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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 18 January – Sunday 24 January

On the 24th, the Sun conjoins Saturn in your sign for the first time in this cycle, so especially if it is your birthday on or near the weekend, you are about to reap a harvest of some description. It could be abundant or it could be meagre. Whatever the events of this mid-to-late January period, there is sure to be karma involved – Saturn is after all the planet of time… If you are less than thrilled with the week’s offerings, bear in mind that there is time to set matters to rights, time to rework and reconsider. Just how much Wednesday’s Mars-Uranus conjunction will help rather depends. Could be a blast; could be extremely inconvenient.

Karma – it’s a chameleon!

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

January 2021

You cannot complain your stars aren’t helping your cause. With Jupiter and Saturn firmly in your sign, you have the resolve, the reasons and the luck to turn your life around. Whether through events on the world’s stage or in your personal and professional life, you are no longer prepared to take a back seat; you are ready to lead and succeed. Uranus is forging sudden and unexpected developments on or near the 12th, 20th and 26th, but these should all act as spurs to your making bold and trail-blazing moves. Jupiter’s conjunction to your Sun (28th) promises a massive boost to your hopes, and is a premium time to set in place the foundations of your new future.

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The Year Ahead for Aquarius

On your marks. Get set. Go! Jupiter will transit Aquarius during 2021 and Saturn will take until March 2023 to cover the same ground. So, you can look forward to some hard work but with good luck thrown in just when you need it. Saturn puts you through your paces while Jupiter makes your life bigger and better.


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