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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

On Monday, the Sun enters your sign, as always shedding new light on various aspects of your existence, and giving you the confidence and bravura to make those all-important moves. Add to this Friday’s full moon and a Venus-Pluto opposition flanking the axis of relating, and one of those all-important decisions could involve a relationship. It’s not quite as simple as: are you all in or all out, but there is a feeling you have reached a point where you want to know what’s what and are no longer prepared to continue with a relationship or an endeavour unless there is mutual commitment and effort.

Standing your ground.

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

June 2021

Try not to worry if you cannot seem to gain control of certain situations. Whenever there is a large gathering in the twelfth house of shadows, great restraint is required so that you don’t interfere with a process that needs to unfold all by itself. (You know what happens when you open the oven door before the souffle has risen.) Venus, fortunately, is working her way through your sign so not only may this prove to be a highly romantic month, but there is a level of divine protection operating, shielding you from people who and situations that could do you serious damage.

The Year Ahead for Cancer

Finally! Saturn has left the building – the seventh house in your case – and although your journey through 2021 won’t be seamless, you will feel freer, lighter and more optimistic. You will need some new strategies, though, and relying on old rules and people who and situations that
you’ve known forever aren’t among them.


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