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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 29 May – Sunday, 4 June

Jupiter continues to shine brightly in your sign, so hopes should be high and the good times a-rolling. Then again, with Mars still in the orb of Pluto, this remains an eventful period. The plus factor about this combo is that if a major task lies ahead, you have the cosmos behind you; on the other hand, if there is a conflict already in play, you need to be careful not to help it reach a fiery end. Sunday’s full moon highlights the axis of self-worth, so spend the working week tying up loose financial ends and affirming your value. Don’t let anyone or anything bring you down.

Knowing your value.

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Monday, 22 May – Sunday, 28 May

Mars angles Jupiter, newly arrived in your sign, making this is your first opportunity to discover what benefits this planet has to offer. Especially if you have an April birthday, growth and opportunity are within your grasp and even a disappointment will have a positive aspect to it. Think lucky and you’ll be lucky sort of thing. Saturn is also in the mix and while this combination may bring excellent results for your long labours, you may also feel discouraged about the lack of success you are making with a matter close to your heart. Focus on the positive. Eventually that situation will shift.

Focus on the positive.

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The Month Ahead for Taurus

June 2023

The weekends of the 4th and 25th could leave a lasting imprint on your memory. There is a now-or-never aura to the astrology then and also an unpredictable side to events. While surprises can be wonderful, Taureans prefer to have plenty of warning before the scenery starts to shift. Take it all in your stride and assume everything is working out precisely how it should. New surroundings will inspire a whole new mindset, and if home is not the haven you’d like it to be, thoughts of moving could turn into reality. Last but not least, with Jupiter in your sign you are in a twelve-month period of growth and achievement.


The Year Ahead for Taurus

With two of the eclipses of the year (5 May and 28 October) falling on the relationship axis, your love life has destiny written all over it. You may come to marvel at the way timing turned out to be crucial in meeting that special person or making a discovery about a partner.


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