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The future is another country: it’s called Russia

With the approach of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction – twelve months from now – the forces are gathering for geo-political change on a scale we have not seen since 1989. In this newsletter I will be looking at the charts of Russia and Vladimir Putin and speculating on the future for us all.


THE HERO FIGURE is a vital ingredient of almost all myths. And for Russia that figure was Volodymyr or Valdemar – an early medieval warlord who converted to Christianity in the year 988. Volodymyr was the saviour, the redeemer. (You’re ahead of me aren’t you.) Yes, Volodymyr and Vladimir are one and the same, and not just in name only. In the context of Russia’s mystical destiny, a redeemer is required to deliver the people from their suffering and to protect it from its enemies.

Scorpio rising and the Moon in Gemini in the eighth house supply a reason for Putin’s fascination with spy stories as a child and his eventual employment with the KGB. His skill as a negotiator owes much to the Moon in Gemini and his Sun and Mercury in Libra…