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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 30 March – Sunday, 5 April

The first of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions takes place this weekend. There is considerable promise in this pairing given that it can add greatly to your happiness and success. Perhaps you are taking an important step in the coming days, in which case this forecast will prove comforting and welcome. Late June and mid-November are similar times of expansion and achievement. However, we cannot forget that everything in astrology has a plus and a minus side, and in this case, should a situation be getting out of hand, it needs to be brought to a halt. This is no time for compromise.

All or nothing?

The Month Ahead for Libra

April 2020

April is all about relationships. The good, the bad and the maybe-baby! The full moon in Libra (8th) represents the month’s power-point, making the surrounding days a time to end and begin chapters. Not since January have there been so many opportunities to get out of situations that at best are going nowhere and at worst draining your emotional, financial and creative resources. You no longer have time to waste, Libra: it’s not exactly a case of now or never, but simply withdrawing from activities and alliances that are preventing you from fulfilling your talents and needs, if not your destiny. There’s a line drawn in the sand this April.

The Year Ahead for Libra

2020 is the year to build on the foundations of your hard work. Family is one of the beneficiaries of this year’s astro-patterns so while some Librans will welcome new additions, whether by marriage or birth, others will create a home business and, in general, greater domestic happiness and family unity are to be found.


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