Theresa May

1st October 1956, time unknown; Eastbourne, UK

  • Sun: Libra
  • Moon: Virgo
  • Ascendant: Libra

On 13th July, Theresa May, Home Secretary since 2010, became the thirteenth prime minister to serve under Queen Elizabeth II.

Her appointment was as much of a shock to Mrs May as it was to the British people. In a mere nineteen days the advent of Brexit had seen off Prime Minister, David Cameron, out-campaigner and ex-Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and sent the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's "disappointing" leadership into meltdown.

On the morning of the eleventh of July Theresa May still believed she had some nine weeks in which to campaign for the premiership but with the sudden departure of her co-runner, Andrea Leadsom, her path to Tory glory was uncontested. Thus, in the afternoon of the thirteenth of July she made her way to Buckingham Palace to offer her services to Queen and country.

A day is a long time in politics.

Theresa May

Much rests in Mrs May's hands if she is to guide Great Britain through the treacherous waters of its new found independence from Europe. Does she have what it takes?

We do not have a time of birth for Mrs May, and therefore no way of establishing the angles of the chart and how the planets are distributed. We cannot even be sure whether her Moon is in Leo or Virgo.

What we know about Theresa from her friends, colleagues and constituents is that she is a "no-frills" individual, she doesn't network, she seeks no favours and expects to be judged on her merits. May is also something of an enigma. Kenneth Clarke called her "a bloody difficult woman", and it is an epithet that has stuck.

Comparisons have been made between May and Margaret Thatcher, the "Iron Lady", not least because she is the second female prime minster to govern Great Britain but also she has a steely quality about her. She has stood her ground under fierce opposition and as Home Secretary she picked many fights with the police. I imagine she would have proved equally as intransigent as Thatcher in the miners' crisis. And, of course, like Thatcher, she is a Libra.

Theresa May

Theresa May

1st October 1956, time unknown
Eastbourne, UK

However, I believe a better comparison with Theresa May is Gordon Brown, who was also an un-elected prime minister. May is not a spotlight junkie, she is a private person, not in the least interested in how she is perceived by others and far from easy to read. This is why she is perceived as "difficult" and oftentimes a little chilly and remote. She's not a people-pleaser.

May, like Brown, is also a minister's daughter.

For these reasons I believe her Sun in Libra may reside in the shadowy twelfth house, placing Neptune in Libra in the first house (but not angular) sextiling Venus - the ruler of the chart in the 10th house of career and life-direction - and the Moon and Pluto.

This chart with 17° Libra rising makes a great deal of sense when you consider the massive transformation she is currently experiencing. The "planet" synonymous with transformation is Pluto, currently situated at 17° Capricorn. With an 8:00 am time of birth, Uranus would be currently squaring her MC/IC axis, thrusting her unexpectedly into the spotlight and disrupting her home life.

A Moon in Virgo would seem to blend with May’s discerning and reticent persona, plus she is a formidable cook. However, Virgoan qualities remain strong given that her Mercury is in Virgo, not too far away from natal Jupiter. Whether or not the Moon was in Leo or Virgo at the time of birth it remained in close proximity to Pluto for the entire day, which would explain the problems she and her husband experienced with fertility. The couple have no children.

And speaking of her husband, she has been married to her "rock", Philip for thirty-six years. Using the 8:00 am time of birth Mars becomes the ruler of her relationship house, and its opposition to Jupiter brings a theme of joy and expansion to the marriage and the partnership.

Whether or not Mrs May's Moon is in Leo or Virgo, she still has Venus in this colourful fire sign, and one of the other hallmarks of May's character is her love of fashion. Remind yourself for a moment of the outfit she wore on the day she became prime minister - that dark coat with its striking block of yellow - and then there are her shoes...

Theresa May is a woman whose time has come. She is now at Britain's helm steering us through the biggest crisis we've undergone since the First World War. If she does indeed have her Ascendant at 23° Libra then this will precisely connect with Great Britain's Ascendant-descendant axis - a clear sign that she is inextricably bound up in the country's destiny. We already know she is a fierce opponent, so we can trust her to stick to her guns when it comes to fighting for Britain's rights at the negotiating table. Yes, she's going to make a lot of enemies - there'll be no cosy dinner parties with Mr Putin - but she will earn the respect of her friends and foes.

Penny Thornton

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