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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 10 December – Sunday, 16 December

This could be a good week to talk money and the future with those responsible for your progress. You may prefer people to approach you with ideas and offers but there’s no harm revealing your ambitions and your desire to know where you stand. Leave emotion out of the equation: this is business. Then again, some Cancerians may need to know where they stand with someone they care about. Even so, avoid becoming emotional: keep everything on a need-to-know basis. Compared to the last couple of weeks there is less fog surrounding life and love. Go, establish what’s what.

Establishing what’s what.

The Month Ahead for Cancer

December 2018

As is often the case in December, you are the one doing most of the work. Whether you are putting in extra hours in the workplace or slaving over a hot Christmas list – delegation is not a dirty word! – try to have some fun. You don’t have to drop standards, but you do need to avoid a Christmas melt-down. Indeed, health requires a little more attention throughout this month. On the 22nd the full moon in your sign (the first in twelve months) empowers you and inspires you to close one chapter and open another. This would be a perfect day to say: I do or I don’t. And the perfect moment to pat yourself on the back for having come through a challenging year.

The Year Ahead for Cancer


Your yearly forecast will be available from the 28th December.
In the meantime, here is a little taster:

Decisions you have been unable to make for many moons will either be made for you or you will act with determination and speed on your own impetus – and the 11th January, 9th July and 14th October could be significant in this regard…

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