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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 17 June – Sunday, 23 June

The Sun moves into the twelfth house of mysteries and muddles, and with Neptune riding high, there’s going to be many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip! You’ll need to be extra focussed and on the lookout for the unusual and the potentially upending. Double-check messages before you respond and examine the small print in any agreement or project. Likewise, if you’re unsure of your facts, don’t make out that you know what’s what. Errors made at this time could be difficult to put to rights. On the plus side, there could be a beautiful soul-to-soul moment.

Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.

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Monday, 10 June – Sunday, 16 June

While Mars’s transit of the tenth house should result in progress, especially careerwise, you’ll face a few run-ins along the way. This week is a case in point. Mars is squaring Pluto dredging up old issues and unresolved conflicts. It is the right time to deal with things you thought were dead and buried or situations you have been hoping would go away, as long as you are objective and reasonable about it all. The minute you lose it, the minute the potential for resolution will have flown out of the window. One last thought, there are two sides to every story…

Calm down dear!

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The Month Ahead for Leo

June 2024

This may not have been the easiest of years thus far, but it will get better. The joy of friends and the benefits of teamwork could be part of the reason June sings. However, discovering such benefits may be the result of difficulties or disappointments with an enterprise or a friendship. This is a very social month and one in which you could play a lead part in a special event. Take any last-minute changes in your stride and if the weather or the cosmic imps get in the way of your plans, work with what you’ve got and emerge the star of the day. No one puts Leo in the corner.

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The Year Ahead for Leo

From May, your spirit of enterprise will kick in giving you the impetus to start new business projects and join forces with like-minded souls. Some Leos will get the recognition they have long sought and a few may achieve fame, or at least their moment in the sun… Uranus is not only shaking the tree you have carefully planted and nurtured, but it is trying to awaken you to your true self and the direction in which you should be headed.  It’s not just a wake-up call but a call to arms… You may become enthralled with someone who will open you up to all manner of feelings you never knew you had, and you may decide that this is the person for whom you will go to the ends of the earth.