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The Week Ahead for Leo

Monday, 16 May – Sunday, 22 May

Go back in your mind to mid-November last year when a lunar eclipse flanked your life-direction axis because it may well have a relevance to current events. Perhaps an endeavour or relationship began six months ago or a significant development occurred, so that now you are able to consider the results. It is a time of closure, and of opening a new chapter in the wake of your understandings and experience. Joy may be a little bit too much to ask for, even if good things are taking place — the cosmic gods are in bad odour — but there is much of value to take away from your experiences.

Doing the right thing.

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The Month Ahead for Leo

May 2022

Sometimes you have to go sideways to make progress, and you need to keep this in mind as you work through this month of full-stops and reversals. Bend with the wind and adapt to the changing circumstances. The total lunar eclipse of the 16th takes you back to mid-November, whether developments date back to that time or they make you feel the same. Wrongs can be righted and understandings reached, but there could be a setback and a painful awakening too. This has been a largely trying year and it may be hard to see how you are making progress, but you are. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The Year Ahead for Leo

Some Leos are going to find a long-term partner this year and others are going to marry or remake their vows. And this same trend is to be found in business and with professional alliances too… You could be making big journeys in terms of miles as well as knowledge and experience.


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