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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 10 August – Sunday, 16 August

Leo the brave-heart needs to tread carefully this week. Potholes lurk on every path, and even if you believe you’re in the right and you have nothing to fear from speaking the truth, you could end up with a bruising. The thing is, a meeting, an exchange or a journey (literal or figurative) could start off well, but suddenly an issue arises that gets in the way of a happy ending. Do your level best to remain on the right side of history. You may not be able to please everyone but you can make sure that a situation you need remains in place – changed, maybe, but still there.

Treading on eggshells.

The Month Ahead for Leo

August 2020

The cosmos is sending mixed messages. On the one hand, there is movement and, on the other, restrictions on your ability to do as you please. The opening to the month is hard work to say the least, but what you set in stone will stand the test of time. The best way to handle August’s influences is to react promptly and positively to any unexpected changes, especially on the job front. It is also important to remember that a pit-stop isn’t a full stop! As for love, it has its seasons. Be patient, and do your best to be flexible because as you have surely learned this year there are some things in life you simply cannot control.

Six-Month Forecast For Leo

Saturn and Jupiter serve opposite purposes – Saturn restricts and Jupiter expands – yet they work well together in the material world of finance and business, Thus, when they conjoin in Aquarius on the 21st December, plans you have laid down, especially in regard to work and finance, could come to fruition.


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