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The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 22 April – Sunday, 28 April

As the month draws to an end, it will be helpful to look back on recent events in order to acquire a new perspective on them. At the time, you cannot see every aspect of an important development, which is why the combination of Wednesday’s full moon and Mercury’s change of direction, could be so enlightening. A gestation period is over, whether you have been incubating a project, a love affair or a baby! It is time to see the reality of your efforts and to close a chapter or take something to the next level. Fate has played a big hand in April’s global and personal developments. But it’s what you do next that matters.

The next step.

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Monday, 15 April – Sunday, 21 April

Are you ready to move mountains? Or simply ready for change? Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all gathered together for the purpose of eliminating aspects of your existence that are doing you more harm than good. They’re a liberating team, although they won’t be wearing gloves and handing out Smarties! While some Capricorns will be watching these transformational influences at work in other people’s lives, some of you will be at the centre of your own little cyclone. Be prepared to give way and let go. Once the dust has settled, you’ll see a new path has appeared.

Not for the faint-hearted,

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The Month Ahead for Capricorn

April 2024

Home and family take centre stage. Special occasions, gatherings of the clans and developments that send ripples through the family could all be on the agenda. The highs will be great and the lows eminently survivable. Capricorns prefer to take their time before taking the plunge, but with these transformational influences, a leap of faith may be exactly what is required. Especially in regard to an affair of the heart. What you don’t want to do is let an opportunity slip through your fingers. These alignments will never come again, neither will the opportunities.

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The Year Ahead for Capricorn

It may seem as though everything you need or want is taking forever, but, like the minute hands on a clock, look away and time magically moves forward. This is a metaphor for 2024. Make your pitch, get all your ducks in a row and wait for the universe to move… There is always an element of fate about whom we fall in love with and where a relationship takes us, but in these times, there is an even greater aura of destiny about love… You are likely to become more concerned about where you are headed in life. To this end, you may decide that you need to learn a new skill or acquire deeper knowledge about a particular subject.