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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 4 July – Sunday, 10 July

July opened on a profound and passionate note, and with Mars leaving your sign (Tuesday) the week ahead offers you the opportunity to regroup and process events of the recent past.  You are a positive sign, ready to kick over the traces of disappointments and upsets and start afresh, and a new mindset is needed now. Get your teeth into a new project and make a determined effort to look at certain situations from a different angle. Finances are one area that would benefit from some new thinking, especially if you want to be in a strong position for unexpected developments in early August.

It’s time for some new thinking. 

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The Month Ahead for Aries

July 2022

Half-way through 2022 and it is time to assess how far you’ve come and what still remains in order for you to meet the targets you set yourself at New Year. Jupiter’s presence in your sign may already have given you reason to feel more optimistic about the future, but for many Arians there are still factors holding you back. These factors need examining and a bold decision taken, preferably around the 17th. Until late August Mars will be influencing finances, encouraging money to flow more freely and inspiring you to invest in your talents and resolve long-standing problems.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Until May 10th, Jupiter will be tucked away in the 12th house, helping you prepare the ground and plant seeds that will flower in the months ahead. There is a strong focus on making money and building your future, in some cases quite literally in that there will be new homes or renovation projects in the pipeline.


Your year ahead forecast has changed. It is longer, more detailed, bigger and better.


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