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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

Saturn may not be the jolly uncle of the planetary family, but he does have its virtues – making a decision that will stand the test of time is one, drawing a line under something is another. The Sun and Mercury are both conjoined to Saturn in the zone of relating, so a relationship is likely to be the focus of these reality-inspiring influences. The problem is, Saturn is not the only planetary-influence in town, Uranus is also present, and with Uranus you get change and the unexpected. Make room for both. Be inventive and open to experience, on the one hand, and respect other people’s boundaries as well as your own, on the other.


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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

The only full moon in your sign this year takes place on Saturday and it completes a cycle that began last September with the new moon in Virgo. Endings and beginnings are thus the theme of the moment. One or more relationships could be in sharp focus, whether you are planning to end a commitment in order to begin a new one or ready to sign on the dotted line. Saturn is in the mix, so reality is to the fore and romance in second place. More important, the full moon is in your sign and therefore empowers you. Other people may be calling the shots but you still have cards to play.

Feel empowered.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

March 2024

Is it love? Questions about a relationship should be answered, and on or near the 21st when Venus meets Saturn in the seventh house. This is the perfect time to tie the knot. Then again, if the party’s over, it’s over. There’s no argument when Saturn speaks. There could also be some uncertainty over whether someone is who they claim to be or doubts over something you have been told. Trust your judgement, not the opinions of others who may have a vested interest in seeing a situation from their perspective. What happens in March sets a new and important cycle in motion.

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The Year Ahead for Virgo

Some of the best opportunities lie in distant places… Late March, early June, mid-September and Christmas are all points at which much could change, and for the better… You might fall helplessly in love, but once the spell has broken, you may find your prince or princess is a frog! By contrast, if love is true, that love will grow into something lasting and your lover, even if he or she has webbed feet, will be loved for who they truly are… Often we do not realize when we’re in a golden period and fail to embrace opportunities when they arise. Only later do we see that the better time we were waiting for has come and gone. Seize that moment.