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Talk Direct

Throughout the year Penny will be holding webinars and workshops. Book your place early as some events have limited capacity.

  • Meet Penny

    Date and time to be determined.

    Penny will be talking about astrology in general and food and astrology in particular at The Paddock Room, Hawksfield in Cornwall. Please bring your notebook and your appetite.

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  • Open Forum

    Date and time to be determined.

    This is an opportunity for Penny to discuss specific issues with you and answer questions related to astrology. Questions will have been previously submitted, although the forum is open for comments during the hour-long session.


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  • Sun Sign Astrology

    Date and time to be determined.

    What is sun sign astrology? When did it start? How does it work? Penny takes a comprehensive look at the art of sun sign astrology from her long experience and unique standpoint.

    This is a must-have if you are interested in becoming a sun-sign astrologer or simply want to learn more about the subject.


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  • The Art of Distillation

    Date and time to be determined.

    Information overload is a common problem for astrologers, especially in the early days of study and practice. Reducing the horoscope to one or two essential pieces is therefore a helpful practice at least and a revelation at best.

    Homing in on the key component of a chart (not always a matter of technique but rather the intuition) and allowing the layers of meaning to unfold piece by piece add depth and resonance to an interpretation. Instead of trying to build a picture from the disparate parts of a horoscope and invariably ending up with a list of conflicting statements, you will have a coherent narrative.

    You will be distilling the information and extracting the essence.

    “In my experience it is entirely possible to base a whole interpretation on one astrological theme alone.”

    Beginning with keyword principles Penny will show how one planet, its position, its aspects and its transits play a pre-eminent role first, in a young woman’s life and second, in Donald Trump’s. Along the way she will briefly touch on the astrology of a relationship and discuss the current Saturn-Neptune square.


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