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Another week packed with astrological promise. Jupiter and Pluto conjoin for the second time in Capricorn, and on the same 25th degree, so echoes from their first meeting (Easter time) will be sounding long and loud. (See this week’s Friday Bite.) As always with such a combustible pair, the good will be off-the-wall fabulous, and the bad…

We are also gearing up for the last lunar eclipse on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and the cycle is going out in style. Closure and completion is the theme, and we should also expect international relations to be pretty tense in the coming days. This eclipse, taking place within hours of Independence Day, may deliver a particularly profound message to the American people.

eclipse path

You will be able to see the eclipse if you live in south-west Europe (including the UK), much of Africa, and North and South America.

Last but not least, on the 28th, Mars will enter its own sign, Aries, where it will influence all our lives for the next six months. I’ll be looking at this fiery planet’s effect on all twelve zodiac signs on my new YouTube video.




From this point and throughout the next six months, we are on something of a roller-coaster ride: some great highs and some dreary lows – a great reason to get my unique six-month forecast for each sun-sign – a must-have guide to life and love, success and sanity.