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One of my favourite quotes comes from Oscar Wilde. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” That’s certainly true in my case, because the stars are my business! But, of course, we all have our struggles – they are part of being human – but by seeing beyond them, and recognizing they are just a tiny part of something infinitely greater, we are inspired and humbled. We get our sense of perspective back.

When we’re down on our luck, even if some of our problems have been self-inflicted, we can hope, we can dream. We can still find wonder and beauty around us.

And dreaming is something we may all be doing this coming week, on Neptune’s watch. This planet is centre stage for the next few days, so watch out for spin and outright lies. But dream big – as I’ve pointed out on my New Weekly Video Bite on my YouTube Channel – Be sure to Subscribe!

I had a client (Neptune rising) who could lucid-dream. Tucked under the duvet the night before an important meeting, he would programme his subconscious to dream the day ahead. He would “see” the meeting and tweak aspects of it he wanted to improve. The next day, the meeting would unfold as planned. I’m not going to get into the issue over the amount of karma he was racking up, but for many years, he was successful beyond imagination.

“Dreams are today’s answer to tomorrow’s questions.” Edgar Cayce.

Inspirational food for thought. And don’t forget to visit my YouTube Channel to keep up to date with the latest Video Bite.