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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 25 Sept – Sunday, 1 October

Events this week may take you back to July, whether what was set in motion then is about to reach a critical stage or there is a similar edginess to life and love. It is a time of opportunity but also a time when actions performed in the heat of the moment can do considerable damage. Follow your passion but don’t allow your passions to consume you. It is possible to rectify a mistake or revoke a decision made some weeks ago, and the element of surprise could play a part. Tread carefully, but hopefully.

Tread carefully, but hopefully.

See last week’s forecast below.

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Monday, 18 Sept – Sunday, 24 September

One thing you can say about Neptune is that at least it’s not Uranus and occupying your seventh house. Neptune is instead in the fifth house of love, pleasure and creative endeavours and it may well be supplying blessings in abundance this week. On the other hand, you may feel deeply let down. Perhaps an event fails to live up to expectations or maybe something will fall through at the last minute, but whatever disappoints can be worked through. Plus, when Neptune is in high profile, all sorts of misunderstandings and muddles tend to occur, which can turn out to be blessings in disguise.

Not all in the imagination.

See the month ahead forecast below.

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

September 2023

As soon as one thing sorts itself out another starts to turn pear-shaped. Or so it may seem. In reality, everything is proceeding as it should. Have faith. Until the 15th, Mercury will be in retrograde so trying to get people to get back to you or dates in diaries is going to be a challenge. However, information that emerges could prove priceless and certainly helpful to your future. Put a ring around the 29th with a view to treading carefully with people who and situations that matter: whatever comes to light then or however tempted you may feel to pull the plug, don’t. Sleep on it.

The Year Ahead for Scorpio

Late April and May emerge as the most significant period of the year, whether already there are special dates in the diary or because out of the blue events make a difference to your future… Your love life may seem particularly fated, but it’s what you do in the wake of events that counts.