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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 10 August – Sunday, 16 August

Good communication is all. Maybe someone has not understood you or perhaps people are dealing with so much they haven’t absorbed all the information you’ve given them. Whatever the case, now is not the time to make a complaint or show your frustration. It will end badly. Offer to negotiate. Work around an obstacle. This is one of those periods of the year when people are less able to tolerate criticism or pressure, so with this valuable wisdom in your pocket, you will no doubt win roses and new admirers. However, if a situation really isn’t in your best interests, you may not be able to save it. This is one of those make-or-break astro-scapes.

Make or break.

The Month Ahead for Aquarius

August 2020

The full moon of the 3rd is the only one this year in Aquarius so take note of events occurring at this time because they will have a bearing on your future. Ideally, you need to bring certain situations to a close, whether this turns out to be a happy ending or anything but! The power is in your hands, even if this means you’ll be making a choice in response to an out of the blue event. Some Aquarians will make a binding commitment, especially of a romantic nature, but if you know deep in your heart that love has flown, better you acknowledge that now. After all, the new age of Aquarius starts in December and you need to be free and clear of baggage.

Six-Month Forecast For Aquarius

A key date for your love life is the 3rd August when the combination of a full moon in Aquarius (the only one this year) and Mercury’s opposition to Saturn will inspire closure and completion. This is an appropriate time in which to marry/make a longterm commitment or the opposite – a period in which to end a romance or divorce.


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My Yearly Forecast

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