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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 25 Sept – Sunday, 1 October

Friday’s full moon cuts across the axis of self-worth, presenting two entirely different possibilities. Either you can seal a deal or end a commitment. Finances may well be in the spotlight, as could a matter close to your heart.  Not for the first time this year has the cosmos delivered mixed messages so that, on the one hand, this is the right time to nail your colours to the mast and complete a process that has taken many moons and, on the other, admit defeat and cut your losses. The trouble is that Mercury is moving ever nearer Neptune, which suggests that not everything is out in the open yet.

It’s complicated.

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Monday, 18 Sept – Sunday, 24 September

Neptune has been in the frame for a couple of weeks so you may still be confused by someone’s behaviour or uncertain about the future of a project or relationship. Things may get even stranger this week, so avoid making any irrevocable moves. What seems to be true could be completely false. This is not to say you should ignore a red flag, more that a situation needs thorough investigation before you reach a conclusion. Some Virgos, however, will be getting the best of Neptune, in which case you’ll be living on cloud nine, enjoying spell-binding moments.

Not really real.

See the month ahead forecast below.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

September 2023

All good things come to they who wait. And with Mercury in retrograde until the 15th, it may take until the second half of the month before you feel you’re getting somewhere. But, keep your hopes high and let time work to your advantage. A romance may have been on hold, but rather than push for answers, act cool. More than one situation close to your heart has been in transition since the end of July, and interfering with the process would be to compromise the outcome. On or near the 19th, truth is in short supply, so do your research before reaching a conclusion.

The Year Ahead for Virgo

Venus will be in premium position for Valentine’s Day, making February the perfect time to become engaged or marry, and October is another month to meet someone special or to make a long-term commitment.