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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 1 March – Sunday, 7 March

It’s about time you got your head up out of that trough of low pressure. It’s a new month, and a new season approaches. It may be a lot to ask of a Mercury-Jupiter conjunction to bring you the best news you’ve had since the year began, but these are certainly positive influences and should be harnessed to get you a little further along the route to your hopes, dreams and desires. A new venture should prove successful, and your creative energies can be put to good use bringing beautiful things into being. Feel the wind in your sails, Libra.

Feel the wind in your sails.

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The Month Ahead for Libra

March 2021

Don’t be surprised if you feel in a bit of a fog. Things are far from clear, especially around the 13th, so rather than put pressure on yourself to take action, take a step back instead. Work could be the centre of all the confusion, and this is no time to listen to rumours; only when you have some facts at your disposal should you make your move. On the 28th, the only full moon in Libra takes place, and connects the actions you took in mid-October to those of late March. Some Librans could be ready to take a relationship to the next level while others will feel they have gone as far as they can. It’s a last straw kind of thing.

The Year Ahead for Libra

Jupiter and Saturn will spend the entire year in the me-first area of the horoscope encouraging you to assert yourself and back your talents, ideas and desires. You may go into production, whether in the sense of babies or projects, and it may be that an offspring becomes part of your success story.


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