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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 24 January – Sunday, 30 January

After almost four weeks of uncertainty and confusion, the cosmos is beginning to straighten out! Mars enters Capricorn thereby kicking off a six-week period when career and ambitions are in the mainframe. Add to this a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in the same area, and discussions about your future or the future of an enterprise are on the menu. Mercury is, of course, retrograde so, elements of the past may well play a part in the decisions reached now, but what happens during the course of this week and next should set a long-term trend in motion. Be prepared to give way on one or more points so that you have some leverage for the future.


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The Month Ahead for Aries

January 2022

Patience isn’t an Aries virtue, but do your best to remain serene if things don’t work out as you hoped or there are delays and misunderstandings to deal with. This is a potentially exceedingly good year for Team Aries, and, as you know, the best things in life are worth waiting for. During the week of the 10th, take care when you’re out and about — slips and slides of the real and verbal kind will easily happen — and the full moon of the 17th could bring a simmering situation to boiling point. Aside from there being reasons for everything this January, a difficulty can be overcome by simply stepping aside and allowing the dust to settle.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Until May 10th, Jupiter will be tucked away in the 12th house, helping you prepare the ground and plant seeds that will flower in the months ahead. There is a strong focus on making money and building your future, in some cases quite literally in that there will be new homes or renovation projects in the pipeline.


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