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When I say our stars for the week are Christmassy, I mean they’re magical to look at but dangerous if you start messing around with buttons and switches you know nothing about. Fizz. Bang. Pop. Sputter. And if that sounds like a mixture of Neptune and Uranus, you’d be right.

Mercury and Neptune are 90 degrees apart, so we all need to be careful how we deal with information. Misunderstanding and muddles proliferate in a Neptunian environment. We lose our way, sometimes literally.

And then there’s Uranus. Venus will arrive in Aquarius on Friday forging a 90-degree angle to Uranus, and on Saturday the Moon in Scorpio joins the party and forms a T-square. Events happen suddenly under an alignment like this, so while a surprise romantic proposal might be wonderful, getting the wrong end of the stick and kissing goodbye to a relationship… Not so much.

I will be trying to find some time to plan a Christmas menu – yes, I realize it’s last minute – and for the first time ever, I’m not doing turkey! I’m following Uranus and abandoning tradition.

Vive la difference!