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The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 27 March – Sunday, 2 April

Jupiter continues to be of great benefit, particularly in regard to the home and family. There could be good news to come and the promise of happy times ahead, and with Jupiter also bringing its influence to bear on the foundations of the future, this is an excellent time to launch a campaign related to your career or make an investment in your future. Just how much Venus and Uranus cramp your style rather depends, however. For some this is a time to break with tradition and to follow a brand new course, for others it may feel as though something you desired or looked forward to is no longer on the table.

Changing fortunes. 

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Monday, 20 March – Sunday, 26 March

Monday’s new moon at the base of your solar chart begins a new cycle, first and foremost in regard to home and family life. Over the next couple of weeks there could be family gatherings and celebrations, and for some Capricorns a new home could be on the agenda. At the very least, this is an ideal time to reconnect with your roots and to find a greater sense of “home” within yourself. Adding to the impressive astrology of the week, Pluto leaves your sign, albeit for eleven weeks, but it may well give you just enough time to see how making just a few changes could dramatically alter your life prospects.

The beginning of better things to come.

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The Month Ahead for Capricorn

April 2023

Home and family are in the spotlight. There could be a gathering of the clans and happy news to share but there could also be some darker tones that require careful handling. People may misinterpret messages and a relationship could be damaged by unintentional remarks or actions. The astrological weather is particularly stormy during the second half of the month, so keep a plan B in your backpack at all times. Indeed, travel and communications could be part of the problem so don’t embark on a journey without insurance and your patience pills. 

The Year Ahead for Capricorn

The advantage to being a Capricorn is that you’re always prepared for an uphill struggle so, when you don’t have to push so hard, it’s like all your Christmases have come at once. And there will be times in 2023 when life is so good, you’ll forget how hard it’s been.


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