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The Week Ahead for Aries

Monday, 18 January – Sunday 24 January

Mars-Uranus conjunctions signal surprises. And with the area of finances involved, you could receive an unexpected to boost to your bank account and/or your reputation. Could being the operative word. Mars-Uranus combos are just as likely to upset the applecart, and instead of gains you’ve got losses. In order to get around any potential potholes, check all your accounts first thing Monday, and take great care when performing on-line transactions. And in general, when you’re out and about, take it nice and slow and avoid risky manoeuvres. Otherwise, you might find yourself falling into a whole other kind of pothole.

Be careful.

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The Month Ahead for Aries

January 2021

Mars may be leaving your sign after spending six long months shaking and stirring you, but there are plenty of other cosmic developments bent on shifting the tectonic plates of existence. It will help to have alternatives to fall back on in January: whether the weather interferes with your plans or other events not of your making, accept and adapt should be your mantra. This does not mean, however, that you cannot continue to nurture your ambitions and to believe in the people you love and who love you: it’s more a case of changing time-lines and doing what must be done first.

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The Year Ahead for Aries

Welcome to your year of enterprise. Make no bones about it, it’s down to you to turn the set-backs of 2020 into a success story. Turning your life around begins on January 17th when Jupiter in the area of creativity and collaborations angles Uranus in the zone of money and self-worth, and an early success at the end of the month should fuel your hopes and ambitions.


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