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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

Pluto transits tend to make us dig deep for a response. And although we may not enjoy being pushed to our limits, it’s always rewarding when we discover resources we didn’t know we had. This is certainly the spirit in which to head into the week ahead, and if you reach the end of it with not a hair out of place, you can pat yourself on the back. The entire zodiac is dealing with the themes of elimination and transformation, which may explain why people aren’t prepared to be tolerant and sweet with you. There’s no need to tear up plans and agreements; unless you have no alternative, keep the conversations going.

Digging deep.

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The Month Ahead for Leo

April 2021

April promises new horizons, first and foremost in terms of your personal and professional ambitions, but travel and people and places far away could also figure prominently. The way those horizons open up could have an unexpected and unusual quality about them, and in some cases, they will be inspired by a conflict of interest. Even though this is a largely upwardly-mobile period there are potential potholes for the passionate Lion of the zodiac and especially on or near the 23rd and 27th you’ll need to be careful not to burn a bridge you may need in the future. Be ready for change, and ready to change in a heartbeat.

The Year Ahead for Leo

Jupiter and Saturn have just arrived at the opposite side of the zodiac: the former will spend the year inspiring growth and good fortune and the latter will add to your responsibilities and ensure you don’t get too big for your boots! These two planets will be at their closest in January, making this a premium month for setting new long-term endeavours in motion.


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