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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 28 November – Sunday, 4 December

At best, this 2stro-scape is deeply romantic and highly inspiring; at worst, it is confusing and hazardous. In part, any confusion may lie in recent events, which could have thrown a plan or two into the shredder, but it could also have to do with the information you are receiving or not receiving. This is no time to jump into the deep end with both feet: you need to be anchored and on firm ground. Perhaps someone has not kept their word or something you were hoping for cannot happen, however, there is a good reason behind any delays or disappointments. Not every Libran is going to be in a puddle of confusion, and some may be having a dream of a time. Even so, don’t lose sight of reality.


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The Month Ahead for Libra

December 2022

A last-minute invitation could involve long-haul travel. And for one reason or another, far-off locations and long-range goals are in the stars. It may not be possible to get guarantees in place before you make a decision, but sometimes you have to trust your gut. That and the fact that you don’t always get a second chance. Nonetheless, when it comes to acting in the heat of the moment, a little caution is necessary: a slip of the tongue — a misstep of any sort – is possible on and around the 8th. Jupiter enters the relationship zone just in time for Christmas, so nuptials are in view for some Librans and reunions and reconciliations for others.

The Year Ahead for Libra

If there is one thing these past two years have taught you it is that life is short. Your long-term planning may have gone out the window, but in 2022 you’ll be able to create new blueprints, which will serve you much, much better. And they need to be set in motion by mid-February.


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