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Calling all Virgos! Embrace your wonderful sign!

Over the years I’ve noticed a funny thing about some Virgos – not all, I hasten to say, just some – they go to great pains to explain to me that they’re not really Virgo because they have “so many planets in Libra”, they’re “born on the cusp”, have “most of their planets in fire signs” and so it goes. One of my friends “Jane” is, or rather was, one such denier. Her Sun is 29 degrees of Virgo, although by pushing her time of birth forward by six hours, she would be a Libra. Her mother got the time wrong, she maintained, while scrutinizing the skirt I was trying on and thinking of buying. “Oh, for heaven’s sake, look at that! You can’t possibly buy it. A snag in the hem.”. I rested my case.

Virgo is the largest constellation in the zodiac and the second largest overall (after Hydra) and it is the location for the sparkling star, Spica – believed to be highly fortunate. So, let’s forget about Virgos being the selfless worker bees of the zodiac and instead promote their role as movers and shakers, albeit behind the scenes.

The Sun enters Virgo at 10:03 am UT on Friday, the 23rd August, so babies born before that time will be Sun Leos and those after, members of team Virgo.


And if you want to know what the week has in store for us all, please visit my YouTube channel.