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Friday Bite: 19 July 2024


Divine Madness

Trump – Biden – Full Moon in Capricorn

“President Trump is a transformational figure, a man of destiny who God providentially saved from death on Saturday. He’s been given a special mission in our country. God’s providential hand has elevated Donald Trump to a different status.”  Ed Tarpley. Louisiana delegate, Republican.

Trump wears the armour of God.” Steve Banon.

I’m not supposed to be here tonight… In a certain way, I felt very safe because I had God on my side” Donald Trump.

A WEEK IS a long time in politics. I have had cause to resort to this cliché a couple of times over recent weeks, in large part because of the elections that have reshaped the political landscape in the United Kingdom and France. There were also events in the United States that inspired a whole new conversation about President Biden. Then, overnight, everything changed.

On Saturday evening, at 18:12 in Butler, Pennsylvania, shots rang out. The former president was seen to clutch his ear before being forced to the ground by secret service agents. The scene that unfolded was the stuff of movies. As Mr Trump was bundled off the podium, he paused and thrust his fist defiantly into the air. “Fight, fight, fight!” All this rolled out against the background of the American flag. Iconic doesn’t cut it.

Here is a picture of that moment.

Trump Assassination Atempt chart

Those of you who read last week’s Friday Bite and watched my video We Stand at a Crossroads will already know that I had suggested Mr Trump should “beef up his security” and “hunker down”, that he would come “under attack” and his Teflon coating was to be tested.

It was not just his Teflon coating.

There have been times when major astrological configurations have failed to preside over life-defining events, although further down the line we discover that crucial decisions and pivotal moves were being made at that very time. Take 9-11 for instance. The ignored memo that warned of an impending attack by Bin Laden was sent on an all-critical alignment on 6 August 2001, yet the Twin Towers came down over a month later on a relatively sunny astro-scape.

Prediction is an imperfect business. However, we astrologers should be prepared to put our money where our mouths are – and without scaring the pants off people who are in the public eye. We must choose our words carefully. The image of the wounded lion I placed at the top of my Friday Bite was full of symbolism. And not just in regard to Donald Trump.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Almost a week after the attempted assassination, it is becoming clear that there was a massive failure on the part of the secret services. We now know secret service snipers had spotted the gunman on the roof of the American Glass Building twenty minutes before he opened fire. The building was some 150 yards from the podium and the shooter had a clear line of fire. The mystery is not why Thomas Matthew Crookes took it upon his twenty-year-old self to assassinate a former president, but how he managed to get on the roof and release several shots in full view of law enforcement, the secret service and many of the attendees.

This was no conspiracy though, simply an incredible catalogue of failures.

Thomas Matthew Crookes Natal Chart

Thomas Crookes was born on 20 September, 2003. I have set up a sunrise chart for him since we have no time of birth. The angles of the chart would have been a great help in diagnosing the whys and wherefores of his actions, but a close Mars-Uranus conjunction tells us he had a short fuse, was a good shot, courageous and prone to taking leaps of faith. That he made his move on a Mars-Uranus conjunction that was applying to a square of his natal Mars and Uranus is a perfect example of the resonance factor at work in astrology.

Yet more resonances are evident in the connection between Crookes’ Mars-Uranus conjunction and Donald Trump’s natal chart: it is precisely conjunct the former president’s Descendant. We could almost say, Crookes was destined to be the former president’s nemesis.

Neptune is another key player in the astrology. Crooke’s progressed Neptune was conjunct his natal Mars-Uranus conjunction while transiting Neptune was opposing his Sun. What we might take away from this is that he was a deeply confused young man who had been underestimated and victimized most of his life and this was his way of righting wrongs. And perhaps his way of making his mark. Hours before he set out with his father’s AR-15 rifle he posted a message on the gaming platform, Steam, “July 13 will be my premiere, watch as it unfolds”.

Like many young men who take to firing bullets to prove their point, Crookes was a loner and reportedly bullied and ridiculed. As Seamus Hughes, National Counterterrorism Centre, University of Nebraska, opined, “Some people want to become infamous or they just want to watch the world burn.”

Neptune is also resonating with Donald Trump’s chart.

Trump progressions and transits on 13 7 2024

As you will see from the above chart, aside from the Mars-Uranus conjunction, which is perched on his natal Midheaven, at the moment of the shooting, the Midheaven was conjunct his natal Neptune (5 degrees Libra) while his progressed Neptune (20 degrees Sagittarius) was conjoined to his South Node and the Moon, and opposed to the Sun. (Trump was born on a lunar eclipse.) Also of significance: the Ascendant at the time of the assassination attempt (15 degrees Sagittarius) was squaring Saturn and the Part of Fortune, which in turn were squaring Trump’s natal Uranus.

