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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 30 March – Sunday, 5 April

Mars reaches the base of your solar chart and within hours meets up with Saturn. This combination is notoriously hard work, but it’s hard work with a pay-off. Put in the hours, take your setbacks in your stride and continually revise your ideas, and you’ll get there. Whatever emerges as a problem, deal with it promptly and, if necessary, pare down your expectations. What is at issue now will only get worse if left to linger. By contrast, Jupiter’s conjunction to ruler, Pluto, could produce the opportunity you have been waiting for. Then again maybe that opportunity is disguised as a setback…

A diamond in the rough?

The Month Ahead for Scorpio

April 2020

They say preparation is all and it is certainly key to the success of events and endeavours this month. Don’t skimp on the details. Put in firewalls and have back-up plans. Uranus and his box of surprises are in the mix so especially around the 7th and 23rd be ready to adapt to the unforeseen and the unfamiliar. Nevertheless, what seems so inconvenient at the time may turn out to be divine providence. There is an extreme aura to April’s stars – the good is going to be fantastic and the bad, well, let’s just say it’s back to the drawing board. Be open to the new and break a few rules of your own.

The Year Ahead for Scorpio

In 2020 the late October and early November birthdays are top of the list when it comes to amazing opportunities and unexpected detours from the grand plan. The periods on or near 23rd January, 7th and 26th April, 2nd August, 7th and 30th October put Uranus centre-stage, and you in a head-spin.


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