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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 17 June – Sunday, 23 June

There’s never ever just one message being sent by the astrology: every planet, every alignment has a tier of meanings. With this in mind, Neptune’s lead role in events of the moment could mean life is divine and you’re having a dream of a time or life sucks, disappointment and denial are your handmaids. And even if you feel life is the same as usual, it will be worth your while to watch out for people who are not who they seem and situations that could be anything but what they appear. On the plus side, this may mean that signs of failure are premature and that something you fear is over may be still throbbing with life.

Appearances are deceptive.

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Monday, 10 June – Sunday, 16 June

2024 has given us plenty of reasons to question where humanity is heading – to hell in a handbag, it may seem – but there are signs of light. This week is a case in point. Easy? Far from it. But what you achieve, what comes through, will prove lasting and full of value. You are one of the zodiac’s fighters, and you have resources others do not, so don’t waste your time responding to people who and situations that aren’t worth your time and effort. Tackle a major blot on your horizon with courage and empathy. If people are determined to block you and hurt you, see them as small children who know no better.

Pick your battles.

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

June 2024

June gives you a reason to believe good things can happen to you. However, you will need to practice restraint from time to time. Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans and sometimes you get in the way of yourself, so keep looking for the best in people and the positives in situations. Lecture over. Mars enters the relationship zone, adding spice to life. For some a passionate love affair is on the horizon; for others renewed interest in you, whether for personal or professional reasons. And if someone really doesn’t like you, you’re going to know about it. Enjoy the chase.

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The Year Ahead for Scorpio

Life won’t suddenly change on 1 January. But it may suddenly change on 21 April. The mid-to-late April period is full of ground-breaking, potentially life-changing, alignments… January through late May is an optimum period for marriage, engagement and meeting prospective partners. If you are already happily entwined, your other half may experience success, which in turn benefits you… Just imagine Lord Pluto erupting from the underworld and kidnapping you while you were picking narcissuses on a sunny afternoon. What a shock! What? Why? That’s how astrological Pluto works, out of nowhere a situation develops which you never saw coming.