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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 8 August – Sunday, 14 August

Climbing mountains is this week’s astrological theme. Maybe in some cases this has a literal meaning but for most Pisceans it means meeting important challenges. These challenges don’t have to be undesirable, but they will almost certainly involve a degree of mental, emotional or physical effort. However, for some Pisceans there is no longer any point in denying the reality of a situation. It is what it is. The thing is, once you have made a difficult decision, you will feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. You’re not the only sign of the zodiac wondering where you go from here. It’s going to take a little time to find the answer.

Where do we go from here? 

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

August 2022

August may be holiday month for the rest of the zodiac, but even if you are taking a vacation, there is work to be done. Aside from completing projects and managing responsibilities, should you have an important goal, you are going to have to create time and space to realize it. Being a people-pleaser is counter-productive to your future. Indeed, there will be more than one occasion this month when you may be forced to put your best interests before other people’s demands on your time. The weekend of the 13th is a watershed, after which there may be no going back. 

The Year Ahead for Pisces

On April 12th Jupiter will conjoin Neptune making this one of the highpoints of the year. This combination can inspire soul-to-soul experiences, even the meeting of a soulmate. It is a deeply romantic and spiritual conjunction… Opportunities to grow are being offered to you, whether in spiritual, intellectual or material ways.


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