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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 29 June – Sunday, 5 July

This is the second lunar eclipse in a month, so if you haven’t yet drawn a line in the sand over some aspect of your existence, now is that time. In order to move forward clean and clear, loose ends have to be snipped. This eclipse flanks the financial axis of your solar chart, so it may coincide with the end of a contract or the closing of a deal. On the other hand, if you’ve been spinning too many plates, such a situation may no longer be sustainable. Jupiter and Pluto up the ante meaning the good news is fantastic and the bad suitably depressing. Never forget you are the optimist and the philosopher of the zodiac.

It is time.

The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

July 2020

With Venus unimpeded in the zone of relating, you should know what’s what with a relationship. It’s either on or off. And in most cases, the love story gathers momentum. Good relationships come through their tests, and those that don’t obviously weren’t up to it. If your confidence has been knocked, let the astrology encourage you to take a risk, whether in regard to love or work. Until mid-August you can impress people who count and favours and openings will be forthcoming. Physical activity and sport will also up energy levels and inspire you to beat the competition. You’ve got it all to play for.

Six-Month Forecast For Sagittarius

December is the key month of this second half of 2020. It may have taken until the end of the year for the fog to clear in terms of getting over a financial/business loss or a relationship break-up. You’re not exactly undergoing a rebirth, but parts of you are coming back to life and you have more of your innate optimism to funnel into new ventures.


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My Yearly Forecast

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