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The Week Ahead for Cancer

Monday, 25 May – Sunday, 31 May

Mercury arrives in your sign giving you the power of speech! In other words, you are the one who should be initiating conversations and making your ideas and feelings known. Mercury also inspires movement and change, which could be very good news depending on your circumstances. The celestial Crab is a cautious creature and although you need to be on firm ground when you make a decision, you sometimes let an opportunity go by waiting too long. Don’t allow that to happen now. If you glimpse a window of opportunity, go for it, and if something is worrying you, deal with it.

Seizing the moment.

The Month Ahead for Cancer

May 2020

Last month’s events may well have drained your reserves, so if you do nothing else in May, take some time off. Rely on others to shoulder the duties and responsibilities. The focus is on teamwork and collaborations, and getting the right mix of people and talents is crucial. The full moon of the 7th will help sort the men from the boys, so although you don’t want to bring an end to a beautiful friendship, some lines in the sand need to be drawn. In the next few weeks the true value of a colleague or a partner will become apparent, and you may be surprised why.

The Year Ahead for Cancer

These past two to three years have not been easy for the celestial Crab, but with Jupiter spending virtually all 2020 in your opposite sign, there is a chance to right wrongs and get on the path to recovery. You won’t always recognize the opportunity in an obstacle, but if you look hard for it, you will.


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