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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 25 Sept – Sunday, 1 October

Friday’s full moon flanks the life-direction axis of your chart and it is a mirror image of one that occurred at Easter time. Maybe you can connect the dots between events in early April and now but even if you cannot it will be helpful to think back over the past six months and reappraise the actions you took and the events that have contributed to where you are now. Full moons always invite reflection and review. Uranus is in the mix so major epiphanies can occur, whether they come out of nowhere or as a result of unexpected developments. Being reliable and honourable doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind, by the way.

A bit of a turn-around.

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Monday, 18 Sept – Sunday, 24 September

There is still a chance to expand your horizons, whether you do so in terms of miles, knowledge or experience – maybe all three. And although I wouldn’t recommend making a move that requires a huge element of risk, leaps of faith are often the way to achieve your dreams and ambitions. There could be an opportunity to mend a fence, which even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, you should take. Healing can occur now and understandings of the heart made. Indeed, although this is a tricky astrological climate, it can preside over miracles and magic moments.

It’s a strange world.

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

September 2023

A learning curve is on the astro-agenda. This may be quite literal in that you will be starting a course and/or acquiring new skills or it could be a metaphor for events that provide a valuable lesson. There could be some travel too, which will also add to your bank of knowledge and experience. Information that emerges on or near the 16th may be perplexing and could well be the result of a mistake or missed message that happened in late August. Try not to read too much into people’s reactions: as long as you know the truth that’s all that matters. Then again, by the end of the month, you may decide enough is enough.

The Year Ahead for Cancer

Whatever else is going on in the cosmos, Jupiter is shining brightly for you until mid-May. Often, great things simply happen with this transit: you get a great job, recognition for your work, opportunities to expand your life, to travel and to feel that you are getting somewhere.