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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 1 March – Sunday, 7 March

If life has been a tad quiet recently, hold the phone! On Thursday, Mars arrives in your opposite sign, creating sparks and getting you moving and motoring. Relationships are now under the influence of this warrior of the planets so, on the one hand, you can expect to become the object of someone’s admiration and, on the other, the focus of someone’s ire. For the next six weeks, don’t take on any person or institution who could do you a degree of damage. Mercury also hooks up to Jupiter for the third time since the second week of January, so at last you may get some answers and can plan accordingly. Indeed, the latter part of the week puts you in a great position to call the shots.

On your marks!

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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

March 2021

Mars’ arrival in the zone of relating is both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that people won’t be shy of expressing their love for you and a curse because you may never get a moment’s peace! On Mars’ watch your enemies appear too, so during the next six weeks you could become aware that you have some serious competition. All the more reason, therefore, to look carefully into anomalies that arise on or near the 10th. Issues related to the home, family and property could also be in the mix, and minor problems dealt with as soon as they arise. Mysteries are great when you’re reading one, but not when you’re living in one.

The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

What happened on or near December 14th 2020 will play into developments on or near the 26th May, and those things you begin in this six-month period, and/or those events that come out of left- field, will have an aura of fate and destiny about them.


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