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Monthly Newsletter: January 2018

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  • Harry and Meghan - a marriage made in heaven?

LET'S START THE YEAR OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT by making this first newsletter all about love; specifically, the forthcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.

Most of us love a love story and with so much conflict and tragedy in the world it is reassuring to know that people still fall in love and make plans for their future happiness. And even if we all know the honeymoon will eventually end and the happy couple will find themselves tested by circumstances and each other, we still allow ourselves to be swept along by their joy and their hope.

Quite why so many "talking heads" have speculated their happiness will be short lived is interesting because the astrology is complicated at best - and you can be sure almost none of those pundits will have had the benefit of an astrological view.

The engagement

WE SHALL BEGIN AT THE BEGINNING with the announcement of the royal engagement. This took place on 27 November at 10 am. At that precise moment in time regal Jupiter was culminating (conjunct the Mid-heaven, the highest point in the chart) while Saturn had just risen over the Capricorn Ascendant. That Jupiter and Saturn hold such important positions reflects both the joy and the gravitas of the announcement. It is what you expect if royalty, pomp and circumstance and matters of state are involved.

Saturn, the ruler of the chart, is conjunct Mercury reinforcing the seriousness of the occasion, although if you weren't fifth in line to the throne of Great Britain you might have preferred Saturn to be a little less conspicuous.

On the morning of the engagement the Moon in Pisces was separating from a conjunction to Neptune: the stuff of high romance for sure, but since the Moon rules the seventh house of marriage in this chart, Neptune's involvement signals some slips 'twixt the cup and the lip. Unforeseen complications on the way to the wedding.

Also bringing a worrisome aspect to the engagement is the opposition from the elevated Mars to Uranus and the square to Pluto. Here we find controversy and conflict, a theme made even stronger by the position of this cardinal T-square in the horoscope. The Mars-Uranus opposition represents the rim of a bowl shaping: with Pluto at the apex of that opposition and in the first house, the properties of this difficult T-square are a key component of the journey to marriage.

Harry and Meghan engagement

Harry and Meghan engagement
27 Nov 2017, 10hrs 00,
London, UK

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Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is certainly a controversial choice for the wife of a Prince of the realm. She is American, divorced, of mixed-race and an actor. And in case you've forgotten the last time an American divorcee attempted to marry into the British Royal Family, her King had to abdicate. So, times have certainly changed. And it must be said, controversial though Meghan may be, the royal family and most Brits have clasped her to their bosom. At this stage of the proceedings there is little controversy and no conflict.

Other factors to note in this engagement chart are: Venus at 25 degrees Scorpio, which is not only Meghan's natal Uranus but one of the royal degrees (incidentally Princess Diana had her Venus at 25 degrees Taurus). Another important factor is Pluto at 17 degrees Capricorn, which squares Harry's natal Venus and the composite Ascendant.

Pluto with its theme of transformation has a role to play in a wedding: when Meghan marries she will no longer be an ordinary person but a duchess and Harry will no longer be the most eligible bachelor in the world but a husband. However, that the elevated Mars is square that Pluto and opposed to Uranus is troublesome. And I suspect between the time of the engagement and the marriage there will be upsets.

The wedding Day

BEFORE THE DATE OF THE WEDDING WAS ANNOUNCED I feared it might fall in mid-May, one of the most unsettled periods of 2018. I crossed my fingers and toes and hoped instead for Easter or the 21st July or the 7th November. So, when it turned out to be the 19th May my heart sank a little.

No astrologer worth his or her salt would plan a wedding on a Mars-Uranus square: Uranus is a volatile influence, which not only suggests the wedding will not go quite according to plan but that future life for the royal couple will be anything but smooth sailing.

My concern is not simply the Mars-Uranus square, but the degrees of the zodiac involved. A matter of days before the wedding Uranus will enter Taurus and occupy zero degrees of Taurus on the 19th. Zero degrees Taurus is the Queen's Sun and Prince Charles' Moon; it is exactly opposed to Harry's Pluto and Prince William's Jupiter/Mid-heaven and square Meghan's nodal axis.

At best this transit of Uranus to these all-important royal charts suggests a departure from tradition, a wonderful breath of fresh air entering the royal family and the birth of a new era, but controversy could maar the occasion.

