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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 25 May – Sunday, 31 May

While the week ahead may not be sporting any configurations of note, that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. A lunar eclipse is looming so signs and signals of things to come should be taken seriously. Hopefully those signals will fill you with hope and joy, but should you be concerned about anything, especially a situation involving people and places at a distance, now is the time to take steps to address it. Communications are important at this time, and clarity with the information you give and receive is super-important, so take time to distil what you have to say and absorb what it said to you.

Signs and signals.

The Month Ahead for Aries

May 2020

The Aries Ram is a feisty creature, not given to patience and reticence, however, do your best to acquire such virtues before May gets fully in its stride. There could be hold-ups, back-pedalling and various blips and glitches that get in the way of your progress. In the great sweep of time, these inconveniences will all make sense, but it can only help for now to keep something in reserve. The full moon of the 7th inspires closure and completion – it’s a great time to sign contracts but the wrong time to invest money you can ill-afford to lose. Mars will enter your sign at the end of next month, so until that time, hold your fire, replenish your resources and be wary to what and to whom you commit.

The Year Ahead for Aries

Get ready for one of the most dynamic and course-changing years of the past ten. You’ll need to be in tip-top condition to grab all the opportunities coming your way, so lose no time getting fit, healthy and focussed. Will 2020 be easy? No. But when was achieving a major ambition and a whole life-style upgrade ever easy.


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