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Guide to Interpretation

Exclusively available on Astrolutely, and prior to publication in print, a downloadable e-book of Penny Thornton’s new book The Astrology Handbook Part I - Guide to Interpretation.

An essential companion to her video Astrology for Beginners: How to interpret a Birth chart in 19 Minutes

The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 20 September – Sunday, 26 September

No one likes having to change their opinion, but it’s going to be easier to fall in with other people’s ideas at the moment than to stick to your guns. And, you never know, maybe you are being rather tunnel-visioned about something. Just saying. Pluto and Uranus dominate the astrology, and with a full moon thrown in for good measure, this is not the time to push people beyond their limits or to deliver an ultimatum without intending to carry it out. Give yourself and others plenty of breathing room. Indeed, with Mercury turning retrograde on the 27th, placing a situation on ice for three weeks or so may be no bad thing.

Distance and perspective.

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The Month Ahead for Capricorn

September 2021

Finding the middle way is going to be key this September. There will be times when you feel pulled apart by events and the choices you should make, but unless you are prepared to walk away from someone or something, a compromise should be sought. Jaw-jaw is better than war-war. The planetary focus is on two main areas – career and far-horizons – and it seems you have far to go in both senses of the phrase. Think of your long-term objectives, play the long game, and see any setbacks as temporary pitstops. Mercury turns retrograde on the 27th so chase up missing information well before then.

The Year Ahead for Capricorn

The big changes are inspired by Jupiter’s and Saturn’s passage through Aquarius: this combination provides you with money-making opportunities and ways to increase your self-worth, which will have a knock-on effect on your work and love-life.


Your year ahead forecast has changed. It is longer, more detailed, bigger and better.


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