Meryl Streep

22nd June 1949,08:05; Summit, NJ

  • Sun: Cancer

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I wouldn’t have picked out Meryl as a sun Cancer, I would have gone for Gemini – this outgoing , witty and vocal actress has so many faces! - and I wouldn’t have been far wrong.

La Streep has a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Gemini, which provides her with that famous versatility, and her sun is conjunct eccentric Uranus. Leo, the Diva, rises – as well it might – but what is more significant is Pluto’s position, which is conjunct the Ascendant, and providing her with the ability to transform herself into the people she portrays on screen and stage. The moon in Taurus is to be found in the 10th house of career and life-goals – no wonder she made such a fabulous job of being Julia Child, the illustrious American cook. (I’m sure Meryl can knock up a pretty mean coq au vin, when she wants.)

Ms Streep also benefits from an angular Jupiter, in her case conjunct the descendant - cusp of the relationship house - which has clearly played a part in her long and happy marriage to sculptor, Don Gummer, with whom she has four children. She is one of the most admired actresses of her generation – 2 Oscars, 8 Golden Globes, 2 BAFTA’s, and a long string of other awards to her name.

Penny Thornton

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