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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

Money and love could both be a source of conflict and confusion. Venus has been prompting key romantic developments in recent weeks and while you may have enjoyed the ride, someone could have been sending you mixed signals. Certainly, the combination of Saturn and Uranus can make for a stop-go climate. This is a good time to reach a finite decision, but it may require you to alter your opinion or do something you’ve never done before. What I would also recommend is sleeping on it. How you feel in the heat of the moment may not be how you feel the next day.

Sleep on it.

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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

The Sun and Mercury head into the second solar house, bringing finances and self-worth into sharp focus. You may have felt you’ve been dodging bullets since mid-January, so that it could have taken until now for you to assess where you are and how best to move forward. Whatever other people’s opinion of you, whether they treat you as you deserve, the important factor is that you yourself know your value. Armed with that conviction, you can negotiate better terms for yourself. It’s a matter of deep, inner-knowing. Saturday’s full moon could bring this very issue right up to the surface.

Know your value.

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

March 2024

Self-worth is important at all times, but it is especially important this March. The personal planets are clustered in the area of finance and values, encouraging closure, whether in the way of contracts and agreements or drawing a line under the past. While you may be happy with the way things work out, if you feel you have been short-changed and not treated as you deserve, consider the situation to be a call to arms. Don’t get sad, get mad! Your success and happiness may indeed lie in a different direction, and the sooner you embark on that journey, the better.

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The Year Ahead for Aquarius

Travel and people from foreign parts are other sources of growth and happiness, and a permanent move to a distant location is not out of the question… The secret of success in 2024 is not to try to get back to what you had but to adapt and accept the way the world is heading… the purpose of Uranus’s passage through the fourth house is to awaken us to patterns we have inherited or acquired in childhood and gene memories that are haunting us and need to be addressed… Pluto can preside over events that are life-changing in the best of ways – becoming a parent, getting married, assuming a great position in life…