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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 30 November – Sunday, 6 December

Monday’s lunar eclipse brings to a close a cycle that began at the end of May. So, think back to that period and see if you can find a connection with events occurring now. In a perfect world, you’d be signing off on a project or putting a situation on a long-term footing. However, eclipses have a way of bringing something you didn’t expect into the mix. Some Virgos could be about to tie the knot or put their signatures to a contract, while others will be doing the reverse and reaching an understanding that a situation is at an end. New horizons will shortly open up.

Draw a line in the sand.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

December 2020

Neptune’s brand of muddles and mystery makes the start to the month confusing, however, on the 14th, a total solar eclipse represents the light at the end of the tunnel. While life may not magically turn around in the wake of this eclipse, at least one situation will start to head in the right direction, and the rest will follow as 2021 unfolds. For some Virgos, a home move is in sight; for others family developments symbolize the beginning of a new era. And even if it proves difficult to bring loved ones together for the festivities, bonds can be strengthened and joys shared.

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Six-Month Forecast For Virgo

If there is a secret to making this second half of the year the best it can be, it is in forgetting the old rule book – the self-imposed rules that keep you in check. Break a few of your own rules, go into unexplored territory, and if an avenue is blocked off, don’t waste time trying to re-open it: there’s a new world out there and it doesn’t live by the rules of yesteryear.


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