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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, January 14 – Sunday, January 20

These are not the easiest of influences, although if you’re ready to draw a line between the past and the future, they’re perfect. Put another way, it is time for one or more items of your existence to be shelved and to create a space for the new. And it is a theme that is playing long and loud for most of January. It may be more natural for Virgo to work in the background, but if you feel strongly about a situation or you know you have what it takes to lead the way, put your hand up. Reveal yourself! Far better to know you acted according to your beliefs when it counted rather than wishing you had had the courage when it is too late.

Take charge.

The Month Ahead for Virgo

January 2019

Creativity in all its forms is January’s astral theme. You yourself could be expecting a new arrival or someone close to you may be due to give birth or perhaps you are bringing a new business project into being, any of which will keep the tempo upbeat and joyful. And for some Virgos a new romance looks to be the real thing. Certainly, putting your individual stamp on events is advised, so fight your natural inclination to hide behind the scenes and step into the spotlight. Enjoy your moment in the sun, literally or metaphorically. Romance and relationships are in the mix, and on or near the 19th you should know whether your fears are founded or you have been over-thinking the situation.

2019 Overview

There is a misconception that astrologers can see the future as if we were watching scenes playing out on a cinema screen. But it’s not like that. We open our ephemerides (planetary timetable) and take endless notes on when the alignments are at their strongest and what they might mean for this person, that country or this event. Often it can seem as if fate has the upper hand, but although we cannot prevent every event that happens to us we can choose what we do in the wake of it. We have free will.

Not everything is set in stone. Actions have consequences. We make choices.

So, 2019. The last year of the Teenies and the bridge to the Twenties – a decade that will change the world map, whether in terms of the land itself or in geo-political terms. And with a degree of harmony between Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune in 2019, this has the potential to be a great year. A year in which solutions can be found, or at least worked toward, in some of the most pressing global problems, including those inspired by climate change.

Uranus entered Taurus in mid-May 2018, but then moved back into Aries and will remain there until March of 2019. Uranus is the revolutionary of the planets, the innovator and the iconoclast, so its transit of this Venus-ruled earth sign for the next seven years is going to produce some exciting developments in architecture, technology, engineering, food, the beauty business, farming and agriculture. But we can also expect financial collapses and the destruction of places and buildings of historical significance.

Already in 2018 we witnessed the loss of two iconic museums in Glasgow and Brazil due to fires; and unprecedented hurricanes and typhoons devastated parts of the world from Indonesia to Hawaii. Volcanic eruptions, extreme heat and bush and forest fires look to be on the increase in 2019, a reflection of Jupiter’s transit of the fire sign, Sagittarius.

Jupiter’s passage through Sagittarius, however, will have many positive effects, most notably on the aviation industry, global travel, publishing, education and communication systems. In a Jupiter-in-Sagittarius year, there’s an emphasis on fun and sport. We spend more money, enjoy taking holidays and getting out of our comfort zones. Then again, the last time Jupiter transited Sagittarius was in 2007, and we can all remember what happened when the sub-prime mortgage market collapsed: it was the precipitator to the global recession. And 2020 is looking distinctly troublesome.

Jupiter’s move through Sagittarius chimes with a Three year in numerology and the year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology. The number Three is an harmonious number: it promotes optimism and stimulates communications. We stretch our boundaries in a Three year and reach out to people in different countries and embrace different cultures. The year of the Earth Pig is similarly positive. Good luck and good times are to be expected. Then again, like a Jupiter transit, you can have too much of a good thing, and excess can lead to loss of control and ultimately collapse.

Trade is going to be an important issue for 2019. Technically, Jupiter should preside over some monster trade deals, however, this same influence can inspire trade wars, and we can already see this potential developing between the US and China. And regardless how Great Britain and Europe end their relationship, trade will suffer in the wake of it.

Since August 2016 a series of eclipses has occurred in Leo or Aquarius, which is why, if you belong to these two signs you have had such an up and down time of it. This eclipse series has a distinctly royal aura to it, especially regarding the British Crown, being in play during the toppling of the English monarchy in 1669. This time round we have seen the Duke of Edinburgh’s retirement from public life, the birth of a royal prince and the wedding of Harry and Meghan. But with one eclipse yet to come (21 January) there could be much, much more to the royal story before the end of 2019.

In a nutshell, 2019 is a year to make the most of everything we have and everything that comes to us. It is also a year that we should liken to autumn: a beautiful season but one that precedes winter; and in keeping with nature, we should store our resources in preparation for a lean and mean period. It’s not exactly make-hay-while-the-sun-shines; more treasuring those things that are precious to us, including planet Earth, and ensuring they will still be there decades hence. It’s something Saturn in Capricorn would applaud us for.

The Year Ahead for Virgo


With Saturn and Uranus in harmony you can go forward with confidence in the knowledge that you are building lasting structures. Embrace new systems, new pathways and diversify. Don’t get left behind because you were afraid what others may think of you. All that work and painstaking effort over the years needs to pay off in 2019, not 2030! Foreign fields beckon, whether we’re talking trips to distant places or living and working abroad. And parenthood and grand-parenthood are on the agenda for some – in a few cases, very unexpectedly. Innovation isn’t always Virgo’s strongest suit but if you’re motivated to patent an idea, head into print, or start a business, the cosmos is right behind you. Mid-April, early June and Mid-September have the most to offer in the way of enterprising new starts. And never forget: an ending of any sort always precedes a beginning.

Love and relationships

I know: you’re sick of hearing about Neptune, but it’s not leaving the area of relationships any day soon. So, embrace it. Neptune asks nothing less than we give ourselves over to love. There can be no guarantees it will last, but one thing is guaranteed it will change your life. The 8th-14th September birthdays are front of the queue when it comes to falling madly and deeply but also who run the risk of being let down. And whenever you were born, don’t allow fear to drive you to self-destructive courses of action. Early April is a premium time for finding love and putting a ring on it; mid-September another. Try not to overthink a new relationship; let it be, and do not put your trust in other people’s opinions about your partner. It’s your relationship, not theirs.

Work, life goals and finance

The benefits of Jupiter’s transit of the fourth house could manifest in the sale and/or purchase of a property or developing a home business, whether this means working from home or a business related to domestic or property matters. Investment and borrowings should be easier to come by and some Virgos will benefit from a gift or inheritance. Often someone who prefers to work behind the scenes, if you know you can run an organization or take a starring role, put yourself forward; people will take you seriously. Despite your reservations and contrary to appearances, you are in pole position for a desired job. 2019 is a productive year for team Virgo. You cannot prevent people from taking actions that you do not like, but you have the capacity to come back twice as strong.


There is no time like the present. Don’t be tempted to wait a little longer to see if you can get a better deal or make your position even stronger: you might well miss the boat.

One of the great pluses about Jupiter’s position this year is that it offers divine protection: should a difficulty arise a resolution will be found. Coincidences and lucky breaks also have a part to play in 2019. This having been said, you cannot rest on your laurels: the next decade is going to be challenging for the whole zodiac so you should market your assets while you have them.

High points: 31 January; 13 March; 4 May; 25 August; 7 September

Low points: 19 February; 7 Mar; 27 April; 14 September; 27 November

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