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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 17 June – Sunday, 23 June

If you feel you have a serious case of brain fog, blame your stars. Neptune is squared by the Sun, Mercury and Venus so what you think you see is not exactly what it is. Since Neptune continues to influence finance and self-worth, you need to be particularly careful of monetary transactions and anything affecting your reputation. Double-check the figures and insist on written estimates and receipts. That way, you can hold people to their promises. This slip-slidey trend can work in two ways: what you have interpreted as a failure could be a success and hopes you had for a certain outcome may turn out to be misplaced.

if it looks too good to be true…

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Monday, 10 June – Sunday, 16 June

There’s probably not an abundance of good news to be had at the moment but this state of affairs is not permanent. Everything changes. What is required is a workmanlike attitude to those developments you neither expected nor wanted. Leave emotions out of the picture. This is not to say you cannot achieve your ends or that a special occasion will not deliver its promise, it’s more that if there is a problem it’s going to feel twice as onerous and if people can be uncooperative they will be. Focus on getting the job done and you emerging on the right side of history.

Think of your reputation.

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

June 2024

 Welcome to the fun month of the year! Even if there are no special events already in the diary, what happens during the course of the next few weeks should bring a smile to your face. Or more specifically, your heart. Affairs of the heart are in the spotlight with some Aquarians meeting a new love and others turning a romance into a long-term commitment. Saturn is in full force mid-month helping you sign on the dotted line and turn a maybe into a reality. However, this is also a time when anything not built to last could collapse at the seams. With this in mind, pay attention to any red flags earlier in the month.

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The Year Ahead for Aquarius

Travel and people from foreign parts are other sources of growth and happiness, and a permanent move to a distant location is not out of the question… The secret of success in 2024 is not to try to get back to what you had but to adapt and accept the way the world is heading… the purpose of Uranus’s passage through the fourth house is to awaken us to patterns we have inherited or acquired in childhood and gene memories that are haunting us and need to be addressed… Pluto can preside over events that are life-changing in the best of ways – becoming a parent, getting married, assuming a great position in life…