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Guide to Interpretation

Exclusively available on Astrolutely, and prior to publication in print, a downloadable e-book of Penny Thornton’s new book The Astrology Handbook Part I - Guide to Interpretation.

An essential companion to her video Astrology for Beginners: How to interpret a Birth chart in 19 Minutes

The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 6 December – Sunday, 12 December

With the Sun and Mercury in the area of financial relations squaring Neptune, you’re going to have to be super-focussed when it comes to facts, finances and figures. There are a lot of mistruths doing the rounds, whether in the wider sense of world news or a little closer to home among friends, colleagues and family. Unless you have a deadline to reach or a situation requires triage, giving it a little more time to reveal its reality is the right approach. By contrast, this could be an entirely magical period of the year. And we’re not just talking Christmas lights.

Magic or muddles.

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The Month Ahead for Taurus

December 2021

Throwing money at a problem is not always a good strategy but neither is cutting costs on a project that has great potential. Under these stars, a generous heart and a determined attitude move mountains. A settlement or financial bonus could be on its way and a long, drawn-out debate at an end, and even if the result is not quite what you hoped for, hanging on for a better deal is not advised. Take that bird in the bush. Should a relationship develop a hard frost around Christmas, it may well start to thaw out later in January. As with other aspects of your existence, time and space are all it needs.

The Year Ahead for Taurus

In 2021 you’ll learn who your real friends are and people you never thought would back you will do so. The theme of the unexpected extends into the home, with some Taureans welcoming in more than one new family member, and others moving/ adapting in order to accommodate senior relatives. One or more of those surprise developments may occur in January…


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