I have set the chart of the wedding for eleven o' clock in the morning, but this may well change. For this reason, I am not going to pay too much attention to the angles of the chart. Nonetheless, if this is indeed the time of the wedding then the unstable Uranus-effect will be even more marked because Uranus will be conjunct the Mid-heaven.

Royal Leo rises with the Taurus Sun high overhead. The Moon in Cancer is lodged in the twelfth house closely opposed to Pluto and squared by Uranus which may turn out to be conjunct the Midheaven and the most elevated planet. The Moon is also part of a Grand Trine in water signs - Neptune trine Jupiter trine the Moon. Venus occupies the 29th degree of Gemini - a so-called critical degree - but will pass into Cancer a little later in the day.

The Grand Trine in water is a beautiful thing and bodes well for the marriage: love a-plenty, kindness, compassion, multiple offspring and perhaps most relevant of all it underscores the couple's shared humanitarian and philanthropic interests, which will be a huge focus of their future life together.

Harry and Meghan engagement

Harry and Meghan wedding
19 May 2018, 11hrs 00,
Windsor, UK

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What we might hope for on the 19th May is that the wedding will take place at 12 noon. We keep that lovely Leo Ascendant and at 26 degrees of the sign it now chimes with that all-important royal degree. And instead of Uranus on the Mid-heaven, bountiful Jupiter is conjunct the IC providing protection. The Moon is now no longer occluded in the twelfth house but standing proud along with Venus in the eleventh house of friendship and teamwork - essential components of a long and happy marriage.

Nota bene

CAST YOUR MINDS BACK SOME THIRTY-SEVEN years to 1981, 29th July, and the wedding of Prince Charles to Diana, Princess of Wales.

This wedding was set for 11:20 am.

Why 11:20 and not 11:00 am or 11:30 am?

Eleven in the morning and eleven-thirty are popular choices for royal weddings: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (11:30 am 20th November, 1947) Princess Anne and Mark Philips (11:30 am 14th November, 1973) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (11:30 am 23rd July, 1986) William and Kate (11:00 am 29th April, 2011).

Charles and Diana
Charles and Diana

Harry and Meghan engagement

Charles and Diana wedding
29 Jul 1981, 11hrs 20,
London, UK

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This precise time of 11:20 was rumoured to have been chosen astrologically to reflect the importance of the occasion. Not only was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on the Ascendant - and the Jupiter-Saturn cycle has much to do with events of global significance - but the MC-IC axis connects with Great Britain's Sun and Midheaven in Capricorn.

Whether or not there is any truth to this rumour, I cannot possibly say.

Such a chart may have helped Charles and Diana sustain a ten-year marriage and ensure the continuation of the monarchy by bringing two sons into the world. For the most part, however, the synastry between this star-crossed couple was, indeed, star crossed.

Meghan and Harry - the synastry

MEGHAN IS A SUN LEO AND HARRY is a Sun Virgo. Here, in terms of the elements, we have a fire-earth combination. Taking all their individual planets and points into consideration we find Meghan strong in air and Harry majoring in earth.

Fire-earth and air-earth couples have a bumpy ride in the long term. The spontaneity of fire and the versatility of air meets a certain resistance in earth. While the romantic nature of early love and sexual attraction will carry them over all manner of bumps in the beginning, eventually Harry will become more conservative and reticent while Meghan will become increasingly frustrated with what she perceives as Harry's negativity and indifference to her feelings and ideas.

Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle
4 Aug 1981, 04hrs 46,
Canoga Park, CA

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry
15 Sep 1984, 16hrs 20,
London, UK

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Certainly, there is huge sexual chemistry between the couple. Not only can you observe this when they are out and about together, but with Meghan's Mars on Harry's Ascendant and his Mars squaring her Venus, the astrology supports this perception. Plus, as we shall see when we cover the composite chart, Mars and Venus are in conjunction.

Positive too is Meghan's Venus is in Virgo which is the sign of Harry's Sun and Mercury. She is his anima.

Also very good news is her Descendant (relationship cusp) at 24 degrees of Capricorn which forms a Grand Trine with Harry's Moon (21 degrees Taurus) and his Sun (22 degrees of Virgo).

