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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 17 June – Sunday, 23 June

Oh, what a tangled web we weave… And if ever there was a week of spidery goings-on, it is this one. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all square up to Neptune kicking up a lot of spray and impeding the view. Weather aside, question anything that or anyone who doesn’t seem to add up. While some Virgos will love the romance of this climate and lose themselves in the best of ways, others will feel disappointed, even betrayed. But before you do anything irrevocable, check the facts. Likewise watch your step, whether you’re out and about or mixing with people and exchanging information.

Is that a puddle or a sinkhole?

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Monday, 10 June – Sunday, 16 June

Are you having fun? Or is flaming June turning out to be a bit of a damp squib. These influences aren’t brilliant, it has to be said, but they can be put to good purpose. First, don’t take someone’s words of caution or lack of enthusiasm as a cause to abandon ship. There could be good reason to delay a project or acquire more information before making a full commitment. And, in the fulness of time, all will be well. On the other hand, it may be apparent that you can go no further with an endeavour: the fates have intervened or the odds against success are too great to continue.

The bigger picture.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

June 2024

Neptune’s misty tentacles surround life and love. You may be among the lucky ones for whom June’s events are out of this world – put a ring around the 22nd – but if instead you feel someone has let you down or situations have not lived up to expectations, nurse your wounds and get back in the saddle. Jupiter’s newly arrived presence in the zone of ambitions and life-direction will surely deliver joy and success in the weeks and months to come. The weekend of the 29th is another key point of the month: actions taken at this time should prove long-lasting and consequential.

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The Year Ahead for Virgo

Some of the best opportunities lie in distant places… Late March, early June, mid-September and Christmas are all points at which much could change, and for the better… You might fall helplessly in love, but once the spell has broken, you may find your prince or princess is a frog! By contrast, if love is true, that love will grow into something lasting and your lover, even if he or she has webbed feet, will be loved for who they truly are… Often we do not realize when we’re in a golden period and fail to embrace opportunities when they arise. Only later do we see that the better time we were waiting for has come and gone. Seize that moment.