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Despite denials by Kate and William that they did not know the sex of their unborn baby, along the way, close friends appeared to be sending many signals that it was a girl. So many signals, in fact, that I started to believe that there was method in the couple’s madness and it was surely a boy. But no, at 8 34 on the morning of 2 May, a baby girl arrived.

At that precise moment in time the sign of Cancer was rising with beautiful Venus in Gemini a little above the horizon. The Moon in fair and balanced Libra is in perfect harmony with Venus. Based on these things alone, the new princess will be much loved and much admired. She will be a beauty – graceful, musical and charming. Utterly adorable from day one.

As we astrologers often see when we look at the charts of families, there are major connections and clear resonances. The princess’s rising degree (5 of Cancer) is William’s Moon, George’s Mars-Jupiter conjunction and since Kate also has her Moon in Cancer there is a close connection there too.

As far as the Grandparents go, it is Kate’s mother, Carole, who has the closest link – her Moon in Taurus is on the same degree as the princess’s Sun – and Grandpa Michael also has a powerful connection since his Sun in the early degrees of Cancer. While new baby Cambridge will be loved by both sets of grandparents it will be Kate’s with whom she feels the strongest bond. And, last but not least, there is an echo of her late Grandmother Diana in her chart, but it’s just a faint echo: this little girl will not walk in Diana’s shoes.

Sugar and spice and all things nice are meant to be what little girls are made of, and there is certainly some spice in this little princess’s chart. That lovely, gracious Moon in Libra is hooked up to spiky Uranus and Pluto so even if she looks as though butter wouldn’t melt, she’ll get her own way, come hell or high water. She will have very clear likes and dislikes and with her fierce intelligence she’ll argue her point whatever the opposition.

In the years to come she may have a difficult decision to make between a career in academia – she had the makings of a fine doctor – or in the arts. Were she my daughter I would put her name down for the Royal Ballet School immediately!

I expect George will have a strong and abiding bond with his new sister. They are not exactly peas in a pod, but George will be naturally protective toward her and he will be a good influence as they grow up. Since they have very different Moon signs, there will be spats from time to time – I wouldn’t fancy George’s chance of winning many of them – but fast-forward 20 years and they’ll be out on the town together, the darlings of their day.

Princess Charlotte
2 May 2015, 08hrs 34,
London, England
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I noticed, however, both George and the new princess share a challenging configuration which affects the area of home and family in their charts. It will be 2036 before the events linked to this alignment fully play out, but it is possible throughout their childhood they face many unexpected changes.

Still it is the difficulties in life that make us all, and born with such an abundance of blessings, the new princess will only gain in depth and wisdom from her challenges.