Sheridan Smith

25th June 1981, time unknown; Epworth, Lincolnshire

  • Sun: Cancer
  • Moon: Aries
  • Ascendant: Gemini

It has been a bad week for actress, Sheridan Smith. Caught on camera at the B.A.F.T.A. awards looking crushed when her BBC adaptation, The C Word failed to win best single drama, her disappointment was compounded by a mugging on Twitter from viewers accusing her of being a diva and a sore loser.

The following day Sheridan pulled out of a performance of Funny Girl maintaining that she was "not strong enough". Two days later The Savoy Theatre announced that she was to take up to a month off in order to get "the rest and support she needs during this very difficult and stressful time".

Sheridan Smith is one of England's finest actresses, if not the best of her generation. She has won many awards for her television roles - Mrs Biggs, The 7:39 and Cilla - and she has scored rave reviews and yet more awards for her stage performances. Her role of Fanny Bryce in Funny Girl is the most recent for which she has won plaudits from critics and audiences.

Sheridan Smith

Already some journalists are writing her off, however. Some say she has grown too big for her boots and that she is high maintenance. Yet the majority remain firmly convinced that she will not only return to her role of Fanny Bryce but will go on to give yet more mesmerizing and winning performances.

Sadly, we do not have a time of birth for Sheridan, although I suspect she has Aries rising. And sometimes Aries can be head-strong and ego-dominated. Her face is typically Arian with a little pointy chin and strong forehead. She has her Moon in Aries which certainly supplies a reason for her fighting spirit and her comedic genius, and with a potential Moon-Jupiter opposition, it is no surprise she holds such appeal for the public and has achieved enormous success. Indeed a T-square involving the Moon-Jupiter opposition squaring her Sun in Cancer would have remained operative for much of the day on which she was born.

Sheridan also has a vulnerability and whimsicality that audiences find compelling. In part this may be reflected by her Mercury-Neptune opposition. Anyone with a hard Mercury-Neptune aspect (conjunction, square and opposition) has the capacity to lose themselves in the moment, and I would suggest that her extraordinary ability to get under her characters' skins, almost become them, has everything to do with Mercury and Neptune.

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith

25th June 1981, time unknown
Epworth, Lincolnshire

We are told she is going through a "difficult and stressful time", not only because she is utterly exhausted, but because her father is gravely ill with cancer. Sheridan had no break when the musical transferred to the Savoy, and it is a demanding role even when you’re on top form, but when you've battled a virus and you are anxious about a much loved parent the pressure can become unbearable. It is also said that Sheridan, despite being a natural go-getter, has become increasingly anxious with her growing success, experiencing panic attacks before going on stage.

With a Sun in Cancer squaring a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is it any surprise that Sheridan sets the bar high for herself. She is her own greatest critic. And it is this same combination that will drive her ever onwards and upwards. All Cancerians persevere. Thus those who believe she is professionally done and dusted could not be more wrong. Plus, with Jupiter returning to its original position in September 2016 and angling the aforementioned T-Square, I would suggest she will be back on even greater form by the autumn.

Penny Thornton

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