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23rd Jul 2018 - 29th Jul 2018

July ends in a firework display, figuratively speaking. A total lunar eclipse conjunct Mars squaring Uranus, the revolutionary of the planets, is enough to light up our lives in the best of ways or generate some pretty incendiary situations.All full moons set the stage for an ending, but when they are eclipsed you get endings with knobs on.

I have spent some time in my newsletters discussing the possible effects of this series of eclipses on the Leo-Aquarius axis, and although there is always a wait-and-see element to an eclipse of any description, this particular axis has an exceedingly royal flavour.There are certainly changes going on in the corridors of Windsor Castle, and there will be other European monarchies in a state of flux, however, it may take until the early part of 2019 and the last eclipse in this series to discover quite what.

July 2018

The Month Ahead

 An unexpected birthday celebration may not be the only surprise in store. All new moons open a fresh chapter, but when they are eclipsed they do so with knobs on!

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