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The Week Ahead for Libra

Monday, 21 June – Sunday, 27 June

The Capricorn full moon is always an important event for Team Libra since it flanks the life-direction axis. The Moon is focussed on the home front while the Sun highlights career and future plans. At the same time, Venus opposes Pluto. All of which adds up to one of the most pivotal periods of 2021. What you decide in the wake of current events could make an enormous difference to your future. It is a time to draw conclusions and end chapters. Mighty and munificent Jupiter is also in the mix, so good things may well come out of actions taken now, whether in regard to property and family matters or work and finance.

Time to draw a line in the sand.

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The Month Ahead for Libra

June 2021

Travel is a wonderful thing when everything goes well. Put a retrograde Mercury in the mix, and delays and detours are the norm. So, until the 22nd, have alternative routes in your hand-baggage, whether you’re heading to distant parts or into meetings. The weekend of the 5th is particularly challenging, and although great things may come into being at this time, they may well involve a degree of pain and effort. There is also the chance-effect to watch out for, especially on or near the 10th and 14th, whether this manifests as a surprise communication or a sudden change of heart. Take it all in your perfectly-balanced stride.

The Year Ahead for Libra

Jupiter and Saturn will spend the entire year in the me-first area of the horoscope encouraging you to assert yourself and back your talents, ideas and desires. You may go into production, whether in the sense of babies or projects, and it may be that an offspring becomes part of your success story.


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