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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 25 Sept – Sunday, 1 October

Friday’s full moon inspires a conclusion, whether you reach an understanding or events conspire to bring an end to a matter. However, there may still be something hidden or not yet processed, so it may be worth holding off for another week before signing on the dotted line so to speak. With Uranus in the picture, there can be a lot of new information to absorb and you may well see things differently in the days to come. For many Pisceans, this advice applies to finances, so that the time has come to settle or to tear up a contract. Just don’t do it in a hurry.

Take your time. 

See last week’s forecast below.

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Monday, 18 Sept – Sunday, 24 September

Your intuition may be good but it’s not infallible, so tread carefully when following your hunches. Have a back-up plan. Feel your way tentatively. Get the facts.  While the climate is perfect for a romantic idyll or activities that uplift the spirit, it’s not so great for precision work. Also, forgiveness may be divine but buying into a whole lot of raspberry definitely is not. It will be easy to slip into the victim role too, which means not allowing people to take advantage of your generosity and kindness. Ask yourself: is this real? And if the answer is no, walk away.

It’s got to be real. 

See the month ahead forecast below.

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

September 2023

It has been six months since Saturn entered your sign and the hands on the cosmic clock are pointing to review and regroup. A relationship could be in the mix, whether the actions of another person are causing you to doubt their loyalty and commitment or you are ready to take a relationship to the next level. There may be a misunderstanding to clear up first and some rumours to dispel, but, one way or another, by the end of September you’ll know who is a keeper and what has legs! You need other people in your life, but not at any price.

The Year Ahead for Pisces

Until 16 May, Jupiter will continue its passage through the area of self-worth, boosting your earning power and your ego. From then on, this magnificent planet will focus its energies on expanding your world.