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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 27 March – Sunday, 2 April

March ends on a controversial note but also with an element of joy. The joy is provided by Tuesday’s Mercury-Jupiter conjunction and the controversy by the Venus-Uranus conjunction. For some Sagittarians, this combination is related to love and romance so that an unexpected development breeds happiness and success: for others a disagreement or discovery could lead to a parting of the ways, albeit for a brief period. You might like to consider you are on the crest of a wave of a series of changes that will put you in a very different space by the end of May.

Who’d have thunk it!

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Monday, 20 March – Sunday, 26 March

Are you feeling a change in the cosmic wind? Earlier in the month, Saturn’s arrival at the base of your solar chart began a series of planetary transitions that promise to alter the shape and texture of aspects of your existence. Now, Pluto moves into Aquarius, poised to make a big difference to your outlook and mindset over the coming weeks and months. Encouraging the process of new-thinking is the passage of the Sun through the creative and pleasure driven fifth house. A holiday or happy event could be in the pipeline, which in turn will set you thinking of ways in which to find more fulfilment in life.

Finding the joy. 

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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

April 2023

Put a ring around the 11th because Venus enters the relationship zone bringing her gifts of love and harmony to bear. April could be the perfect time to tie the knot or put a love affair on a more permanent basis, yet if there are serious cracks in a relationship, they are likely to widen in this intense climate. April is an unpredictable month so the things you are worried about turn out to be a piece of cake and the events you expect to go like a dream turn into a bit of a nightmare. You’re going to be kept on your toes, but if you pay attention, you’ll spot a great opportunity. 

The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

There is a deeper, more serious you emerging, so not only do you want a partner who meets you on the same level, but you could meet your match while studying or in an historical setting. It’s a learning year in every sense of the phrase.


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