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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 29 June – Sunday, 5 July

This is the last lunar eclipse on the axis of creativity in this 18-month cycle, so an aura of closure and completion surrounds one or more aspects of your existence. A relationship may be moving into a new and more intense phase, a personal or professional endeavour you have been working on could be done and dusted, or you may discover that a friendship or collaboration is no longer fit for purpose. One way or another lunar eclipses inspire endings. They also raise tensions and bring simmering issues to the surface. Own what you feel but don’t take things personally. You’re bigger than that.

Done and dusted?

The Month Ahead for Virgo

July 2020

The lunar eclipse of the 5th augurs a delivery. Not every Virgo will be expecting the patter of tiny feet, but tiny people could be centre stage of July’s events. Plans that have been preparation are ready to deliver, and business projects and social events that have been on hold could now be in the diary. It’s a month of extremes with some Virgos feeling that have come through a difficult time and are ready to celebrate a victory while others may believe their efforts have come to naught. They haven’t. They’re just going to be funnelled into new situations that will appear in the months to come.

Six-Month Forecast For Virgo

If there is a secret to making this second half of the year the best it can be, it is in forgetting the old rule book – the self-imposed rules that keep you in check. Break a few of your own rules, go into unexplored territory, and if an avenue is blocked off, don’t waste time trying to re-open it: there’s a new world out there and it doesn’t live by the rules of yesteryear.


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