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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 28 September – Sunday, 4 October

Avoid exaggerating a difficulty. The Sun is currently in the shadows of the twelfth house so you are more physically and emotionally vulnerable, and more likely to view a minor problem as a reason to head to the wailing wall. You are as tough as titanium, Scorpio, and once you set your mind on a certain objective, you can achieve it. However, it may be that your energies and desires have been misplaced, and what (or who) you believe you want is not right for you. Trust the universe. That block to your happiness and success is in truth your route to fulfilment.

In your best interests.

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The Month Ahead for Scorpio

September 2020

A team-effort is required, whether a social or business project is set to launch, or a problem needs more than one person to solve it. Even a romantic relationship will benefit from each partner pulling equal weight and moving toward a joint goal. Acquiring new skills or taking a test of some description could also be on the agenda, and there is an aura of actions-have-consequences (karma by another name) about life and love. What may be a mystery at the start of September could be an open and shut case by the end of it. And you’ll certainly know where you stand in regard to a matter that has gone this way and that for a while.

Six-Month Forecast For Scorpio

In 2020 the late October and early November birthdays are top of the list when it comes to amazing opportunities and unexpected detours from the grand plan. There will be a window of opportunity to move/buy and sell a property in this half of the year, but you’ll need to act quickly, making your moves before the end of October. Indeed, the full moon of 31st October has ends-of-chapters written all over it


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