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Guide to Interpretation

Exclusively available on Astrolutely, and prior to publication in print, a downloadable e-book of Penny Thornton’s new book The Astrology Handbook Part I - Guide to Interpretation.

An essential companion to her video Astrology for Beginners: How to interpret a Birth chart in 19 Minutes

The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 20 September – Sunday, 26 September

Tuesday’s full moon falls in the relationship zone, inspiring conclusions, whether in the way of understandings or endings. Full moons that cut across the relationship axis can coincide with the signing of contracts and the union of two people, yet the reverse is also the case inspiring separations and the breaking of agreements. Venus and Uranus are also in play, and while this coupling can preside over sudden and compelling attractions it can also correspond with an unexpected parting of the ways. As always, much depends on where these influences are focussed on your natal chart, so that for many Virgos there is merely the dawning of an awareness that love can be a fragile thing.

Love is a fragile thing.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

September 2021

There is no better time than today. Keep reminding yourself that you only get one opportunity to seize the moment and that hoping for perfection is almost certainly going to end in disappointment. Go with your gut, although especially on or near the 2nd and 14th there could be conflicting information and a degree of uncertainty hovering over a commitment. The full moon of the 20th will help you make a final decision, and events at this time inspire closure and completion. If nothing else, September’s influences urge you to find your voice and take charge of your situation.

The Year Ahead for Virgo

Other people are the agents of change, whether they alter your world view, open you up to new ways of living or because you fall in love with them, but for a few Virgos… There really is no way back to the old normal, but once you’ve broken through the barriers presented by learning new skills, practices and routines, you’ll be a new person.


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