16th August 1958,07:05; Bay City, MI

  • Sun: Leo
  • Moon: Virgo
  • Ascendant: Virgo

Madonna is, according to news reports, attempting to heal the wounds of her splintered family. And with Saturn returning for a second time to its natal position in the fourth house of home and family, and squaring her natal Moon, it is a painful job, long overdue.

To be precise, Saturn will not reach its natal position until mid-December 2016, but as with all the slower moving planets a transit will be active for many months on either side of the actual date.


Poor Madonna; she is to all appearances experiencing the mother and father of a second Saturn return - accused variously of being drunk, having a melt-down and certainly "tired and emotional" during her Rebel Heart tour - however, although she may be periodically in court over custody battles with ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, she is not likely to be given a prison sentence as was Martha Stewart on her second Saturn return.

As always with Saturn, you have to pay your dues, and the issues that remain unresolved, especially those that should have been dealt with at the first return (around the age of 29) come back with a vengeance. And sometimes that involves an actual prison sentence as opposed to a metaphorical one.

The most oft-quoted horoscope for Madonna has Virgo rising with the Sun in the twelfth house and the Moon rising in Virgo, but she is Quixotic about her birth date and time, so we must treat this chart with some caution.

In many ways her twelfth house Sun is a perfect reflection of the Madonna we have come to know and love - an enigma, someone who hides behind many theatrical masks, a woman who few people understand and who feels misunderstood by many.



16th August 1958,07:05
Bay City, MI

Moon rising individuals tend to be natural parents, loving, nurturing and openly affectionate, but Madonna’s Moon is squared by Saturn, so although she may be a good mother in the sense of teaching her children how to behave and instructing them how to handle the world, she is often perceived by them as complicated and distant - out of touch. And while her children have grown up without their mother constantly by their side, it is not the physical distance that has incurred any damage so much as the emotional distance.

In 2015 her fifteen-year-old son, Rocco, refused to return to her New York home after a Christmas visit to his father, preferring to remain in London. And although relations appear to have been improved recently, another custody battle for 10-year-old, David is about to begin.

Whatever miseries Saturn may be heaping upon Madonna in 2016, they will soon be compensated for by an exuberant Jupiter transit. Jupiter will return to its natal position in 2017 while her progressed Ascendant will reach the same point, producing a double whammy in terms of growth, success and happiness. Add to this progressed Mid-heaven to her Venus in Leo, and 2017-18 could be one of the greatest periods of her life. She may well find her true love.

Penny Thornton

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