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My books, articles and the Newsletter

My books, articles and the Newsletter

The Astrology Handbook

Part 1 – Guide To Interpretation

Have you ever wondered what your horoscope means? Have you ever wanted to interpret birth charts for others? In The Astrology Handbook Part I, you have all the techniques you require, simply put and easy to understand.

“In the four decades I’ve been practicing astrology I have not written a book on interpretation. That is until now. This is the first in a series that will cover all aspects of astrology. I feel it is time to hand on my knowledge and experience.”

Astrology for the world we live in.

Available for purchase on Amazon Worldwide.

Astrology in the Workplace

Reading the characteristics that our co-workers display and learning how to cooperate with them successfully lies at the heart of Astrology in the Workplace. Find out your colleagues’ signs of the Zodiac and you can turn their strengths and weaknesses to your benefit. With sections for each sign and a wealth of information on their best and worst traits, as well as guidance on the careers that offer each sign the best outlet for their distinctive personalities, Astrology in the Workplace will help anyone who wants to bring out the best in themselves and everyone else.

The Zodiac Cooks

The Zodiac Cooks is more than a cookery book. It brings the ancient world of astrology into the modern kitchen and gives you a whole new take on why you eat what you eat.

In 130 recipes and a host of tips on cooking, table decor and health, internationally renowned astrologer, Penny Thornton takes you on a gastronomic journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Along the way, you’ll discover why Aries spends a fortune on knives; why feeding the mind is more vital to Gemini than three square meals a day; and the role tradition plays in the Capricorn home. You’ll understand why souffles collapse and which sign should never be given anything it can’t pronounce the name of. Starting with Aries and ending with Pisces you’ll find recipes tailormade for each sun sign.

Duck breast with prunes and chocolate? That’s a dish to set before a Scorpio. Liquorice icecream? Perfect for anise-loving Geminians and Virgoans. You’ll learn a few of their secrets, too: Why do Cancerians have a fondness for nursery foods? Why should Leo never leave out whole food groups? And is there a reason why dinner is never on time in a Pisces household?

It’s all to do with the stars

With Love From Diana

In March 1986 the life of Penny Thornton was changed forever by a phone call from the Princess of Wales. For the next six years Penny would serve as Diana’s personal astrologer, witnessing the princess’s heartbreaking attempts to save and then to escape a life that was more hell than heaven. She heard in the Princess’s own words the shocking truth about the royal “marriage of the century,” and gained an intimate view of the royal family, which she shares here for the first time:
How the lunar eclipses of 1993 led Penny to see the final breakup of the marriage and the disastrous fire at Windsor Castle

Paperback: 222 pages

Publisher: Pocket

Language: English

ISBN: 0671891863

A Comprehensive Guide to the Astrology of Relationships

Synastry – The Astrology of Relationships

Synastry is a complex but precise method of charting the interplay and development of human relationships through astrological analysis. In synastry, birth charts are compared in order to bring out the fundamental interactions between two people and stimulate greater understanding of how they relate to each other on all levels.

In this comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of chart comparison are explained and are illustrated by in-depth analysis of the natal and composite charts of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

25 Sep 1986

Suns and Lovers

Penny Thornton, an acknowledged expert on the astrology of relationships, has here written the definitive book on astrology, love, sex and relationships. In this truly comprehensive, informative and witty book, each of the twelve signs of the zodiac is analysed, providing an in-depth picture of its mythological and symbolic associations, the basic psychological characteristics of the male and female of each sign, partnerships and sexuality.

To complete the picture, Penny has assembled twenty-four celebrity profiles, most based on personal interviews.

Romancing The Stars

Are you a purposeful Aries in dogged pursuit of the perfect partner? Or a brooding Scorpio lusting after forbidden pleasures?

Whatever your sign, and whatever you’re looking for, Romancing the Stars offers indispensable guidance through the jungle of human relationships.

In twelve chapters, busting with information and insight, Penny Thornton uncovers the intimate secrets of each sign of the zodiac:

MYTHS AND SYMBOLS - the ancient and hidden meaning of each sign
MALE AND FEMALE - the essential astrological differences
PARTNERSHIP - who's compatible with whom?
SEXUALITY - who likes what
PERSONALITY PROFILE - love and life (literally) among the stars.
Originally published as SUNS AND LOVERS, ROMANCING THE STARS has been updated and includes new profiles on Prince Charles, Shirley MacLaine and David Bowie.
‘ A witty and informative foray into the astrology of personal relationships – easily one of the best books of its kind ever to appear in print.’ HOROSCOPE magazine (USA)

Paperback: 527 pages

Publisher: Aquarian Press (May 1989)

Language: English

ISBN: 0850307503

The Forces Of Destiny

The Forces of Destiny can now be purchased as an e-book. Click here to read more.

The Forces of Destiny brings together three of the most fascinating mysteries of all time: fate, reincarnation, and astrology. In this highly original and illuminating book, Penny Thornton compares beliefs about fate, death and rebirth from a variety of esoteric traditions with the discoveries of the New Science, and the literature on the Near Death Experience. The evidence suggests that we absorb the very essence of the planets on our soul’s journey through the planetary spheres, and our horoscope reflects our accumulated karma or fate. By understanding the deeper meaning of this map, we can come to learn that fate is not blind, uncontrollable force but a process meted out by the soul itself.

Penny Thornton has come to believe that astrology is ‘spiritually arid’ without a framework of reincarnation and karma. However, this book points the way towards a regeneration through the meeting of astrology and phychotherapy. Through hypnosis, past-life material can be incorporated to reveal an even greater and deeper understanding of planetary patterns and symbols.

‘A widely spread, carefully thought out, well researched book, bringing together the latest esoteric and scientific ideas on life’ The Astrological Journal

Paperback: 214 pages

Publisher: Aquarian Press (May 1990)

Language: English

ISBN: 1855381036

A New Kind of Loving for a New Age of Living

Divine Encounters

Divine Encounters is about union – ultimately the union with the self, or contacting the ‘god within’. Somewhere within each of us is a yearning to find the ‘other half’ who will make us complete. But no outer union can ever truly fulfil us unless we have become complete within ourselves.

More and more people are being presented with relationships that call upon them to find reserves they never knew they had. And this can be perceived on the collective level as well as the personal. On the one hand, there are some magnificent unions being forged between East and West, and on the other, the potential for a third world war has rarely been greater.

In this book, Penny Thornton explores the reasons for these powerful changes from a spiritual and astrological perspective. She sees it as a transition stage to the New Age. The book spans a wide and varied territory, from the prophecies for the end of the millenium to the way that individuals are being transformed, especially through relationships. These changes are both influenced by, and altering the perception of, the outer planets as agents of transformation.

Unless we undergo this transformation through opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness, we cannot enter fully into the New Age. This is essential not only on a personal level, but collectively – for the survival of humanity.

Paperback: 220 pages

Publisher: Aquarian Press (May 1992)

Language: English

ISBN: 1855381001