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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 28 November – Sunday, 4 December

The start to December raises the prospect of Christmas to come. In times past this would be a happy prospect, but over the past couple of years compromises have had to be made and it hasn’t been quite the same. However, there is magic in these stars, which could make you feel a whole lot more, well, Christmassy! Neptune is master of ceremonies, bringing out the best of us in terms of compassion, empathy, kindness and consideration, so an act of generosity and selflessness performed now could make a positive difference to your outlook. On the other hand, Neptune is a confusing influence, so if you face a disappointment of any sort, reboot your confidence and faith in the future.


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The Month Ahead for Leo

December 2022

Whatever November may have produced in the way of challenges, you are on the threshold of a period of growth and exciting prospects. On the 20th, Jupiter enters the zone of far horizons, and over the next few months, opportunities to expand your life on more than one front should arise. You may receive offers of work in distant places or you could decide to add to your skills-set or branch out into new areas. And even your love life could take you where you never expected to go. Certainly, the past is not a country you can return to. Whatever Christmas brings in the way of joys or regrets, keep your eyes trained on 2023.

The Year Ahead for Leo

Some Leos are going to find a long-term partner this year and others are going to marry or remake their vows. And this same trend is to be found in business and with professional alliances too… You could be making big journeys in terms of miles as well as knowledge and experience.


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