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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 30 March – Sunday, 5 April

Mars arrives at the top of your solar chart beginning a six-week period of intense activity, first and foremost in regard to your career and life goals. Mars has been creeping up on Saturn for over a week so already you may have experienced a set-back or a loss of confidence. But onward and upward. This early-to-mid part of April is full of surprises and more than a little change, and the readier you are to let go of old patterns and embrace a new course, the better. Jupiter’s passage through the area of far horizons is encouraging you to go far in 2020, and one opportunity to do just that could appear this week.

Going far.

The Month Ahead for Taurus

April 2020

Whatever your ideas for the month may be, particularly around Easter and the weekend of the 25th, give them a little room for adjustment. It could be the weather or perhaps circumstances beyond other people’s control that necessitate a rethink or two. With this in mind, from the beginning of April have back-up plans and an easy-come-easy-go attitude to events. Long-distance travel and situations that involve people from far away could be the focus for April’s most notable developments, and, whether you travel with the mind rather than in miles, the further you go, the better the result. Change isn’t a bad thing, by the way, it opens up undream’d of possibilities.

The Year Ahead for Taurus

Uranus is focussing its game-changing properties on the late April birthdays, but whenever a road runs out or a new route suddenly opens up, don’t be daunted, be daring. 2020 is not a year in which fears should be allowed to get in the way of progress. Build for the future in 2020. Some opportunities only come once.


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