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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 13 July – Sunday, 19 July

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction can be a beautiful thing, but it can also be a dangerous one. Jupiter has the capacity to inspire growth and Pluto to eliminate and transform, so for some Arians a time of struggle is being replaced by one of joy and success. Yet it is completely the opposite for others, and you are seeing aspects of your life disappear and wondering quite where you go from here. And while this is a general theme for all celestial Rams it is playing long and loud for those of you with birthdays on or near 14th April. Keep your end game in focus, and don’t buy into short-term offers and opportunities.

Focus on your end game.

The Month Ahead for Aries

July 2020

July is a month of turning points. A lunar eclipse (5th) is the first of several key alignments that will bring one or more situations to a head. What you do as a result is entirely up to you. You have the power of choice. For some Arians a great career opportunity could present itself; for others events on the home front may throw you into a tailspin, but especially if you have a birthday between the 5th and 15th April, an aspect of your existence will look very different by the end of July. This is one month when your tendency to jump into situations with both feet needs to be curtailed: think through everything.

Six-Month Forecast For Aries

December is notable for the total solar eclipse of the 14th. This takes place in the area of long-term horizons and distant places, and an event in another country could make for changes in your short or long-range plans. For some Arians this eclipse could portend an offer of work in a far-off place or with an international company; for others someone from a different background may prove instrumental in setting you on a whole new course.


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My Yearly Forecast

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