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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

With Mercury returning to normal-service (22nd), the Sun in harmony with Jupiter and Venus with Neptune, even the darkest cloud should have a silver lining. Cliché’s aside, this may not be a perfect astro-scape but it can be fashioned to create happy endings and at least satisfactory solutions. Thursday’s full moon highlights the axis of creativity and collaboration, so completing a project or reaching a point where you can assess where you are, and whether you are done or ready to move to the next level, is appropriate. Something previously hidden could come into view, making a big difference to the future of a creative endeavour or a love affair.

Finding the silver lining.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

June 2021

You may prefer to create a plan and nurse it through to the end, but during eclipse-season (26 May – 10th June) you’ll be in the hands of the universe, and its idea of what is right for you may not agree with yours. Add to this, Mercury in retrograde until the 22nd, and my advice is to relax and go with the flow. Career and life-goals are in the mainframe, and an opportunity arising this month could make a huge difference to your prospects. Nonetheless, as always with new openings, something also has to go, so some Virgos will be saying goodbye to a job or some other part of life. Onward and upward!

The Year Ahead for Virgo

Other people are the agents of change, whether they alter your world view, open you up to new ways of living or because you fall in love with them, but for a few Virgos… There really is no way back to the old normal, but once you’ve broken through the barriers presented by learning new skills, practices and routines, you’ll be a new person.


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