Nicolas Sarkozy

28th January 1955,19:24; Paris, FRANCE

  • Sun: Aquarius

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Dynamite in a bottle neatly sums up Sarkozy's horoscope. The sun in airy Aquarius and a moon-Mars conjunction in fiery Aries all squeezed through an anal-retentive Virgo Ascendant. Si Fran├žais... The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Cancer is elevated and in close sextile to the Ascendant thus encouraging ingenuity and unconventionality and a liking to side-step - or is that ignore? - red tape. Mercury (his ruler) is tightly opposed to Pluto giving him a penetrating intellect and superb powers of analysis - he's one of the great out-manoeuverers and not a man to be argued with. Venus in Sagittarius sits at the base of the chart, conjunct the IC, bestowing him with something of a charmed life.

Penny Thornton

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