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Here in the UK, we open the week under the pall of Prince Philip’s death. Pluto is suitably in charge – Venus is square Pluto (Monday), the Sun square Pluto (Friday) and Mercury square Pluto (Saturday). And even if the death of such a revered figure is of no concern to much of the world, such powerful Pluto influences will have a bearing on events of a collective and individual kind.

Under Pluto, we make a journey into the darkness; we look to solve mysteries, find what lies at the core of issues, and in the process, we make discoveries about ourselves. So, for each one of us, a minor or major development offers us the ability to transform an aspect of our existence, and in so doing change ourselves at core level.

Pluto is also about elimination, so, during the week, a good practice for all of us would be to get rid of something that has done its day, thereby clearing the way for new growth. Toxic situations of all kinds need to be recognized and ways to get out of them explored.

And here’s where the new moon (Monday) comes in handy! New beginnings, new chapters and a fresh outlook are all inspired by this new moon in the pioneering sign of Aries. Aries is renowned for never looking back and kicking over the traces of the past in order to reach new destinations, and as quickly as possible. And that new moon is somewhere in our charts, regardless of our sun sign, urging us onward and upward.