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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 4 July – Sunday, 10 July

Mars’ entry into the zone of relating can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it generates interest in you and a curse because conflicts can develop. People who are pursuing you for your talents and charms are unlikely to take no for an answer and some exciting alliances will be formed. However, if you have enemies or competitors, they will be fierce. All the more reason therefore to be cautious in your response to an offer or a threat. There are changes occurring at a deep level and they will take time to reveal themselves, therefore signs and signals should be noted and preparations – if only in the mind – made.

Who’s for you and who against? 

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

July 2022

Mars operates in two very different ways when it transits the zone of relating: it peps up your love life and reveals admirers but it can also inspire opposition and conflict. Something to bear in mind, especially on or near the 2nd, 20th and 28th. Make love not war! Going the distance is another trend, with some Scorpios travelling to distant places and others pushing themselves to achieve a personal or professional goal. It’s a good month, a month of opportunity and a period when obstacles of any sort require the firm and gentle touch, not brute force. 

The Year Ahead for Scorpio

Jupiter’s passage through the creative zone will inspire some Scorpios to go into production whether in the way of progeny or enterprise and others to get in touch with their inner-child and so find new joys. While not all Scorpios will become famous, you should have an opportunity to bask in the spotlight.


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