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The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

On Thursday, the only full moon in your sign takes place. It is a moment of empowerment and conclusion. Ideally, prior to the full moon, you need to assess where your priorities lie and what may need to be phased out in order for other, more important situations to prosper. This full moon could preside over the signing of a contract and the formalization of a romantic or working relationship or it may signal the end of a commitment. One way or another, especially if you have a birthday in mid-January or planets and points around 26 degrees of Capricorn, push has once again come to shove.

Push has once again come to shove.

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The Month Ahead for Capricorn

June 2021

A series of important alignments takes place, and in different areas of your solar chart, so while some Capricorns will reach a relationship crossroads, others will be figuring out where they go from here in regard to career You have the power to make good choices, but when events come out of left field, they can temporarily knock the wind out of your sails. Especially on or near the 5th and 25th, avoid making a snap decision and wait until you know more about why things have turned out this way, and why someone appears to be making a U-turn. The situation may not be terminal.

The Year Ahead for Capricorn

The big changes are inspired by Jupiter’s and Saturn’s passage through Aquarius: this combination provides you with money-making opportunities and ways to increase your self-worth, which will have a knock-on effect on your work and love-life.


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