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The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

Monday, 17 June – Sunday, 23 June

Unreal is a word that suffers from overuse, but it is the right word for this week’s influences. Trust nothing and no one unless and until you have it in writing, and even then, ask for a second opinion. Make sure you have a get-out clause and a safety net for any legal step you may be taking and if you’re tempted to end a relationship because of information you have received, hold that thought. Conspiracy theories will be running rife and people acting on fears or hopes that have no basis in reality. Keep your feet on the ground and your fiery arrows in their quiver.

Hold your fire.

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Monday, 10 June – Sunday, 16 June

Lightness and mirth are not on the menu this week. Instead, the climate is chilly. But there’s a lot you can do with chilly. You can layer up and prepare to meet any opposition with a warm and open attitude. Is it time to have that difficult conversation? Is someone avoiding eye-contact with you? Do you have a feeling in your bones that a situation is at breaking point? If the answer is yes to any of the above, gird up your loins! Put your trust in the universe that what happens is in your best interests. That doesn’t mean you can abdicate responsibility; more that acceptance is the better part of valour.

Elephants and living rooms.

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The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

June 2024

It may seem as though you’re running into people whose aim is only to frustrate you and bring you down, but you could be in danger of making a mistake unless you take a step back and look at the totality of a situation. Is that person or that endeavour the right thing for you? Have you skipped over the details? Events on or near the 8th and 20th could prove enlightening and if you are in any doubt about a commitment, you should have the courage to end it. By contrast, a difficulty could reveal just how special someone is to you. One way or another, June is a watershed.

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The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

A year when Jupiter spends time in your opposite sign is a good year. So, however the year begins, whatever the state of your finances, your love-life, the world (!), remind yourself that this is not how your life is going to look by the end of the year… If you are nursing a broken heart or have given up on love, a twelve-month period awaits in which you can turn a sad song into a chorus of happiness… Pluto’s passage through the third house will help you navigate difficult journeys and, in the process, develop strategies and belief systems that will transform your life for the better.