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The Week Ahead for Taurus

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

Even though Mercury gets back on track, easing the wheels of travel and communication, this may not be the best week for journeys. Especially toward the end of the week, a full moon and a Venus-Pluto opposition could make for hold-ups and inconveniences, so checking all is in place and on time before you set out is recommended. Likewise, getting from A to B in terms of understandings could turn out to be complicated. Technology is another factor to build into your plans – when it works, it’s fantastic, but when it doesn’t, you need back-up. Have telephone numbers and alternative means of communications at the ready.

Not the week to chance it.

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The Month Ahead for Taurus

June 2021

Solar eclipses focus the mind. Situations that have been gathering momentum behind the scenes emerge into the light, in some instances making for a celebration but also throwing plans into the shredder. And although June as a whole is pregnant with change, the period from the 4th – 13th is the most unpredictable. One of the lessons to be learned this year is that you do not need all the possessions and commitments you think you need, and by eliminating various aspects of your existence, you will be lighter, more creative and happier. There’s a reason for the cliché – less is more…

The Year Ahead for Taurus

In 2021 you’ll learn who your real friends are and people you never thought would back you will do so. The theme of the unexpected extends into the home, with some Taureans welcoming in more than one new family member, and others moving/ adapting in order to accommodate senior relatives. One or more of those surprise developments may occur in January…


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