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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

Under these influences, even a good situation can look full of flaws, so a difficult one… The Sun and Mercury are conjoined to Saturn making life seem awfully hard work. And that’s the thing: it’s all about your perception. In no time at all, what seems so depressing will appear completely manageable. Saturn needs to be invited to the party because he’s the one who makes sure everyone is safe and not going beyond their limits! So, any obstacles placed in your path are there to prevent you from making an even bigger mistake. And there is just a chance that you’ll receive a reward for all your hard labours.

It’s a Saturn thing.

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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

On Monday, the Sun enters Pisces heralding the beginning of a season of renewal. Over the course of the next four weeks, you will discover whether your hopes or fears have been founded. More important, you will be in a position to call the shots. On Saturday, the full moon flanks the relationship axis, inspiring union or separation. It is time to make a firm decision, and one based on the reality, not possibilities. This is not the moment to compromise or to throw good money after bad, so to speak. You know in your heart what you want and what is right, and in the event that they do not agree, do what is right for you.

Decision time. 

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

March 2024

Welcome to one of the most happening months of 2024. Love, travel, money and work are all in the mix, and you are in the driver’s seat. All you need is the courage to make the first move. Some Pisceans will be tying the knot during Easter while others will be taking a relationship to the next level due to events at the time. The lunar eclipse of the 25th falls on the financial axis of your solar chart signalling the end of a monetary crisis and/or the prospect of an agreement or a new source of income. Don’t lose the momentum you have. Seize every moment.

The Year Ahead for Pisces

Jupiter’s arrival at the base of the life-direction axis is exactly what you need to give you confidence and hope in the future. Aside from May 2024 – May 2025 boosting property matters, whether that means sales and purchases, or finding the funds you need for a home or home improvements, it will also encourage family business endeavours. The family is the source of all manner of good things in 2024/25… When Saturn comes into your own sign, you are experiencing a re-birth. The experiences of the previous 29, 15 or 7 years have given you the material with which to embark on the next stage of your personal journey.