David Cameron

9th October 1966,06:00; London, UK

  • Sun: Libra
  • Moon: Leo
  • Ascendant: Libra

A day is a long time in politics. Within four hours of the declaration that Britain had voted to leave the EU David Cameron announced his resignation.

David Cameron

It has been a wild ride for this Libran Prime Minister who has withstood the vicissitudes of Uranus and Pluto for the past six years, but finally succumbed to their transformational power on 24th June, 2016. At 8:23 in the morning, as Uranus culminated, he informed Britain and the world that he was leaving office. He had staked his premiership on the belief that the country should remain in the EU; he was left with no alternative but to step down.

It had always been something of a mystery to me how Cameron was returned to power in the General Election of 2015 while Uranus opposed his Sun and Pluto squared it, and now we know why: that moment had not quite come. The referendum he set in motion turned out to be an act of hubris.

You may find this extract from my April 2015 newsletter prescient.

DAVID CAMERON IS A MEMBER OF TEAM LIBRA - Libra Sun, Libra rising and Venus, the ruler of his chart, in Libra. His Mars is in Leo and his Moon in Leo is conjunct Jupiter. Whether or not you like his politics you have to admit that the man oozes charm, he is persuasive and excellent in debate; he is also a strong leader and prepared to bat for Britain when it comes to standing up to fellow member states of the EU. All in all he is a Prime Minister Britain is not ashamed to have at the helm.

David Cameron

David Cameron

9th October 1966,06:00
London, UK

David Cameron's Resignation

David Cameron's Resignation

24th June 2016, 08:23
London, UK

With Uranus currently opposing his Sun and Pluto squaring it, Cameron is not having a good time. He is under pressure and potentially out of a job. Were it not for Jupiter sextiling his Sun he probably wouldn't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Mr Cameron's reluctance to share a platform with Miliband in front of the cameras and his largely lacklustre performance in the television debates thus far is in stark contrast to his behaviour five years ago. And I am asking myself, does this man actually want to be Prime Minister? Maybe he knows what is coming down the pike for the global economy: a potentially bigger crash than that of 2008 is not something he wants to have his name on. Just saying, that's all...

When Cameron came to power in 2010, transiting Jupiter was conjunct his natal Saturn and the transiting Saturn-Uranus opposition was within a degree of his Ascendant-Descendant axis; Pluto was three degrees away from his MC/IC axis and squaring Venus, his ruling planet.

Pluto, in its role of the Great Transformer, took Cameron from Member of Parliament to Prime Minister.

Five years on and transiting Pluto, once again in its role as the Great Transformer, is squaring his Sun while Uranus, the Revolutionary, is opposing it. Not only Pluto and Uranus but also a total lunar eclipse (4 April) fell smartly on his Sun – and that is most certainly a game-changer.

There is really nowhere for Cameron to go but out of power.

However, this role change could still occur were the Tories to continue their coalition with the Lib-Dems. Cameron may stand down as Prime Minister in order for the party to elect a new leader.

There will be more about David Cameron and Britain's EU referendum vote in my July newsletter

Penny Thornton

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