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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 20 May – Sunday, 26 May

If life is good, it’s going to feel even better and if it’s not so good… By Sunday, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter will all be moving through the twelfth house of secrets and shadows, which is why you may not be able to see the positive developments in the process of becoming. Thursday’s full moon is also in the mix, so you will benefit from taking a step back from the noise of the world and focusing on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. You need some alone-time. It is amazing how different situations look when you’re in a better space.

Time to chill.

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Monday, 13 May – Sunday, 19 May

The prevailing Jupiter-Uranus alignment has much to offer in the way of positive change and innovation, yet, like nitro-glycerine, it requires careful handling. It’s great to remove obstacles in your path but you don’t want to bring down the whole shooting match at the same time! Collaborations, creative endeavours and finance could all be in the mix, making this a propitious time for new business ventures and investments. Not usually a sign that enjoys taking risks, if you have done your homework and have a safety net of some description, what’s holding you back?

No risk, no reward.

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

May 2024

It’s one thing being able to meet the material demands of life, but another finding fulfilment. There are some big decisions to make in May, and they may well revolve around how happy you are with your life. Is it time to downsize, become more self-sufficient or lead a simpler life? To this end, changes in your job and/or a relationship could turn such possibilities into realities. Cancerians are cautious creatures but if a road runs out now, it is your spirit of enterprise that you need to deploy. An endeavour or association begun on or near the 23rd should take you far.

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The Year Ahead for Cancer

April looks to be a month of turning points, with opportunities arising suddenly and out of nowhere and old roads running out to reveal shiny new ones… Neptune is a happy camper in your ninth house. Its role is to reveal what lies beyond: it can open up realms that were previously inaccessible to you, expanding your consciousness and transforming your world view.  Inasmuch as Saturn is making you aware of what needs to be done or compensated for in order to advance in the real world, Neptune is encouraging you to go beyond the limits of your knowledge and beliefs in order to find eternal truths.