Donna Summer

31st December 1948,21:00; Boston, MA

  • Sun: Capricorn

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Donna Summer died after battling cancer for some while. Typically, and in keeping with her stoical Capricorn self (no less than five planetary bodies in this earth sign) and Saturn rising in Virgo, she hid her illness from the world, performing and writing to the end.

LaDonna Adrian Gaines came into the world on 31 December, 1948 at 9:00 pm in Boston, Massachusetts. Known as the "Queen of Disco" she was apparently 'born to sing' and clearly singing became her life. She was ten years-old when she first sang in public, reducing her audience to tears with her mature and vibrant voice. "It was quite an amazing moment in my life... I felt like God said... 'you're going to be very, very famous...' ". She did indeed achieve extraordinary fame with her unforgettable voice, and although her career waned in the late 1980's, her last album, Crayons, was released in 2008 to critical acclaim, and her final single, To Paris With Love, reached number one on the US Dance chart.

It is curious how many rock stars belong to the Capricorn clan – Elvis Presley, Rod Stewart, Janis Joplin and David Bowie among them – but it may be that since all artists resonate with Neptune, a planet whose properties are notoriously difficult to manifest and certainly to control, having the sun in earthy Capricorn allows that vision to be brought into reality.

It is touching to think that Donna went out of this world in a blaze of solar energy on 17 May – the forthcoming eclipse falling on her mid-heaven and squaring heavenly Neptune - and wherever her spirit takes her, her voice and her music will always be here.

Penny Thornton

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