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The Week Ahead for Scorpio

Monday, 25 May – Sunday, 31 May

Scorpio’s world tends to be black and white, but the world you are currently operating in is fifty shades of grey – and not in a good way. You’re probably sick and tired of being told to be patient, but it is important to know what you’re dealing with before you launch into action. Give people a little wiggle room. Don’t cut your losses before you know it’s the best strategy. A lunar eclipse is brewing, which may prove particularly vital for finances. On the one hand, a contract could be in view and a settlement in sight, but on the other, an already fragile situation may be at breaking point. Still, do nothing in panic or frustration.

Working on it.

The Month Ahead for Scorpio

May 2020

The only full moon in Scorpio this year takes place on the 7th, both empowering you and inspiring a conclusion, whether in the sense of an understanding or an ending. It is time to set the seal on a deal, make a long-term romantic commitment or the complete reverse. Certain events in May provide considerable food for thought, and you know what you’re like when it comes to red flags of any sort, however you want don’t want to sabotage a perfectly good situation which simply requires re-working and a little time. And this advice could prove particularly helpful on or near the 11th. You’ve come a long way since January, it’s time to pause, reflect and review.

The Year Ahead for Scorpio

In 2020 the late October and early November birthdays are top of the list when it comes to amazing opportunities and unexpected detours from the grand plan. The periods on or near 23rd January, 7th and 26th April, 2nd August, 7th and 30th October put Uranus centre-stage, and you in a head-spin.


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