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  • Introduction to Sun-Sign Forecasting

    Introduction to Sun Sign Astrology (45 minutes)

    A must-see video if you are interested in becoming a sun-sign astrologer or simply want to learn more about astrology.

    What is sun-sign astrology. How do you make sun-sign forecasts. The methods and materials required. The building blocks of astrology. The importance of finding your own voice. The importance of good writing.
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  • The Art of Distillation

    Finding the Essence in a Horoscope (70 minutes)

    A video talk aimed at those already familiar with the basics of a natal chart and also experienced practitioners seeking to expand their repertoire.

    Beginning with keyword principles I will demonstrate how one planet, its position, its aspects and its transits play a pre-eminent role first, in a young woman’s life and second, in Donald Trump’s. Along the way I will discuss the astrology of a relationship, the Saturn cycle, the Kite and Cradle configurations, 9-11, Brexit and the Saturn-Neptune opposition.
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  • Forum

    Forums are part of the Course in Astrology and available only to students.

    The forty-minute forums provide an opportunity for students to discuss issues related to the astrology course. Questions must be submitted by email beforehand.
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  • Meet Penny

    I will be speaking at venues in London, Brighton and Cornwall.

    Dates and times to be announced.

    Throughout the year there will be opportunities for you to meet me in person and discover more about the fascinating world of astrology.
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