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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

If you’re still afloat after the planetary storms of recent weeks, well done! Even those of you who have experienced great happiness and success have probably been under considerable pressure, so the arrival of Saturn to the party may well prove entirely welcome. Saturn consolidates. Saturn sets boundaries. Saturn brings reality to bear. Some of you will be able to set a plan in motion or go forward based on a successful result, however, others may not be deliriously happy about the way things have turned out. A journey of some description is at an end.

Setting things in stone.

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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

With the Sun and Mercury entering your fellow water sign, Pisces, harmony is being restored. More important, the ninth house of your solar chart is now the centre of cosmic affairs. Far horizons, whether in terms of foreign places, people at a distance and international affairs, are in view, as are widening horizons in terms of knowledge and experience. You may be taking off for far-away destinations or planning a trip later in the year, but even if such activities are not on your agenda, from this point on you can acquire a better perspective on life in general and one situation in particular. Saturday’s full moon marks the end of a journey.

New perspectives.

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

March 2024

Are you feeling the wind in your sails? If you’re travelling to distant parts, most certainly, but it could be that events over the next few weeks will have an uplifting effect on you. One or more of the affirmations you made at the start of the year or the plans you set in motion are about to be fulfilled. You have been through a major learning curve and earned your spurs – as revealed by the lunar eclipse of the 25th. Other rewards could come in the form of a home move or a happy family development. Easter falls mid-way between two eclipses, so leave a little room for a surprise or three.

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The Year Ahead for Cancer

April looks to be a month of turning points, with opportunities arising suddenly and out of nowhere and old roads running out to reveal shiny new ones… Neptune is a happy camper in your ninth house. Its role is to reveal what lies beyond: it can open up realms that were previously inaccessible to you, expanding your consciousness and transforming your world view.  Inasmuch as Saturn is making you aware of what needs to be done or compensated for in order to advance in the real world, Neptune is encouraging you to go beyond the limits of your knowledge and beliefs in order to find eternal truths.