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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 26 Feb – Sunday, 03 March

Whatever the real weather is doing, leaden skies, courtesy of Saturn, are on offer. Well, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine if we didn’t have the occasional rainy day. And in the spirit of making lemonade out of lemons, there is a method to turning Saturn’s brooding presence into a veritable shining light! The way to make the most of Saturn is to deal with the activity you least want to do. Start at the beginning and work your way through. Indeed, these influences could preside over a success or the ability to reach a satisfactory decision. Keep on keeping on.

Keep on keeping on.

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Monday, 19 Feb – Sunday, 25 Feb

The Sun and Mercury move into your fellow water sign, Pisces, and the fifth solar house, not only bringing a level of harmony and balance to life but marking a period when pleasure and creativity are at a premium. (Our inner child resides in the fifth house, and the things that help it thrive are love, play and creativity in all forms.) Whatever problems you may have, however overworked and underpaid you may be, taking time for those activities that and those people who make your heart happy will make a huge difference to life. Saturday’s full moon ends a gestation period: something that has been cooking is ready to be revealed.

Finding the joy.

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

March 2024

Are you in the mood for love? Or are you ready to indulge your passion for other things? March’s influences inspire activities that make your heart beat faster. They also inspire the end of gestation periods. For some Scorpios an endeavour that has been in preparation for some months is ready for the big reveal and for others a situation that has been in place for some years is about to head in a whole new direction. Easter falls in the period between two eclipses, so there are sure to be some diversions from the original script. No need to panic: it’s part of life, not all of it.   

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The Year Ahead for Scorpio

Life won’t suddenly change on 1 January. But it may suddenly change on 21 April. The mid-to-late April period is full of ground-breaking, potentially life-changing, alignments… January through late May is an optimum period for marriage, engagement and meeting prospective partners. If you are already happily entwined, your other half may experience success, which in turn benefits you… Just imagine Lord Pluto erupting from the underworld and kidnapping you while you were picking narcissuses on a sunny afternoon. What a shock! What? Why? That’s how astrological Pluto works, out of nowhere a situation develops which you never saw coming.