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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 10 August – Sunday, 16 August

How is Venus holding up? With this planet of peace, love and fair-play in your sign, you have a buffer against the slings and arrows of fate, brought to you courtesy of Uranus and Pluto. Much needed change is the best outcome of these challenging influences, and, indeed, the more you can get behind eliminating the old and preparing the ground for the new, the better. As it is, you may simply feel up against a wall of opposition that seems to have no care for your sensibilities. The past may play a great part in what is unfolding now, whether in your personal life or out on the world’s stage.

Keep your eyes on Venus.

The Month Ahead for Cancer

August 2020

Any month with Venus in your sign has to be a good month. At the very least your difficulties will be buffered and you’ll realize how blessed you are. But at best, you could be high on love. Not that every day will be wall to wall sunshine. Mars and Venus will angle Pluto in the zone of relating on the 13th and 29th, raising passions but also bringing sensitive issues to the surface. Clearly, it’s better out than in, but facing things that have been hiding in the dark, is never a fun experience, and sometimes people get hurt. Be fearless, Cancer. There is life after truth.   

Six-Month Forecast For Cancer

Opportunity may only knock once, and even though the challenges continue to be great for the rest of 2020, there will be a lucky break. What it offers may not be perfect, but this is no reason to pass it up.


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