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The Week Ahead for Aquarius

Monday, 24 January – Sunday, 30 January

Aspects of your existence are changing. Maybe not in a dramatic way but, bit by bit, what was once the norm is fast becoming the way things were. In large part, this is a positive development — you have to move with the times — the problem is that you are not the one in control, so at a time like this when Uranus and Pluto are on top form, you will tend to block and tackle! If you can let something or someone go now, this will help you move forward but were you to fight for what you believe is rightfully yours, you may not succeed at this point in the year. Pick your battles.

Pick your battles. 

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The Month Ahead for Aquarius

January 2022

There’s no need to rush into activating those plans and projects you have for 2022. With a cluster of planets in the shadowy 12th house, the more time you allow for meditation and mediation, the better. February is the month to get moving and motoring in earnest. Start a new health and fitness regime on the 2nd and you’ll stick to it, although your resolve may weaken mid-month. Likewise, what seems such a great idea as the year opens could seem less attractive half-way through. Uncertainties over a love affair should be resolved after the 29th.

The Year Ahead for Aquarius

The full moon in Aquarius (August 12th) is key: projects begun and events taking place in early February should reveal their true potential then, and whether the results and the developments are fabulous or quite the reverse, you will be ending a small or large chapter.


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