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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

The Sun arrives at the base of your chart, thereby beginning its slow climb towards your Mid-heaven, which it will reach just before Christmas. You might like to think of late June as seeding time; over the next couple of weeks a combination of events and your actions will put in the foundations of new endeavours, one or more of which will reach fruition by the end of the year. Not for the first time, however, it seems you must make some decisions about what now needs to be abandoned or at least side-lined in order for those things which have great potential to develop.

You can’t take everything with you.

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The Month Ahead for Aries

June 2021

It’s not like you to be held back, so remind yourself you’re the zodiac’s warrior and make that move. Waiting for the best time to do something can lead to a never-ever-going-to-happen situation, and June is all about getting your voice out there. Travel, social media, meetings and promotions are where the focus is, and even though, until the 22nd, Mercury is in-retrograde, it will enable you to make progress via people and activities from the past. Some Arians, especially those with a mid-April birthday could run into a pothole on or near the 5th and 24th but in this case, a set-back is a stepping stone.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Welcome to your year of enterprise. Make no bones about it, it’s down to you to turn the set-backs of 2020 into a success story. Turning your life around begins on January 17th when Jupiter in the area of creativity and collaborations angles Uranus in the zone of money and self-worth, and an early success at the end of the month should fuel your hopes and ambitions.


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