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As the week opens, we are still basking in the aura of Pluto, which isn’t always a comfortable experience. Pluto illuminates the darkness and exposes what has been growing out of sight, although it also inspires break-throughs of an entirely positive nature.

So, as I have advised in my forecasts for the week ahead, don’t press anyone’s buttons unless you positively want to detonate the relationship.

A lot of people believe that astrologers “see” the future as a series of forthcoming events played out on the cinema screen of the star clusters above. But it’s not like that. Interpreting the planetary alignments demands the use of many, many little grey cells and a whole lot of research and experience.

In the same way that meteorologists can see a typhoon building and plot the direction in which it is heading, those who will be caught up in the deluge, the exact nature of the experience, cannot be foreseen. And so it is with alignments involving Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune, we know when the astrological climate is right for revolutions, revelations and reckonings – we’ve seen such patterns before – and we can use them in the narrative of developing global situations and in a personal context. However, we cannot predict precisely how they will manifest.

Of course, we’d be pretty useless as astrologers if we didn’t have a sharp sixth sense, but there must always be room for both choice and chance.

And I leave you with this thought as you embark on another week of vertiginous highs and lows.

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