The Week Ahead for Libra


19th Nov 2018 - 25th Nov 2018

Keep your feet on the ground.

It may be a little too soon to declare a victory, but if there are signs that a hope is becoming a reality or that your efforts are to be rewarded, let them spur you on to even greater heights. Jupiter has only recently moved into the area of communications, but the beginning of such a transit is often when much of its growth-oriented properties can be glimpsed.

Neptune is also a prime mover at the moment, however, which may explain why delays or confusion are getting in the way of what was once a perfectly satisfactory and functioning situation. Don’t lose your balance or your positivity.

Libra: 23rd September - 22nd October

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Maybe yes and maybe no and maybe just maybe

November 2018

The Month Ahead for Libra

 Venus has not been herself in recent weeks, which may explain why you have not been able to get what (or who) you want: it’s been a tough sell. However, a turn in the tide can be expected, although it may still take longer than you hoped to get dates in diaries and signatures on paper. Be patient but hopeful. Journeys of miles and experience are on the agenda, and even though your ideas may have been rejected before, you should now find a receptive audience. From November onwards you have a platform, whether you use it to spread your influence or acquire the support and guidance you need. Stretch yourself. The world may not be your oyster but it’s certainly worth a fishing expedition.

The Year Ahead for Libra (2018)


Hopefully, you made the most of Jupiter’s transit of your sign last year by planting seeds for the future and grabbing those opportunities as soon as they appeared. Jupiter has now moved on to the zone of self-worth, so you continue to be in a phase where your star can rise and you can acquire more backing – financial and otherwise.

Saturn’s new position is less of a plus, but it can be worked with. Practical decisions may need to be made regarding a senior member of the family and some Libran parents are going to have to dig deep into their pockets for an offspring. Buying and selling property could be more challenging, and cost-cutting exercises on essential maintenance will prove a false economy.

There could be unexpected new arrivals and surprise weddings, and offers appearing in late January and early February could alter your horizons in the most unanticipated of ways. 2018 is a year to go places without reservations – and in every sense of the phrase.

Love and relationships

Uranus temporarily moves out of the relationship zone from mid-May to early November, so there is a more settled feel to your love life for a good part of the year. Add to this Venus’s transit of your sign (August to early September and all of November) and there could be some excellent relationship developments.

Whether you find love and happiness because you feel great about yourself, or your self-worth rises because someone loves you unconditionally, is the great chicken and egg conundrum, but whichever way round love happens, relish it. 2018, especially the last quarter, is a boom time for Libran nuptials.

The year’s eclipses fall on the axis of creativity and collaboration, which includes love-affairs, and eclipses are very fateful things. You could be struck by the thunderbolt of love (possibly in March) or problems may arise because a colleague or friend falls in love with you. Love? It’s complicated.

Work, life goals and finance

The positive aspect to Saturn’s arrival at the base of your chart is that it will give you the desire for a more settled lifestyle. And Librans always bring into reality what they most desire. The challenge you face is that you are going against the astrological current, especially if being settled means getting a home.

It may be that you cannot find the right place to live or that there are delays and problems with your home, but Saturn’s way is the way of persistence. And this same advice could apply to your career. You may feel as though people are standing in your way or that age is against you; and although you can make good money in 2018 payments could be delayed and costs rise in tandem with your income.

But press on. Jupiter’s transit of the zone of self-worth will help you make money and achieve good financial agreements. Indeed, some Librans will make their fortune in 2018.

Celestial Tip

Seize the moment. If you believe in something or someone with your whole heart, back that person or that thing. Second chances are rare. 2019 is going to be a tough year for the entire zodiac, so 2018 is not the time to delay a certain action with the intention of doing it next year.

At least get the foundations and the building blocks in place; better still, go full out for your ambitions. There will be less unpredictability to deal with, but there will be obstacle courses.

The intention of the universe being that what doesn’t crush you makes you stronger. Something to think about especially in late March and late June.

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