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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 26 October – Sunday, 1 November

Things are pretty spooky. And we’re not just talking Halloween. There are surprises, unexpected diversions and detours, and rather a lot of outrageous behaviour. This is not to say you cannot have fun under such sparky influences, but it shouldn’t stop you being prepared for the odd upset. Some Aquarians may be saying goodbye to an aspect of their existence that has been in place for years – a job, perhaps, or a home – and leaving with a sense of completion, looking forward to the future. But others, especially those born in late January and early February, could be in for something of a surprise.

Who’d have thought it!

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

October 2020

Halfway through October, Mercury performs an about-turn slowing down the wheels of commerce and communication. With this in mind, do your best to get plans locked down before any other kind of lockdown occurs! This is the most complex month of 2020, and especially around the 4th and 14th you’re going to have to be flexible and tolerant – other people may not be behaving well, although you could experience an entirely positive turn of events too. The full moon of the 31st is a game-changer: fate may appear to have the upper hand, but you always have a choice as to what you do thereafter. Be bold and creative.

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Six-Month Forecast For Aquarius

A key date for your love life is the 3rd August when the combination of a full moon in Aquarius (the only one this year) and Mercury’s opposition to Saturn will inspire closure and completion. This is an appropriate time in which to marry/make a longterm commitment or the opposite – a period in which to end a romance or divorce.


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