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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 8 August – Sunday, 14 August

There’s only so much sugar-coating you can put on a situation that has all the hallmarks of being over. And this is a season of endings and rationalization. Friday’s full moon flanks the axis of communications, making this the right time to puts signatures on paper and/or to realize you’ve reached the end of the road. Indeed, the end of a journey is the perfect way to sum up these alignments. As always, there can be relief and deep satisfaction that you have got to your destination, yet if the journey is challenging and you still don’t end up where you wanted, it can be frustrating at best and enormously discouraging at worst. In the case of the latter scenario, you will recover.

Journey’s end. 

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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

August 2022

Sagittarians seek far horizons, both in terms of travel or knowledge and experience, and with the Sun and Venus in the zone of distant destinations, August is all about flapping those wings of yours! You can go far on these adventurous stars. This is also the summer of love, whether a romance blossoms on holiday or a relationship is reborn on foreign soil. Of course, it’s never roses all the way, and especially on the full moon (12th) there could be delays and difficulties with travel. Whatever the negatives, they are minor inconveniences in terms of the growth you are experiencing.

The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

Jupiter spends the first five months at the base of your solar chart, so the roots of life are being nourished with “miracle-grow” … The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of 12th April is magic-in-a-bottle and events on or near that time could make a huge and positive difference to your future.


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