The Week Ahead for Pisces

19th Mar 2018 - 25th Mar 2018Trust the process.  

This second half of March is radically different from the first, and although you may not yet have noticed a different rhythm and texture to life, by the end of this week you should. Much of the astrological activity is focussed on the area of money and self-worth, and it appears this is no time for small measures. If you’re spending, you’re going to spend big, and if you’re done and dusted with something, it’s going out with a bang! And although for most Pisceans this trend applies first and foremost to finance, there could be other areas of life that have an extreme aura to them at the moment.

As always, Pisces, trust the process.

Pisces: 20th February - 20th March

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I suffer and I suffer but never in silence

March 2018

The Month Ahead for Pisces

 Knowing what you want is half the battle towards getting it. So, if you are going round and round in circles: stop, focus and concentrate on achieving your ends. Under these stars you can do it. The first five days of the month bring issues that have been idling on the back burner right up to the front: it is a good period to make a big commitment and a poor time to make snap decisions based on events as you see them. There’s almost certainly something you’re missing. By the 13th things should be much clearer, and whether you need to get dates in diaries or reach a decision, act before the 23rd when Mercury’s retrograde passage could cause delays and confusion.

The Year Ahead for Pisces (2018)


Do you have a yen to travel? Are you looking to break new ground, career-wise or in your personal life? If so, you’re going to love 2018. With Jupiter transiting the zone of far horizons, you’ll go far, whether you take a boat or a plane to do so or you plough your energies, emotions and talents into your ambitions.

Yes, it might be time to consider you will be happier and better off in new territory, even a whole other country. Clearly not every day of the 365 is going to be a hymn to happiness, but you have a much clearer field astrologically-speaking. So, do not put off till tomorrow what you can do in 2018. On the downside, friendships could be tested and a long-term alliance broken, and this may not be the year to go on holiday with close friends.

Health could require a little more attention, and minor injuries or anomalies should be dealt with speedily. Indeed, that’s something of a metaphor for the year: seize that moment.

Love and relationships

The older generation has a bearing on your love life this year. Now, in some cases this may mean that the opinions of older people, especially family members, will affect your decision making, and in other cases that single Pisceans could be more attracted to older partners. One way or another, age is a factor.

It is also increasingly important for you to have a spiritual bond with a partner and to share similar goals. If these factors are not in place, many Piscean relationships will struggle. It will be the 4th-6th March birthdays who have the most to gain or lose from Neptune, but if you fall truly, madly deeply for someone or your partner lets you down in a major way, this planet has got you in its misty tendrils.

The best times for love to blossom or mature are from 10 February – 4 March and 10 July – 5 August. And if any sign is in the spotlight on Valentine’s Day it is you.

Work, life goals and finance

You know the old joke: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice, practice.” This sentiment could have been made for you this year. Efforts of the past yield results, and each time you get knocked back, pick yourself up and try harder! Jupiter is on side, encouraging you to have dreams but to build them in reality.

A contract with an international company or in a distant place could be on the agenda, and the areas of education, publishing, law and travel have much to offer if you are considering re-training. Indeed, 2018 is an excellent year to go “back to school”.

The contacts you make, and the groundwork you put in should pay off in 2019. With Uranus exiting the financial zone from mid-May to early November, your income will be more stable, and you should make more money in the second half of the year. Still, this is not an excuse to blow the budget.

Celestial Tip

When you have a clear idea of what you want, you will find it. Vague ideas and endless possibilities are the road to disappointment. These past two years have not been easy, but in 2018 you no longer have Saturn constantly sending you back to the drawing board.

You can bring a lost cause to life and people who may have rejected you in the past could be persuaded to give you a second chance.

Keep looking further afield for what you desire, and whenever you feel defeated, diversify and reboot. The Jupiter-Neptune trines of late May and mid-August keep hope alive!.

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