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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 16 May – Sunday, 22 May

Your kind heart is being called upon, but you must make sure the object of your compassion is worthy. This is not the time to deplete your resources or go against your own best interests in order to help people who are taking advantage of you or deliberately misrepresenting themselves. Of course, you should live a divine experience to the full — and this is sometimes offered by a Mars-Neptune conjunction — but if you feel all is lost or your heart broken, this same magical influence is inspiring a sense of hopelessness. You will recover. Keep moving and believing.

Integrity has rarely mattered more. 

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

May 2022

Jupiter may be leaving your sign, but it will be back in late October. More importantly, this beneficial planet will be moving into the area of finance and self-worth. You are not the kind of sign that blows its own trumpet and ruthlessly pursues its objectives, but under these influences, you will benefit from pushing forward with your ambitions and desires and making it clear you expect to be treated as you deserve. Raise the bar and your expectations. Travel could prove problematic, especially around the time of the eclipse (16th), so leave plenty of time for journeys and anticipate the odd communication breakdown.

The Year Ahead for Pisces

On April 12th Jupiter will conjoin Neptune making this one of the highpoints of the year. This combination can inspire soul-to-soul experiences, even the meeting of a soulmate. It is a deeply romantic and spiritual conjunction… Opportunities to grow are being offered to you, whether in spiritual, intellectual or material ways.


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