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The Week Ahead for Pisces

Monday, 1 March – Sunday, 7 March

The problem with Jupiter’s position is that all its expansive properties are hidden from view in the twelfth house of secrets and shadows. However, all manner of good things could be taking place under wraps now and you may not get to see them until Jupiter enters your sign in mid-May, or even early next year. I often refer to this area as the powerhouse of the horoscope because it is the seat of the unconscious mind, and ideas and possibilities get seeded there – seeds which grow into abundant blooms. Pay attention to signs and signals, whether other people are sending them or your dreams and intuitions have something to tell you.

Have faith.

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The Month Ahead for Pisces

March 2021

At last, life appears to be heading in the right direction. You could thank your lucky stars, but in large part it has been down to your managing to take charge of a situation and stand in your own truth. The week of the 8th has magic written all over it, and some Pisceans will be celebrating love and looking happily to the future. Magic, of course, is Neptune’s business and sometimes you get muddles, mysteries and betrayals instead. So, if something doesn’t strike you as legitimate, check it out and don’t be fobbed off with excuses. There are deals to be done and contracts to be signed toward the end of the month.

The Year Ahead for Pisces

We all need friends, but sometimes they’re not the best people to advise us on love. And this year, one of your friends may have ulterior motives behind warning you off somebody. With this in mind, trust your heart when someone new makes it flutter! And if you still love a partner, body and soul, despite flaws and failings, don’t be talked into leaving him or her by a well-meaning friend.


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