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Tutorial Course

Whether you are hoping to become an consultant astrologer, work for newspapers and magazines, blog, vlog and have your own website; whether you are a seasoned astrologer looking to develop a sun-sign career or someone who simply wants to discover more about astrology and yourself, my course has everything you need to get you there.

Throughout, whatever the specific tutorial, there will be an additional focus on how the fundamentals – i.e. planets, houses, aspects and transits – work in sun-sign astrology.

The Astrology Course

The Astrology Course is divided into three Modules, 1) The Building Blocks, 2) Intermediate and 3) Advanced. Each Module comprises six tutorials.

The Astrology Course is delivered in part through one-on-one, face-to-face Zoom meetings lasting approximately 90 minutes each. Additionally, there are video tutorials.

I have designated an approximate start date for the Building Blocks of June 28th, 2024. Once the whole course is completed – The Building Blocks, Intermediate and AdvancedYou will be issued a certificate of accreditation, which will be awarded on merit, based on course work and through a one-on-one evaluation.

  • Astrology – the Building Blocks

    Part 1 - The Planets:
    • The Sun - the Moon - Mercury - Venus.
    • Mars - Jupiter - Saturn.
    • Uranus - Neptune - Pluto.
    Part 2 - The elements and qualities and the signs
    • The element Fire - Aries - Leo - Sagittarius
    • The element Earth - Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn
    • The element Air - Gemini - Libra - Aquarius
    • The element Water - Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces
    Part 3 - The Houses
    • The first - the second - the third
    • The fourth - the fifth - the sixth
    • The seventh - the eighth - the ninth
    • The tenth - the eleventh - the twelfth
    Part 4 - The Aspects:
    • Dividing the circle - the hard aspects
    • The soft aspects - the minor aspects
    • T-square - Grand Cross - Grand Trine - Yod - Kite - Mystic Rectangle
    • Chart-shapings - See-saw - Splay - Bucket - Bowl - Bundle - Locomotive - Splash
    Part 5 - Making sense of it all
    • Interpreting a natal chart
    Part 6 - Introduction to Sun-sign forecasting. Course start date: February 1st, 2024
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  • Intermediate

    The Intermediate section is aimed at developing your astrological skills through more specialized techniques, such as progressions and transits, and eclipses. As with the Building Blocks, students will be able to attend forums for discussion and debate. Further details in due course. Course start date: to be determined.
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  • Advanced

    The course will conclude with the Advanced section, which will involve tutorials on mundane astrology, synastry and prediction. Once-monthly forums apply. Further details in due course

    Course start date: to be determined.

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