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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 27 January – Sunday, 2 February

Venus and Neptune meet in the area of relating encouraging soul-to-soul exchanges and taking a love affair to new and beautiful heights. Nonetheless, as you may well have discovered by now, Neptune is the master of illusion so for some Virgos there is instead disappointment. Your hopes and beliefs in someone may prove wrong and something you thought would proceed to a happy conclusion could be up in the air. For the time being it will be better to withdraw rather than try to reason with someone or insist on explanations. Sometimes a situation is just not meant to be. And sometimes it’s all just a giant misunderstanding.

The mystery of love.

The Month Ahead for Virgo

February 2020

Last month’s events may have given you plenty to think about, and it is possible you had to find a short-term solution or apply sticking plaster to a complex matter. The unsatisfactory nature of such actions should become clear mid-month, but rather than give up or give in, ask for more time. In the heat of the moment you may have missed an all-important detail, which will make a difference to the eventual outcome. On the weekend of the 22nd, a new moon in the area of relating, offers hope and a new way forward, and for some Virgoans a meeting will turn out to be the stuff of dreams.

2020 Overview

Imagine standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The waves are high, the skies dark, although way in the distance is a patch of brilliant sunlight toward which a great ship is sailing.

That’s 2020 in a picture frame.


The Year Ahead for Virgo

What a year! You won’t be able to predict the twists and turns and curved balls the universe inspires. Events in January could inspire a decision to marry or change the status quo in a long-term partnership, but keep those plans elastic because much could change during the coming months.


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