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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

This is not the first time in recent history that I have mentioned the word renewal. And I’m about to do so again, only on this occasion a renewal will most likely be inspired by an ending. Monday’s new moon in Aries is angling Pluto, the “planet” of elimination and transformation, and there is nothing gentle about Pluto. Even if you willingly let go of a piece of your history or mark the end of a major chapter of your life, it will involve effort and a degree of pain. Mid-April birthdays are in the front line of transformation at the moment, but all Arians should take the opportunity to declutter and detoxify their lives. Spring is here.

Spring is here.

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The Month Ahead for Aries

April 2021

The sun’s return to your sign inspires renewal. You get back your optimism, energy and drive, and thus rebooted, you can begin to manifest your ambitions and desires. Of course, there’s the occasional roadblock – prepare to change course on or near the 26th – but this is not a reason to believe you’re heading back into the land of disappointment. Easter is an important time for the future of a romantic relationship, and a test of some description will reveal the strength and durability of your love. Indeed, for many reasons, April confirms whether your faith in certain people and endeavours is justified.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Welcome to your year of enterprise. Make no bones about it, it’s down to you to turn the set-backs of 2020 into a success story. Turning your life around begins on January 17th when Jupiter in the area of creativity and collaborations angles Uranus in the zone of money and self-worth, and an early success at the end of the month should fuel your hopes and ambitions.


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