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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 27 January – Sunday, 2 February

There’s a lot of nonsense being generated at the moment, so take information that surprises you with a pinch of salt. Put social-media on hold and trust only the opinions of those who can be trusted. And if you yourself are feeling bewitched, bothered and bewildered, avoid doing anything that could put life, limb and your reputation at risk. The upside to the astrology lies in things of a divine and romantic kind. You can soar to the stars on Neptune’s rainbow rocket and as long you don’t invest in real-estate while you’re up there you’ll be fine.

Feet on the ground.

The Month Ahead for Aquarius

February 2020

Adjustments continue to be made, whether to your long- or short-term plans, and in most cases because of last month’s developments. However, events that take place on or near the 14th and 29th February could go a long way to speeding up the process of resolution. To a certain extent not everything you need to know is surfacing just yet, so if you can play for time do so, and if not, make sure you give yourself some wiggle room. Travel is blessed by Venus so a romance could start on a journey or far from home base, and heading away with a loved one for a short break could make for some beautiful moments, even a whole new beginning.

2020 Overview

Imagine standing on a cliff overlooking the sea. The waves are high, the skies dark, although way in the distance is a patch of brilliant sunlight toward which a great ship is sailing.

That’s 2020 in a picture frame.


The Year Ahead for Aquarius

You may have to do without cheer-leaders and rounds of applause in 2020, but that doesn’t mean you should give up. Redouble your efforts and reboot your determination. Put in those building blocks. When Jupiter arrives in your sign in mid-December, success will start acoming in, and, more important, you’ll be ready for it


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My Yearly Forecast

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