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The Week Ahead for Capricorn

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the kitchen, along come a trio of Pluto aspects to stop you in your tracks. Under Pluto, we make discoveries – or rather, secrets emerge and events force us to change our opinions. Ultimately, all Pluto transits serve a positive purpose in that they realign us with our destiny and force us to draw on reserves we didn’t know we had. But the bald truth is, it’s not going to be a jolly week. Especially if you have a mid-January birthday, you are being challenged to make changes to your life-style, and in the process, you will shed a skin and reveal a whole new you.

Getting rid of baggage.

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The Month Ahead for Capricorn

April 2021

Until the 19th, the astro-focus is on home and family. New starts can be made, whether you’re bringing the family back together/celebrating special events or making changes on the home front. Younger members of the family are in the spotlight, and it may be difficult to strike a balance between what is right to you and what is right for them… Uranus, the light-bringer, dominates the second half of the month, so there will be unexpected developments and certain people won’t be in the mood to compromise. Only you can decide whether a love affair or a business relationship is worth all the ups and downs. Clearly, something has to change, and probably on or near the 27th.

The Year Ahead for Capricorn

The big changes are inspired by Jupiter’s and Saturn’s passage through Aquarius: this combination provides you with money-making opportunities and ways to increase your self-worth, which will have a knock-on effect on your work and love-life.


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