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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 30 November – Sunday, 6 December

Getting back in balance is the theme of Monday’s lunar eclipse. For some Scorpios this will involve finances and for others more personal matters. When a situation is weighted too heavily on one side, the energy cannot flow properly, which is why you need to address the imbalance. If you are not being treated as you deserve, maybe you need to vote with your feet. Likewise, if you have a looming cash-flow crisis, deal with it before it becomes a full-scale catastrophe. Then again, you could be in line for a settlement or some other financial bonus.

Righting the balance.

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

December 2020

2020 ends on a suitably weighty note. This has been a year of years, and in the spirit of getting everything done and dusted before the new one begins, you may feel bounden to reach some life-changing conclusions. You may not be able to see the total solar eclipse (14th) but it is a sign of growth and change, particularly in regard to finances. And with Jupiter and Saturn conjoined at the base of your chart (21st) if ever there was a time to back your own talents it is now. Things can and will be different in 2021, in large part because of the journey you have been on but also because you are no longer bound by old patterns.

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Six-Month Forecast For Scorpio

In 2020 the late October and early November birthdays are top of the list when it comes to amazing opportunities and unexpected detours from the grand plan. There will be a window of opportunity to move/buy and sell a property in this half of the year, but you’ll need to act quickly, making your moves before the end of October. Indeed, the full moon of 31st October has ends-of-chapters written all over it


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