Sadiq Khan

8th October 1970, time unknown; London, UK

  • Sun: Libra
  • Moon: Capricorn
  • Ascendant: Libra

On the morning of the 9th May at a ceremony in Southwark Cathedral the new Mayor of London was officially signed in. This event not only marked the beginning of a new era for the capital city, but it was something of a political and cultural watershed. Mr Khan is the first Muslim Mayor of London and the first Muslim Mayor of any Western capital city.

Underpinning the revolutionary tone of the event, Uranus was conjunct the Mid-heaven in Aries, the most elevated planet in the horoscope. We should not be surprised, therefore, to discover that Mr Khan has a Sun-Uranus conjunction in his natal chart. He is a revolutionary, and with Mars and Mercury conjunct Pluto, a transformer.

Sadiq Khan

Mr Khan has an abundance of charm, but with that Mars-Mercury-Pluto stellium, he also has balls of steel. He'll stand up to any amount of opposition; he believes in himself and he will go to the mat for his ideals. He is a man of passion and stealth.

His political sympathies lie with old Labour. His religious sympathies lie with Islam. He is anti-Brexit, anti-Islamic extremism - indeed against all forms of racism and religious extremism.

Sadiq grew up in Tooting, South London, the son of a Pakistani bus driver with fierce aspirations for his eight children. Khan studied law and in 1994 entered the legal profession to specialize in Human Rights; he became MP for Tooting in 2005, a position he held until he took office as Mayor of London.

With a Venus-Neptune conjunction in Scorpio Mr Khan is also a romantic. On the campaign trail he spoke of his love for his wife and of wooing her underneath the Arches - McDonalds may never have had a more unusual advertisement for their fare.

Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan

8th October 1970, time unknown
London, UK

After experiencing racist abuse at local football games Khan became a supporter of Liverpool. He himself is a keen sportsman, trying out for the Surrey County Cricket Club and playing mid-field for the Parliamentary football team. Perhaps, when we establish a time of birth for Khan, we will find Mars in one of the favoured Gauquelin areas - having just risen, culminated or in the fifth house.

Khan has four years in which to prove he is a force for positive change in London. He is clearly a man of intent, however, he was elected on a retrograde Mercury and at the time he was signed in the Moon was void of course - making no major aspect to another planet before leaving the sign, in this case, Gemini.

With Mercury in retrograde, many of the policies put in by Boris Johnson could be reversed. There are likely to be delays and difficulties with all things of a Mercury nature - commerce, transport, communications, education and, last but not least, finance. Given the strong astrological portents for another global financial collapse Khan could be the man in charge of London when the economy tanks.

And then there is terrorism. It is highly likely that London will suffer a terrorist attack in the next four years, which aside from the tragedy, upheaval and pain such an event will inevitably inspire, there will be a huge decline in tourism and revenue for the capital.

As for the void-of-course Moon, it may be that despite Khan's passion, his deft negotiating skills and the worthiness of his intentions, a great many of his plans will become mired in bureaucracy and dissent thus falling by the wayside.

I hope I'm wrong, but the astrology is not placing an overwhelming seal of approval on his term in office. It's going to be controversial.

Penny Thornton

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