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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

This is one of those weeks when everything seems a whole lot more difficult than it really is. It’s all about perspective. A situation regarded from one angle could look hopeless, yet from another, not so bad. Normally, you are the optimist of the zodiac, the philosopher and the cheer-leader, but Saturn has got you by the tail and you’ve lost your mojo! Put one foot in front of the other and soon you’ll be out the other side of the glooms. A situation requires a practical response, not an emotional one. Deal with what you know. Work with what you’ve got.

Get practical.

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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

The Sun’s arrival at the base of your solar chart begins a season of key developments focused first and foremost on the home and family. Over the course of the next six weeks, events on home turf or in regard to work could affect the shape and texture of domestic life, if not a lot more besides. Saturday’s full moon could be part of the story, whether you reach a decision about where you need to base yourself or a situation that has been rumbling on for a while reaches a head. Closure and completion are full moon themes, whether they preside over happy endings or the not-so-happy variety.


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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

March 2024

With a cluster of planets at home base, no matter where you go, you’ll be taking your family with you. Even if you are not travelling with relatives to a holiday destination or heading to a gathering of the clans, your thoughts will be on the family and domestic or property matters. The new moon of the 10th marks the start of a twelve-month cycle for home affairs, which may be marked by a home move or other changes at base camp. And should there have been difficulties with family members or problems with the home itself, these can be sorted at Easter Time. Offer or accept an olive branch.

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The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

A year when Jupiter spends time in your opposite sign is a good year. So, however the year begins, whatever the state of your finances, your love-life, the world (!), remind yourself that this is not how your life is going to look by the end of the year… If you are nursing a broken heart or have given up on love, a twelve-month period awaits in which you can turn a sad song into a chorus of happiness… Pluto’s passage through the third house will help you navigate difficult journeys and, in the process, develop strategies and belief systems that will transform your life for the better.