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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 1 March – Sunday, 7 March

On Friday, Mercury meets with Jupiter for the third time since January 12th, so take a moment to consider what effect early January’s developments may have on those of the current period. Hopefully, you feel ready to make a decision because with Jupiter in the mix, actions taken now should have positive consequences. Nevertheless, Saturn continues to dog Jupiter’s tracks, so the I’s need to be dotted and the T’s crossed. Then again, it’ll be another twelve years before Jupiter transits the area of career and life-goals, so you don’t want to miss the boat of opportunity by putting up unnecessary objections.

A calculated risk is worth taking.

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The Month Ahead for Taurus

March 2021

The pressure is released, and you can begin to think about a future that has more fun and good times in it. The focus is on togetherness, and the power of the team as opposed to individual efforts. Nonetheless, there is a risk that someone is not being truthful or has not done what he or she was supposed to do, so if your senses inform you all is not well, look into the situation immediately. Especially during the week of the 8th information cannot be trusted and people may appear to be MIA (Missing In Action). The 22nd is a good day to make financial moves and to nail your colours to the mast.

The Year Ahead for Taurus

In 2021 you’ll learn who your real friends are and people you never thought would back you will do so. The theme of the unexpected extends into the home, with some Taureans welcoming in more than one new family member, and others moving/ adapting in order to accommodate senior relatives. One or more of those surprise developments may occur in January…


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