Five degrees of Libra (his natal Neptune) has become a significant degree for Mr Trump. It was the degree of the lunar eclipse on 25 March this year. (And, as I often say, the signature of an eclipse can imprint itself on the chart of an event that occurs months after or before it.) On 25 March, an appeals court reduced the $454 million bond the former president was required to post in order to protect his assets while he appealed the civil fraud trial judgement against him. Within hours of that victory, his net worth rose by billions when his media company was listed on the New York Stock exchange.

Neptune could be said to be the God particle. It is the planet that invites us into the realm of spirit and soul. We go beyond the boundaries of the physical world with Neptune. However, while it is the planet of the divine it is also the planet of deception. That natal Neptune has played such a prominent role in recent events for Mr Trump certainly supplies a reason to believe a divine hand is at work. Then again, depending upon your viewpoint, maybe there is a whole other force at work…

Sunday’s full moon, as I have pointed out on my channel, will form an inconjunction with Trump’s Ascendant, as will Pluto and Neptune, creating a Finger of God configuration. Aside from this alignment setting the seal on his candidature for the presidency, it most certainly echoes the sentiments of millions of MAGA followers that he is divinely protected, the saviour of America.

SUNDAY’S FULL MOON could also play a pivotal part in President Biden’s decision as to whether he will step down or continue to campaign for a second term.

Joe Biden and transits at full moon Cap 2024

The above chart has my red pen scrawled across it in the hopes that you will see the transits and solar arc progressions that are currently in play. The most significant transit is Pluto’s square to his natal moon, which has been instrumental in so much of the turmoil and controversy that has haunted his term in office, and which is the focus of Sunday’s full moon. Also, highly significant, is transiting Saturn’s conjunction to Mr Biden’s IC, which suggests not only a period of struggle and pain, but that time has run out. Solar arc progressed Saturn is squaring his natal Uranus in the seventh house while transiting Mars conjoins Uranus, both of which are indicative of the conflict he is experiencing at the hands of his “partners”.

Since the disastrous television debate on 27 June, calls for President Biden to step down have come from all corners of the Democratic party. Thus far, he has stood firm on his intention to continue to serve the American people and lead the party into the election. However, on Wednesday, Adam Schiff, California congressman, called on the president to “pass the torch”. The following day, it came to light that two more top Democrats – Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries – have met separately with Mr Biden and urged him to consider stepping down. Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, has been vocal in her belief that Biden should go.

With these developments coming at this time, in the shadow of Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury square Uranus and a full moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and squaring his natal Moon, all the signs are that the fight is over. And, as I have suggested in previous Friday Bites, President Biden could well make his announcement to step down this weekend.

Full Moon Capricorn July 2024

I have set the above chart from the perspective of Washington since I believe what happens at this time – and I am including the Trump assassination and his anointing at the Republican convention – is pivotal to the future of America.

This full moon, conjunct Pluto, is conjunct the US natal Pluto. (America is going through its Pluto return and reinventing itself.) This full moon marks an ending. An ending we are seeing played out in the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee and in the political demise of President Biden.

The United States is in the process of becoming a new version of itself. The old Republican Party is dead and a new one arising in its place. Going are the democratic principles America was founded upon and in are coming nationalism, protectionism and a whole lot of other isms that will turn the United States into a fortress or a prison under the rule of an autocratic president.

On Thursday, as Donald Trump accepted his nomination for the presidency in front of a jubilant and adoring throng, President Biden was diagnosed with Covid and announced he would be in isolation for a short period.

Whether or not the president has Covid, this withdrawal coming at such a time and under such alignments, is ominous. It may be only a matter of hours before Joe Biden addresses the country.

It is always a sad moment when once great lions must acknowledge they have lost the battle with time.

sleeping lion
Friday Bite: 12 July 2024


The Wagons are Circling

Macron – France – Putin – Saturn-Neptune conjunction – Trump

A WEEK IS a long time in politics. One look at President Macron’s chart and that of France, and the political turmoil we have witnessed since 30 June is there for all to see. After the first round of votes delivered the very real prospect of a far-right assembly, the combined efforts of the New Popular Front (a hastily cobbled-together alliance of four left-wing parties) and strategic moves on the part of Macron’s Centrists pushed Le Pen’s National Rally into third place. However, although the far-right’s quest for power has been thwarted it has produced a hung parliament of hung parliaments.

