The Week Ahead for Scorpio

19th Mar 2018 - 25th Mar 2018Caution.  

Ruler, Pluto, is centre stage this week, inspiring all-or-nothing actions. It doesn’t take much to get you fired up, so be prepared for the temperature to rise at meetings of both the business and personal kind. Sometimes you have to take people to the edge to see whether or not they’ll fly, and sometimes you have to push like crazy to achieve your ends, but just in case burning a bridge could leave you high and dry, avoid making a no holds barred statement.

Give situations time to settle and use Mercury’s retrograde passage (23rd March – 15 April) to review, revise and reboot.

Scorpio: 23rd October - 21st November

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Never give in, unless it's irresistible

March 2018

The Month Ahead for Scorpio

 Now is the time to reveal to others what you are really capable of. No one wins awards for keeping their light under a bushel! Have the courage to take the lead and express your opinions. Some Scorpios will be heading a team or in charge of an important event while others could be bringing a long-term project to fruition. Making the most of your assets is another theme of the month – a new look or a change of tactics will do wonders for your image, whether you are seeking a career upgrade or to impress someone who makes your knees go weak and your tummy flutter. You have the power to improve your life, Scorpio: use it.

The Year Ahead for Scorpio (2018)


If you have felt life has plateaued or you have been struggling unsuccessfully to achieve a specific objective, this trend is either over or near an end. Jupiter’s entry into your sign last November marked the beginning of an expansive twelve-month phase during which your success rate should be higher than for many years.

Your upwardly-mobile progress isn’t a matter of luck or good karma, but driven by risk and self-belief. Helping you take more risks and thus change your life in ways you had but dreamed of is Uranus. This planet will enter your opposite sign in May, and the first glimpse you could have of its dynamite potential will be on or near the 16th and later in the year, around 24 October.

Other periods of 2018 set to make a difference to your future are late January, mid-February and early August. You may not love everything that happens to you this year, but as 2019 comes in you should be able to look back on more than one superb event.

Love and relationships

Lack of excitement is not something you’ll be complaining about, especially if you have an October birthday. Sudden, passionate encounters and unexpected break-ups could all be part of love’s rich pattern. But, remember: you are the one with the magic dust in your pocket, courtesy of Jupiter.

From September Venus will increase your chances of finding the “One” and experiencing greater happiness in your love life, and should you be ready to tie the knot, the weekend of 14 April and 8 December could be perfect. While 2018 is a time to embrace your power, what will increase your chances of keeping love is giving a partner plenty of freedom.

Relationships require room to breathe. Those of you experiencing the Uranus opposition (ages 42-44) are first in the queue when it comes to life changes in general and relationship U-turns in particular.

Work, life goals and finance

The definition of luck - the moment preparation meets opportunity – has rarely been more in evidence than in 2018. Yes, there will be fortunate developments that come out of the blue (and on at least one occasion it will seem as though you just happened to be in the right place at the right time) but great opportunities are your reward for hard effort and sustained faith in yourself.

Some Scorpios will take on a lead role; others will start their own company or see their business expand; and although there could be problems with partnerships and organizations you have relied upon, an element of divine providence is behind any splits and spats.

The eclipse cycle, which began in August 2016 and will end in January 2019 is primarily focused on your career and home life, thus 31 January, 15 February, 27 July and 11 August are dates around which some of the most course-changing events of the year occur.

Celestial Tip

Pride and fear are the two biggest obstacles to your success and happiness. Keep your eyes on your end game, and prepare to write some new life scripts. As soon as the year begins, get going on your plans.

It will be easier to chart your own course during the first six months, after that the element of the unusual and unexpected will be in play. The Jupiter-Neptune trine adds a divine element to 2018’s forecast, with some Scorpios realizing a dream and others experiencing a clear sense of being guided and protected.

And the times when this force is at its strongest is late May and mid-August.

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