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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

Next week, the Sun will enter your sign, followed by Venus and Mercury, so you will soon have the energy, knowledge and ammunition with which to deal with any challenge. For the moment, however, it may be better to take a back seat to any dramas that are taking place, and wait for the dust to settle. This is a highly contentious astro-scape, so even if you are in a happy place and surrounded by equally equable people, out there – whether on the world’s stage or a little bit closer to home – there is strife. Creating a new space into which new and more appropriate situations can develop is the process behind any upheaval.

Go to your happy place.

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The Month Ahead for Taurus

April 2021

Preparation is all. Whether we’re talking getting ready for a special event or starting a new project, nothing can be side-lined or skimped. And those preparations should include recharging your physical, emotional and spiritual batteries. On the 14th, Venus enters your sign, all set to bring a little more love and pleasure into life. From this point until mid-May you have the equivalent of an angel on your shoulder, helping you make good decisions and protecting you from harm. The weekend of the 25th is the perfect time to make a commitment to the future, and to take firm action on any kind of betrayal of trust.

The Year Ahead for Taurus

In 2021 you’ll learn who your real friends are and people you never thought would back you will do so. The theme of the unexpected extends into the home, with some Taureans welcoming in more than one new family member, and others moving/ adapting in order to accommodate senior relatives. One or more of those surprise developments may occur in January…


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