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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 28 September – Sunday, 4 October

Saturn has but three more months in the zone of self-worth; three more months to right old financial wrongs and three more months to fine-hone your value system. Not a lot of fun, but get the sums right now and you’ll be on your way to financial success or at least solvency! Which is where this week’s Saturnian influences come in. You may be able to consolidate your monetary position, whether a new source of income is confirmed or an agreement put in place, or it could become clear that a loan or salary increase is not going to materialize. And even if your finances are in terrific shape, events this week could reveal just how much people value you and your assets.

A reality check.

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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

September 2020

Having plenty of arrows to aim at a bunch of targets may be the Sagittarian way, but if you want to get anywhere at all in September, you have to focus, focus. Especially in regard to work, employers will be looking for commitment and the ability to meet deadlines; likewise, unless you continue to monitor a situation and strengthen its weaknesses, it’s going to collapse like a souffle. Toward the end of the month, situations that have inbuilt problems will reveal themselves, and although you are probably better off without them, you don’t want to be laden with guilt for not having tried harder.

Six-Month Forecast For Sagittarius

December is the key month of this second half of 2020. It may have taken until the end of the year for the fog to clear in terms of getting over a financial/business loss or a relationship break-up. You’re not exactly undergoing a rebirth, but parts of you are coming back to life and you have more of your innate optimism to funnel into new ventures.


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