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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 13 July – Sunday, 19 July

A big journey is in sight. Yes, you might be heading to distant parts but, as per usual, this is a metaphor for the steps you take to go from one position to another. Not known for changing your opinion or going where you’ve never gone before (except motivated by passion, of course) events could precipitate a radical move. A meeting, message or conversation could lead to such a scenario, and even though you might do things differently given a little more time, ultimately you won’t regret what you did. “When you have come to the edge…And step into… the unknown… one of the two things will happen to you. Either you’ll find something solid to stand on. Or you’ll be taught how to fly!” (Richard Bach)

Getting your wings.

The Month Ahead for Scorpio

July 2020

Distant places loom into view, whether you’re able to travel for business or pleasure or you are connecting virtually with people far away. July is also a month when you’ll acquire knowledge that will take you far. The lunar eclipse of the 5th could preside over the completion of a contract, whether that means you’ll be starting a new job or putting signatures on paper for other reasons or because a commitment is done and dusted. As 2020 has no doubt shown you, even the best laid plans of mice and men go awry, therefore it is better not to put off plans till a better time – you have to seize the moment.

Six-Month Forecast For Scorpio

In 2020 the late October and early November birthdays are top of the list when it comes to amazing opportunities and unexpected detours from the grand plan. There will be a window of opportunity to move/buy and sell a property in this half of the year, but you’ll need to act quickly, making your moves before the end of October. Indeed, the full moon of 31st October has ends-of-chapters written all over it


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My Yearly Forecast

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