The Week Ahead for Sagittarius

19th Mar 2018 - 25th Mar 2018Hold your horses.  

Talk about mixed messages. Almost as soon as the Sun arrives in the creative and pleasure-driven fifth house Mercury performs an about-turn getting in the way of your plans and desires. However, retrograde Mercuries serve an important purpose: they prevent situations from moving too fast and give you time to think through projects of the personal, professional, financial or romantic kind.

Money and self-worth are big issues at the moment, whether you’re digging deep to cover costs or dealing with people who may not be giving you or your offerings full value. This may not be the time for all-or-nothing actions, so reign in those horses near the weekend.

Sagittarius: 22nd November - 21st December

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So today sucked but there's always tomorrow

March 2018

The Month Ahead for Sagittarius

 Impatience is never a good thing, and it’s certainly not an advantage in an astrological climate like this. Plan, perfect and only then promulgate. You’ll need to be particularly careful not to misinterpret events on or near the 4th. Whether you’re feeling over the moon about what happens or completely under Neptune not everything is being revealed. And it may take until the middle of April before you know all there is to know. There is plenty to enjoy in life too, and some Sagittarians will be going on vacation or taking part in stylish and certainly fun events. As for the end of the month, remind yourself: what goes around comes around…

The Year Ahead for Sagittarius (2018)


What a relief! For the first time in almost three years you do not have Saturn clinging to your coattails slowing you down, constantly reminding you of your failings and thwarting your ambitions and desires. Month by month your optimism will return and by the time Jupiter enters your sign (8 November) you’ll be on top of your game.

What you may still have to watch is finances. The temptation to invest in bigger and better things should be resisted and that cliché ¬– less is more – pinned to the fridge door! You could go to some strange places in 2018, whether we’re talking travel or experience, and broadening your knowledge and adding to your skills is a major theme.

Some Sagittarians will be ready to put down roots and provided you keep to the less-is-more theme this is a good year to do so. Jupiter’s retrograde passage (9 March – 10 July) offers you a chance to return over old ground, whether in terms of location, a relationship or your career.

Love and relationships

One of the most positive and resourceful signs of the zodiac, you could be a little needy this year and require more stability and commitment from a partner. You have been through a challenging period of your life and are a tad gun-shy. Single Archers and those who have ended long-term relationships should abandon the hit and miss approach to love and instead understand their needs and make informed choices.

Take it slow and don’t be too eager to declare your passion. Travel plays a part in the love story, whether you meet a new partner en route or a relationship that has seen better days is rekindled in a distant place.

And some Sagittarians will reconnect with a lost-love and embark on a rematch. May is the month for romance and September a time when relationship crossroads are reached.

Work, life goals and finance

One of the constants for 2018 is: take it slow. You have been released from your term of trial but you have to get your sea-legs back. You need to think long-term. Do you need to retrain? Do you need to build up funds or regain the trust and respect of others? Such things cannot be rushed. Many Sagittarians will change career course, some because a job ends allowing you to consider where your talents might be better suited and others through an offer, which could appear in late November.

2018 is a seed-planting year: put in the behind-the-scenes work and you’ll achieve the recognition and success you so deserve in 2019.

Property could prove problematic, whether there are costly renovations and repairs, and bringing down your price if you’re selling and not going below the offer price if you’re purchasing is advised. Elective surgery could be on the menu for some and in general 2018 is a year to fix what’s broken! .

Celestial Tip

Short cuts take you longer in the end. Put in the time and the effort and you’ll get a result you’ll be proud of. 2018 is, on balance, a lighter and brighter year for the celestial Archer, however, the moment you drop the ball you’ll be penalised: it’s an instant karma kind of year.

First and foremost, this applies to finance and material matters, but doing the right thing even when your impulse is to get back at people who hurt you should be overcome.

Steadily, steadily, you will make your mark.

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