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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 27 March – Sunday, 2 April

The problem with having two entirely contradictory influences occurring at the same time is that one can cancel out the other. However, even if that appears to be what is happening now, and a joyful aspect is being drowned out by a more challenging one, all that positivity isn’t going to waste. Mercury and Jupiter bode good news and positive outcomes, the seeds of which are being planted now. So, whether good things will come out of a current difficulty or a problem is overshadowing other happier aspects of your existence, remind yourself of that old adage: all things change in time.

It won’t always be like this. 

See last week’s forecast below.

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Monday, 20 March – Sunday, 26 March

Life has a lot in common with buses. You wait ages for your bus to appear then three come at once. In this case, following Saturn’s entry into your sign, Pluto moves into Aquarius, Mars enters Cancer and the Sun into Aries. There may be no bells and whistles, no sudden and overwhelming signs that something is shifting, but with new areas of your chart now in play, there are big changes a-foot. However, rather than wait to see what the cosmos throws up, this is your chance to activate plans and projects you have been considering for some while. Use these influences as a rocket-launcher to your ambitions and desires.

No time to stand and stare. 

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

April 2023

Make the most of the cosmic breezes during Easter because you’ll be facing a head wind from the 15th. You can still get where you’re going and you can still be successful and happy, but things will be just that little bit harder to accomplish and you may have to accommodate last moment changes. Make your most important financial moves early in the month and set some reserves aside just in case retrograde Mercury hinders transactions and holds up payments. And should you lose contact with someone or people are failing to get back to you, do not assume the worst. Good news can take time. 

The Year Ahead for Pisces

Until 16 May, Jupiter will continue its passage through the area of self-worth, boosting your earning power and your ego. From then on, this magnificent planet will focus its energies on expanding your world.


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