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Guide to Interpretation

Exclusively available on Astrolutely, and prior to publication in print, a downloadable e-book of Penny Thornton’s new book The Astrology Handbook Part I - Guide to Interpretation.

An essential companion to her video Astrology for Beginners: How to interpret a Birth chart in 19 Minutes

The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 20 September – Sunday, 26 September

The main astro-events of the week focus on money and position. There could be changes or sudden developments regarding your job/location or a domestic/property matter which have a financial aspect to them. Tuesday’s full moon brings a simmering issue to the bubble, providing an opportunity to resolve it, and for many Aquarians finances are in the mainframe. And even if your money-world is turning perfectly on its axis, this is the ideal time for a financial review and to end subscriptions and agreements that are no longer serving a purpose. Clean and clear.

Clean and clear.

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

September 2021

September may not be fabulous but it is an improvement on recent months. For Aquarius it is how you think about a situation rather than how you feel about it, and you tend to keep a lid on your emotions, but in order to get results and to strengthen both working and romantic relationships, you’re going to have to open up. Financial and intimate relationships require honesty in order to grow. And what (or who) you may believe is out of reach could be obtainable. The facts and figures need close scrutiny, especially at the start of the month and near the 15th; after that the way ahead could be plain-sailing, or at least negotiable.

The Year Ahead for Aquarius

On your marks. Get set. Go! Jupiter will transit Aquarius during 2021 and Saturn will take until March 2023 to cover the same ground. So, you can look forward to some hard work but with good luck thrown in just when you need it. Saturn puts you through your paces while Jupiter makes your life bigger and better.


Your year ahead forecast has changed. It is longer, more detailed, bigger and better.


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