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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 27 March – Sunday, 2 April

With communication chief, Mercury, conjunct mighty Jupiter, you look to be undertaking an important journey. On the one hand, you may be boarding a plane to distant parts, or booking a trip in the future but, on the other, it is what happens to you and what you learn that could have a major impact on the next stage of your life journey. Jupiter has a little over six weeks remaining in your sign, so you need to make the most of any opportunity to expand your personal horizons. Be the bigger person. Take that big step. Discover what lies outside your comfort zone.

Taking a big step. 

See last week’s forecast below.

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Monday, 20 March – Sunday, 26 March

A new broom sweeps clean, as they say, and with a new moon in your sign, Mars arriving in Cancer and Pluto entering your eleventh solar house, this is a new start with knobs on. You may sense a shift of some description, but even without a psychic prompt, the astrological focus has shifted. You may have proof positive that a project is a “goer” or you may suddenly decide on a whole new plan of action. The force is with you at the moment and although you don’t want to overreach yourself, waiting for a better time to launch any kind of offensive is pointless. Go for it.

Go for it! 

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The Month Ahead for Aries

April 2023

Any month with an eclipse in it is going to be eventful, and since the 20ths solar eclipse is in your sign, what happens around this time is likely to make a big impact. You could be preparing to take a life-changing step or you could find you’ve taken one due to events that come out of the blue: either way, your future may look rather different once April and May are done. Ideally, you need to take ground-breaking steps because you have the cosmos behind you and you may never get such opportunities again. And should you have no choice but to accept a new status-quo, consider it to be in your best interests.

The Year Ahead for Aries

On 16 May, Jupiter enters the area of self-worth and for the rest of the year and until 14 May 2024 will bring its expansive properties to bear on finances and your material world. On the one hand, this will provide a cushion… and, on the other, it could enable you to make seriously good money.


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