Kylie Jenner

10th August 1997,17:31; Los Angeles, CA

  • Sun: Leo
  • Moon: Scorpio
  • Ascendant: Capricorn

It's official: Kylie Jenner, daughter of Bruce aka Caitlyn and Kris Jenner, has more Twitter followers than almost all the presidential candidates combined.

She may be only nineteen, but Kylie is as smart as a tack: she may turn out to be the most successful of all the Kardashians, and certainly the most compelling. With business-like Capricorn rising, the Sun in diva-driven Leo and Moon in passionate Scorpio she has common sense and staying power: she knows how to market her assets without revealing her secrets.

Kylie Jenner

The more interesting aspects of Kylie’s chart emerge in her Mars (Libra) on the Mid-heaven precisely 90 degrees away from Neptune. It is here we find the artist, the mystic, the sacrificial lamb and the chameleon.

Given the bizarre lifestyle she was born into Kylie has not been able to channel her Mars-Neptune gifts into medicine or helping the needy and the suffering, which someone else with such a natal aspect might well have done, but she most certainly has compassion and great sensitivity. What she is funnelling her Mars-Neptune influence into is photography and fashion. We might hope, though that in the future she will get behind the camera as director and make significant documentaries. She has the capacity to use her voice for the greater good.

Clearly, even though you may be brought up in a goldfish bowl where the borderline between reality and fantasy is non-existent, dealing with a father’s transgender transformation has to be traumatic. From the time Bruce left the marriage and began the surgery to transform him into Caitlyn, Pluto was transiting Kylie’s Ascendant. It was thus no easy matter re-evaluating her relationship with her father and re-interpreting her parents’ marriage. She must have constantly reminded herself that what doesn’t kill you cures you.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

10th August 1997,17:31
Los Angeles, CA

That she did not resort to drugs and alcohol or other forms of escapism, which are the typical underbelly of Mars-Neptune aspects, owes much to her Mars-Saturn opposition and the support and love of her strange but strong family unit.

Two other horoscope factors provide Kylie with considerable character and depth.

Mars is not only square Neptune but opposed by Saturn, thus creating a cardinal T-square. This configuration gives her inner strength and the ability to bring her dreams into reality, regardless of how long it takes.

Yet another T-square is formed by her Sun in Leo which is opposed to Jupiter in square to the Moon. Although this configuration will not give everyone a surfeit of charisma, it does Kylie.

She follows in the shoes of fellow Leo, Madonna, instinctively knowing how to fascinate her audience and constantly reinventing herself. She knows how to turn a crisis into a drama.

Penny Thornton

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