And last but not least, they have a shared Moon-Saturn dynamic, revealing childhood pain and a deep-seated fear of abandonment. This is probably more of a bond than anything else. They recognize and share a pattern of difficulty which consciously or unconsciously they are drawn to each other to resolve.

The main astrological difficulties are to be found in Meghan's Sun (12 Leo) which is precisely squared by Harry's Saturn (12 Scorpio), which brings out the already strong theme of spontaneity versus reticence; introversion versus extroversion. Meghan's Uranus is opposed to Harry's Moon, so while she may be exciting and different to begin with, in the long run she could prove a little too volatile and uncontainable for Harry. As for Meghan's Pluto conjunct Harry's Venus: while this is clearly part of their deep and passionate connection there is also potential for mutual emotional destruction.

Certainly, this is a destined relationship; a factor borne out by Harry's Pluto squaring Meghan's nodal axis. Quite what that destiny may be we shall have to wait and see.

The Composite chart

BY TAKING THE MID-POINTS OF A COUPLE'S planets and points a chart of the relationship is created - a composite. I do not consider the signs in a composite chart to be relevant; only the planets and points and the degrees they occupy. Sometimes planets and angles in a composite will connect with the couple's individual charts, emphasizing particular themes, and major transits to the composite are always significant.

Take this composite ascendant: 17 degrees of Libra is Harry's natal Venus while the composite Moon and Midheaven pick up Meghan's Ascendant-Descendant axis. For Harry this relationship is all about love while for Meghan it is also about power, position and achievement.

At this point in time, transiting Saturn is squaring their composite Venus and trining the composite Sun while Uranus is opposing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and squaring the composite Moon. Regardless of their display of love and joy when in public, there are surely some uncomfortable ripples disturbing their equilibrium: these may well be to do with the organization and planning of the wedding and their future, but there could also be tensions between them as a couple.

As you can see, all the planets are grouped in one hemisphere of the composite reinforcing the already prominent bowl theme for this couple. One of the most interesting features of a bowl shaping is the sense of mission it breeds. And with Meghan and Harry's shared humanitarian and philanthropic interests, it is clear helping the needy, the suffering and the marginalized is going to be a major focus of their marriage. Plus, the "planets" on the rim of the bowl are the Moon and Neptune - care and compassion in a bottle.

Harry and Meghan - Composite
Harry and Meghan - Composite

What also stands out is the placing of the Moon on the Mid-heaven and the rising Saturn-Pluto conjunction to which it is square. This is a toughie. Not only does this fortify the drawbacks of their air-fire-earth combination and the Saturn-Sun and Pluto-Venus problems but we also see once again the potential for the vicissitudes of fate to affect the course of this marriage.

Mitigating the difficulty of the Moon-Pluto-Saturn square, is a small but mighty configuration: Moon trine Uranus intersected by sextiles to the Mars-Venus conjunction. Here is hope that their love will provide a refuge and a respite against the storms that beset them.

While Venus and Mars are sextiling Uranus the Sun is closely square Uranus. This implies that although their love connection should be exciting and satisfying, taking them in new directions, their public roles will inspire controversy - on more than one occasion they'll break with tradition (no bad thing) but this will expose them to adverse criticism, even some danger.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

MARS AND URANUS HAVE FORMED A LARGE PART of the narrative of the engagement and the wedding, and it is present in the composite chart too. Of course, one man's ground-breaking Uranus is another man's devastation, so it will be interesting to see how this revolutionary and certainly different "energy" will manifest in their relationship.

At best, Harry and Meghan will continue to dazzle and innovate becoming models to which others, both royal and non-royal, will aspire. At worst, however, they could bring themselves into conflict with the establishment, providing a serious challenge for royal protocol and security, and there is a slight, slight chance they will remove themselves from the constraints of the royal firm by living abroad.

I personally want Harry and Meghan's relationship to bring them great happiness; my reservations are based solely on the astrology: to be objective, to present a balanced view, is sometimes to appear negative, which is not my intention.

Of supreme importance is the quality of the love they share: love transcends all difficulties - it doesn't matter what Uranus, Pluto, Saturn et al throw at them - and if this couple love each other "to death" they will indeed, like all princes and princesses, live happily ever after.

Images from hola.com, telegraph.co.uk, wp.com, northglennews.co.za