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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 29 June – Sunday, 5 July

There are two very different ways to interpret these intense influences. Either you’ll reach the end of a difficult passage, and experience a sense of victory, or a situation that is already tricky to manage will become even more challenging. And while for some Librans this forecast will apply to home and family, for others it revolves around your job or your status. Something’s gotta give. Shedding ballast is recommended, lightening the load any way you can. Once you have stripped things back to necessities and priorities you’ll see what you can do without and what (or who?) you cannot.

Getting rid of the clutter.

The Month Ahead for Libra

July 2020

The month gets off to a slow start with people failing to return your calls and red tape holding up processes of one sort or another. However, come the 12th and Mercury’s turn direct, the pace picks up and there could be some break-through developments in the week of the 13th. You can’t have it all, of course, so if someone makes you an offer that is less than you hoped for or an event isn’t quite as fabulous as you’d expected, accept the situation with grace and a good heart. The year is only half-way through and by October you should be able to see how truly fortunate you’ve been.

Six-Month Forecast For Libra

The solar eclipse (21st June) and a lunar eclipse (5th July) will begin stage two of the universal plan.You can now bring about changes that will relieve you of emotional and financial burdens, in some cases a home can be sold, a business closed or some other rope around your neck released.


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