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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 30 March – Sunday, 5 April

There are two very different messages in this week’s stars. With Mars up close and personal to Saturn, restraint and common-sense are called for while Jupiter’s conjunction to Pluto sets the stage for a magnificent opportunity. It is entirely possible that in one area of life you’re experiencing struggle and disappointment while in another success and joy. Nonetheless, let’s err on the side of caution and expect people to be difficult to win over and that some kind of revision and review will prove necessary. Don’t be tempted to throw good money after bad, either.

Feet on the ground.

The Month Ahead for Aries

April 2020

If the events of March knocked your confidence and caused you to rewrite a plan or two, April puts you back in charge and on form. There is no obstacle too great for you to overcome, and perhaps because of those earlier setbacks you’ll change your tactics and opt for a charm offensive as opposed to banging your head against a brick wall. You can achieve great things on or near the 4th, and some Arians can expect a major boost to their personal or professional ambitions. Money matters require restraint, however, and an unexpected outlay around the 21st could make quite a dent in your account. Indeed, restraint in all matters should be your strategy late in the month.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Get ready for one of the most dynamic and course-changing years of the past ten. You’ll need to be in tip-top condition to grab all the opportunities coming your way, so lose no time getting fit, healthy and focussed. Will 2020 be easy? No. But when was achieving a major ambition and a whole life-style upgrade ever easy.


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