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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

Let’s start with the good news. On Sunday, Venus, the planet of love and all things nice, enters your sign for a four-week transit. This period may chime with events already in the planner, which you are looking forward to, or you may suddenly experience a brilliant piece of good fortune. The one way to ensure that you get the best out of this planet is to fill your heart with love and to allow that force to guide your decisions and deal successfully with life. Tuning into the love-within also draws love toward you, which is why some Leos are going meet someone special between now and late July. Food for thought, especially if you hit a rut in the road this week.

Tank up on love!

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The Month Ahead for Leo

June 2021

You may well discover who your real friends are. The solar eclipse (10th) focuses its powers of enlightenment on companionship, in some cases turning a friendship into something a lot more passionate, and in others signalling the beginning of a beautiful working relationship. And in many ways, June is a month of awakenings and fresh starts. On the 11th, Mars enters Leo beginning a six-week period of intense activity and renewed confidence, but you will also have to be careful not to create conflict for no good reason. As for getting an answer to an important question, keep your options open until the 23rd.

The Year Ahead for Leo

Jupiter and Saturn have just arrived at the opposite side of the zodiac: the former will spend the year inspiring growth and good fortune and the latter will add to your responsibilities and ensure you don’t get too big for your boots! These two planets will be at their closest in January, making this a premium month for setting new long-term endeavours in motion.


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