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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 27 January – Sunday, 2 February

It would be good to think after January’s ups and downs that February is going to be a whole lot smoother. It may be, but not to begin with. Neptune is in charge of cosmic proceedings and that always means there’s something you’re not seeing; some information you don’t have. So, regardless of how firm people are with their statements and instructions, there’s probably a detail missing. And you know what they say about the detail… The devil’s in there. Finances could be in the front line here, and especially with contracts and on-line transactions be very careful what buttons you press.

Getting the facts straight.

The Month Ahead for Taurus

February 2020

With the Sun high overhead in your solar chart, aims, ambitions and your place in the world are priorities. While some Taureans could be job-hunting or seeking to improve their position, others will be considering where to base themselves. You may be a home-loving, cautious sign but with Mars in the zone of far horizons, some of your energies will be better placed looking further afield for success and happiness. And then there is love. Venus is tucked away in the twelfth house so bells and whistles may be a big ask, however, on the 29th the Moon will be in Taurus prompting some surprise proposals and unexpected opportunities.

2020 Overview

Imagine standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The waves are high, the skies dark, although way in the distance is a patch of brilliant sunlight toward which a great ship is sailing.

That’s 2020 in a picture frame.


The Year Ahead for Taurus

Uranus is focussing its game-changing properties on the late April birthdays, but whenever a road runs out or a new route suddenly opens up, don’t be daunted, be daring. 2020 is not a year in which fears should be allowed to get in the way of progress. Build for the future in 2020. Some opportunities only come once.


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