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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 27 March – Sunday, 2 April

Taking a risk is not one of Cancer’s go-to solutions. You need to have all your ducks in a row and a solid idea of what the consequences of your actions will be. However, opportunities often appear when we least expect them and without the time to tick all the boxes. With this in mind, if an opportunity arises to stretch your boundaries, take it. Mercury and Jupiter meet at the zenith of your solar chart, encouraging you to expand your world, any which way you can. You may have to stick your head above the parapet or take on a bigger role, but once you get into your stride, you’ll love it.

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Monday, 20 March – Sunday, 26 March

If it feels as though you have been stuck in traffic for far too long, a green light is about to appear. Over the next six weeks, Mars will be moving through your sign urging you to get behind your ambitions and desires and to stand your ground should people try to deter you. A new moon on your Mid-heaven is another sign that a new day is dawning and it is time you followed your star or at least began to put yourself and your interests first. Of course, it won’t be easy – what could be easy in these challenging times – but that will make your success all the sweeter.

No time like the present. 

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

April 2023

Thank your lucky stars — Mars in this case, which is in your sign and encouraging you to go on the initiative in pursuit of your ambitions and desires. This planet may be creating a climate of contention too, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, as they say. April and May are months of great change and volatility: on the one hand, these influences provide the wherewithal for you to achieve your goals, but you may sustain a few bruises in the process. Whatever happens at this time is meant to be, and whether you’re grateful for events or not so much, good things will come out of them.

The Year Ahead for Cancer

Whatever else is going on in the cosmos, Jupiter is shining brightly for you until mid-May. Often, great things simply happen with this transit: you get a great job, recognition for your work, opportunities to expand your life, to travel and to feel that you are getting somewhere.


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