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19th Mar 2018 - 25th Mar 2018

It’s that wonderful time of year when my heart sings: spring has officially arrived. After a long, long winter of discontent, I can hardly wait to smell the daffodils. (Actually, daffodils have no smell, but they look cheerful.)On 20th March at 16:17 GMT, the Sun enters Aries. It is the Vernal Equinox: day and night are of equal length; they will be equal south of the equator too, but this half of the world will be entering autumn with winter to follow.

As I never tire of explaining, astrology has a northern hemisphere bias due to astrology’s roots lying in ancient Sumer (Iraq) and Egypt and Greece.The whole zodiac kicks off with Aries and its go-getting, youthful and fearless nature. Even if you have no planets or points in this feisty fire sign, over the next 30 days new beginnings could and should be made.

Kate and William’s third child will be born with the Sun in Aries, so he or she will find a kindred spirit in Leo George but with Taurean Charlotte, not so much. The signs on either side of your Sun sign are totally different and not always compatible.So, let’s raise our glasses and give three cheers for Aries!.

March 2018

The Month Ahead

 Knowing what you want is half the battle towards getting it. So, if you are going round and round in circles: stop, focus and concentrate on achieving your ends…

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