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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 30 November – Sunday, 6 December

A lunar eclipse does not always reveal its potential at the time, so if last weekend came and went without an event of any note or the week ahead resembles a still, calm pond, maybe there’s something you’re missing – a situation is developing under the radar. I’m not trying to scare the pants of you, simply urge you to be a little more aware of the nuances in certain events. This lunar eclipse flanks the axis of communications, so you need to be particularly careful of what you say, how you say it and what you sign up to. There’s an ending in there somewhere…

Think before you act.

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The Month Ahead for Aries

December 2020

A total solar eclipse in the zone of far horizons and Jupiter’s entry into the area of enterprise, are signs of positive change. You may receive an offer from overseas or an opportunity could arise to travel later in 2021. However, the real benefit of these planetary influences is to be found in the opening up of your personal and professional horizons. No longer will you struggle to have your voice heard. No month is perfect, of course, and on or near the 23rd you may run into a roadblock of sorts. The roots of the issue may well go back some months, but it now needs settling once and for all. After that, it’s welcome to 2021 – your year of enterprise.

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Six-Month Forecast For Aries

December is notable for the total solar eclipse of the 14th. This takes place in the area of long-term horizons and distant places, and an event in another country could make for changes in your short or long-range plans. For some Arians this eclipse could portend an offer of work in a far-off place or with an international company; for others someone from a different background may prove instrumental in setting you on a whole new course.


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