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Congratulations! If you’re here you probably don’t use a Google browser. The situation will not continue forever, but it’s the kind of frustration we have to live with when Mars and Saturn are in the room.So, welcome to another week of the coronavirus crisis. As I mentioned in my Friday Bite, there isn’t a part of the world that can be said to be safe from the virus, so we are all in this pandemic boat together. It should be a unifying experience, although at times it appears to be an alienating one -social distancing now being the new buzzword. Fitting though, perhaps with Saturn’s recent entry into the sign of sociable Aquarius.

Once again, the astrology matches the times we are living in. Saturn meets Mars in Aquarius (Tuesday) and on Sunday, Jupiter and Pluto will be precisely conjunct in Capricorn. I’ve spent some time on my YouTube channel talking about this mighty conjunction, and, although right now, we are witnessing its extreme properties in a truly challenging way, as we go through 2020, more of its brighter aspects will emerge.

Astrology can be a wonderful lens through which to monitor current events, and I hope you are all taking some encouragement and wisdom from Astrolutely.

We will come through this, It may take time. And it will be very hard. But come through it we will!