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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 26 October – Sunday, 1 November

Taking a back seat is advised – that, and keeping your head below the parapet. Especially over the weekend, what initially appears to be a minor incident could turn into a much bigger one, so avoiding crowds and situations that carry an element of risk is advised. Not that I want to rain on your parade should you have Halloween celebrations to look forward to or other happy events. These may still live up to your expectations, but if you sense tension in the air, or something appears to be going in a weird direction, head for the bunker!

Keep your eyes open.

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The Month Ahead for Cancer

October 2020

In the autumn months, nature makes its preparations for winter when supplies are thin on the ground. As in nature so in our lives. As the Sun reaches the lowest point of your solar chart, it is time to replenish stores and prepare for the months ahead, which may well bring unexpected challenges. Family relations should be strengthened and domestic affairs sorted. And, if a home change is planned, aim to get moving before the 14th when retrograde Mercury will get in the way of seamless transits. This is an unsettled month, although not necessarily a difficult one, but Cancerians are not fond of change and this is a period of many changes.

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Six-Month Forecast For Cancer

Opportunity may only knock once, and even though the challenges continue to be great for the rest of 2020, there will be a lucky break. What it offers may not be perfect, but this is no reason to pass it up.


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