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The Week Ahead for Virgo

Monday, 28 September – Sunday, 4 October

On Friday, Venus enters your sign bringing a sprinkling of romance and good fortune into life. This planet, known as the lesser benefic, will work its way through Virgo over the next four weeks, so although not every day will be happy and successful, there will be a point at which you receive a personal boost. It is a period when new relationships can be struck and people in general will look favourably on you and your efforts. So, if you have your eye on a prize of any sort, now is the time to activate your grand plan. This is not time to be self-effacing – flaunt those assets.

Flaunt those assets.

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The Month Ahead for Virgo

September 2020

The holding pattern you have inhabited for some while begins to free up. People who have been out of touch and out of reach may well be in contact, and you will discover whether your hopes or fears have been fulfilled. And even if every dream cannot be realized, a fresh start made this month, a new project or relationship begun, should soon replenish your stores of faith and optimism. Rumours and possibilities circulating early in the month, could be confirmed on or near the 25th, and the last seven days of September have realities and reckonings stamped all over them.

Six-Month Forecast For Virgo

If there is a secret to making this second half of the year the best it can be, it is in forgetting the old rule book – the self-imposed rules that keep you in check. Break a few of your own rules, go into unexplored territory, and if an avenue is blocked off, don’t waste time trying to re-open it: there’s a new world out there and it doesn’t live by the rules of yesteryear.


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