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Three cheers for George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge! In keeping with royal protocol he arrived late and kept millions waiting on tenterhooks.

And with Neptune – the planet of mystery and illusion – caught up in a major alignment it is no surprise that there was some purposefully woven spin about his expected date of delivery.

13 July was widely circulated as the ‘due date’ but when Carole Middleton let slip that William and Kate were expecting a Leo, all bets were off. And, when the sun sailed out of the sign of Cancer and into Leo in the late afternoon of the 22nd July it seemed she was right. However, in yet another royal twist, news of the baby’s arrival was kept secret for some four hours, and, lo and behold, the little prince was, after all, a Cancerian.

It was also something of a surprise that a baby boy appeared. The rumour mill had been grinding for months that Kate was expecting a girl, in large part because she herself appeared to have almost let the secret out.

The new Prince entered the world under a beautiful configuration known as a Kite. This is a comparatively rare planetary pattern, and although it may well indicate that he will have a special talent, possibly of an artistic nature, he also has a powerful destiny to fulfil. He has the capacity to be a great transformer, whether in terms of the constitutional changes he will inspire or the effect he will have on people’s lives. His late grandmother, Diana, had a near-magical quality of making people better simply with her presence, and he may well have inherited her gift.

In fact there is much of Diana in his chart, and it is tempting to believe her spiritual presence will guide him through life.

So, the all-important astrological details. The sun is in Cancer, the moon in Capricorn and Scorpio rises. Since Kate is a Capricorn and William a Cancer, the family bond is going to be incredibly strong. This will be a tight-knit family unit, each fiercely protective of the other.

Prince George has the bulk of the planets in water signs, so he is a sensitive, intuitive, caring little person. (He should love animals and nature.) Many of the planets occupy the mysterious 8th house of his horoscope, so he will be introspective – a deep thinker – and someone who likes to keep his thoughts and intentions secret.

Were he not born to be a future King, we might be looking at the chart of a famous philosopher and psychologist, or – and here’s a wild card – a noted gynaecologist! He will be fascinated by the world of hidden things.

Here too there are shades of Prince Charles in his character and his horoscope, not least the shared Scorpio factor. But while Charles was pressed into becoming a man’s man very early in life, thus thwarting his naturally sensitive nature, this prince will be encouraged to be himself, and not forced into a straightjacket of royal expectation. He couldn’t be in the hands of better parents.

Not surprisingly, although reassuringly, Baby Wales has major links to the charts of Great Britain and the Queen. I say reassuringly because without them there would be a serious chance of his never coming to the throne. As it is, his Ascendant in Scorpio conjuncts the Queen’s Mid-heaven and her Saturn, revealing him to be “chip off the old block” and under his rule the country will be in safe and dutiful hands.

What difference would it have made if he had arrived half an hour later and been a Leo? And being “on the cusp’, will he have traits of both Cancer and Leo?

It would have made a huge difference had he been born a Leo. And, of course, a couple of hours later the moon would have been in Aquarius not Capricorn, so he would have been an entirely different person: fiery, fixed in his opinions, outspoken, stubborn, a natural leader and happy to lead a life out on the world’s stage; we would have had more of a Prince Harry! But “being on the cusp” is a bit of a misnomer: you are either one sign or the other; and in Prince George’s case there are three other planets in Cancer, making him strongly Cancerian.

Another huge point to bear in mind is that the horoscope does not make us who we are and what we become: we are born at a moment in time that reflects our nature and our destiny. Right from the moment of conception we are who we are. There are no accidents about when we are born.

And there was no accident in Prince George’s being born on a full moon. He was almost certainly conceived on or around a full moon and nine months later the hands on the cosmic clock pointed to delivery! Statistically speaking there are more births on a full moon than any other time, and while that Monday evening the moon in its glorious fullness seemed to be a sign of great things to come, in fact it was quite ordinary.

There is a but – isn’t there always – and this emerges in the conflict he is likely to experience between his public persona and his true self. This is a very private little person and being in the public eye will require effort.

The full moon is not the only factor to raise potential challenges to the prince and future King. That extraordinary Kite configuration has Pluto in pole position, suggesting conflict with the establishment and a tendency for power struggles of one sort or another. But a chart without challenges is no chart for a King. It is those very conflicts that will shape him.

We cannot imagine what life will be like when this future King takes the throne; what we can be sure of, however, is that he will be the right man for the job, a King whose time has come! We shall have a caring monarch, a “People’s King”. And in the coming weeks and months we will enjoy watching him take his first baby steps along the path of his royal destiny.