclipse (14th December) set the shape and texture of 2021. It’s a new world, and some new people to go with it. Fortunately, solving problems and innovation are your strong suits because the eclipse patterns that began in mid-2020 continue to give you a wild ride in 2021.


Your year ahead forecast has changed. It is longer, more detailed, bigger and better.


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