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The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 10 August – Sunday, 16 August

There are two ways of looking at the amount of challenges you’ve faced in recent months: they’ve either strengthened your resolve and added to your stockpile of resources or you’ve become inured to the constant stream of disappointments and difficulties. If this is indeed the case, I’m not doing my job as cheer-leader. You’ve still got plenty to give and you can still rise above your current circumstances. Clearly, this is a preface to a week of yet more challenges, but with the right attitude and bucket-loads of determination, you can win through. Everybody’s feeling the pressure.

Once more unto the breach…

The Month Ahead for Capricorn

August 2020

Aspects of your existence may still be up in the air, and it may take until the end of next month to settle matters. However, August’s events are getting you ever nearer that point. On or near the 3rd, finances take top billing: contracts can be signed and ended, and major decisions taken about your financial future. Venus is transiting the area of relating, on the one hand, enabling you to take a love affair or business partnership to the next level and, on the other, reach a conclusion about a relationship in trouble. The last week of the month is going to prove to be most eventful in this regard, and in general you’ll be leaving August lighter and more enlightened that when it began.

Six-month Forecast For Capricorn

Late Capricorns are under Saturn during this half-year that’s the 14th – 20th January birthdays – and the themes you’ll be working with are: efforts bring rewards and actions have consequences. This will be even more marked if you were born in 1991, 1962 or 1933, since you will be experiencing your first, second or third Saturn Return.


My Monthly Forecast

My Yearly Forecast

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