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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 12 April – Sunday, 18 April

A new moon in the area of relating is always a welcome prospect. A new cycle is beginning for your relationship life, which in some cases means a new person on the scene or a new commitment of some description, and in general all relationships get a reboot. That’s the good bit. The less laudable aspects of the current astro-scape are due to three powerful links to Pluto, the “planet” of endings and beginnings. It may be that a partner or someone close to you is experiencing difficulties or that a relationship is affected by circumstances beyond your control. Whatever the turbulence, it will calm down and you’ll be able to see your best way forward.

Not easy.

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The Month Ahead for Libra

April 2021

Love. It’s all about the love. Marriage, engagement and major relationship developments are on the agenda, and even if you are in a stable but lacklustre partnership or happily/unhappily single, other people could have a big impact on your life. The new moon of the 12th begins a new chapter and what happens on or near this date will place its mark on 2021. Pluto’s transformational properties are particularly focused on those of you born in mid-October, and events near the 15th and 19th will test the viability of a romantic or working relationship. In six months time, you’ll look back and realize why one or more of April’s developments had to happen.

The Year Ahead for Libra

Jupiter and Saturn will spend the entire year in the me-first area of the horoscope encouraging you to assert yourself and back your talents, ideas and desires. You may go into production, whether in the sense of babies or projects, and it may be that an offspring becomes part of your success story.


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