There can be no unified voice emanating from an alliance of communists, socialists, the hard-left and the Greens, on the one hand, and centrists, on the other. The deeply unpopular leader of the far-left France Unbowed, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has the most legitimate claim on the prime ministership, but whoever takes on the role will face the ineluctable task of getting any policies through and bills passed. In consequence, a state of paralysis will exist.

And it’s not only the country that will suffer. What happens in France won’t stay in France. As one of the leading members of the European Union, the uncertainty, instability and gridlock will have an effect on the Union. President Macron, who has been a huge force on the European stage, is now diminished and preoccupied by troubles at home. Germany too is divided and Chancellor Schultz battling domestic challenges. All this comes at a time when the European Union needs to be at its most united and ready to defend its borders.

In my new video (We Stand at a Crossroads) I look at the charts of Macron, France and the European Union, which are a hymn to Neptune and Uranus at the moment, so I won’t repeat myself here. Suffice to say, they are representative of this huge wave of change and uncertainty currently engulfing us on both an individual and collective level.

ON MONDAY IN broad daylight, a Russian missile struck a children’s hospital in Kyiv. Other missiles rained down on cities across Ukraine. These attacks were clearly aimed at delivering a message of intent from Vladimir Putin on the eve of the NATO summit in Washington.

In Moscow, on the same day, Narendra Modi was meeting with the Russian president. He declared that India’s relationship with Russia was based on “mutual trust and mutual respect”. Putin referred to the Indian prime minister as his “dear friend”. 

I mention this because we in the west are currently so consumed with our own dramas and dilemmas, it is easy to forget that the biggest threat we face – from Russia and its friends, Iran, China, North Korea and India – has not gone away.

I am encouraged, however, that the end of the Putin regime is no longer in the distant future and that great change is on its way for Russia. My hope is based on the approach of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, which will be in play from March of next year and exact in February of 2026.

Russia appears to be remarkably responsive to the Saturn-Neptune cycle, so it is highly unlikely that the start of the new Saturn-Neptune cycle in the first degree of Aries will pass by without any regime change.

In 1917, at the time of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Leo, Tsar Nicholas II was deposed and later assassinated. The October Revolution of 1917 brought the Bolsheviks (later the Communist Party) into power. In 1989 and the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union began to break up. The 1989 Saturn-Neptune cycle is all but at an end and in mid-July next year Saturn and Neptune will be a mere fifteen minutes apart. They will form an exact conjunction on 20 February, 2026 and on the highly significant degree of zero Aries.

Vladimir Putin has thus far survived an attempted coup by his former chef and leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin (June 2023) which came as Uranus squared his Mid-heaven and natal Pluto. These transits will still be in play until early next year and they are beginning to be supported by Pluto’s square to his Scorpio Ascendant. And in August 2026, a total solar eclipse will fall on his natal Midheaven and south node. Combined with the Saturn-Neptune influence, which squares the Midheaven of his original chart as President (1 January 2000), his future as leader of Russia – his future, period – is far from assured.

AS I WRITE this Friday Bite, we are on the threshold of an extremely volatile period. On Monday, Mars will be conjunct Uranus, and as the week goes by the Sun will draw ever closer to an opposition with Pluto. The full moon of the 21st will be closely conjunct Pluto. It is the end of chapters, if not the end of eras. That the Republican Party is holding its convention at this time, does not bode well for a happy-clappy gathering.

Donald Trump natal plus progressions March 2024

Making predictions is a dicey business. As an astrologer, I’m looking at patterns and symbols, not blow by blow accounts of what is to come. And sometimes those patterns and symbols fly in the face of common sense and the received wisdom. Take Mr Trump, for instance. At this moment in time Mars and Uranus are perched on his Mid-heaven and squaring his natal Mars, threatening to knock him off that perch. As for the full moon of the 21st that angles his Ascendant and is none too far away from his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer. By all astrological accounts, he is about to suffer a sudden and shocking upset. Yet, his nomination is not in question: the polls are with him, and the powers-that-be behind him. And even the gods of fortune have given him a gift with the speculation over President Biden’s health and well-being, which may also come to a head during the coming week. And yet.

And yet, these influences say different.

So, dear readers, watch and wait. Be glued to your seats and prepared for anything and everything. Mr Trump is about to get his Teflon coating tested good and proper.

You can find out more on these topics on my videos Full Moon in Capricorn: We Stand at a Crossroads, to be posted on 14 July and The Ides of July.