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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 28 September – Sunday, 4 October

You’ll see the full moon building in the night sky, and when you do, remind yourself this is one of the most important full moons of 2020. It straddles the relationship axis and marks a point at which simmering situations come to the bubble. Saturn is also centre-stage, which lends a serious note to life and love. Perhaps you’re ready to make a commitment, in which case it needs to be binding and long-lasting; on the other hand, a commitment could be over or a project no longer viable. You always know what’s what with Saturn – no ifs ands and buts – however, try not to focus on the negatives. Above every cloud is a blue, blue sky.

Serious business.

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The Month Ahead for Libra

September 2020

It’s unusual for Libra to rush to judgment – your modus-operandi is to look at situations from all angles before picking one that will please everyone! So, now is not the moment to change the pattern of a lifetime. You really do not have all the answers; all the information is not before you; and, more important, your feelings and your common sense are not aligned. You’re in a puddle of uncertainty. As soon as the Sun enters Libra (22nd) clarity will return and you’ll have the energy and drive to succeed. Not that everything, including a relationship, will be heading in a forward direction. Think pauses, though, not endings.

Six-Month Forecast For Libra

The solar eclipse (21st June) and a lunar eclipse (5th July) will begin stage two of the universal plan.You can now bring about changes that will relieve you of emotional and financial burdens, in some cases a home can be sold, a business closed or some other rope around your neck released.


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