Angelina Jolie

4th June 1975,09:09; Los Angeles, CA

  • Sun: Gemini

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Come out, come out, wherever you are. We have seen Angelina in many different roles - and we're talking real life here, not celluloid - mother, vamp, victim, siren, saviour, heroine... She is the personification of Ms Gemini. Cancer rises with Venus bang on the Ascendant providing beauty and harmony of form. This is not the whole story though. A stellium in Aries on the Mid-heaven - moon, Mars and Jupiter - shows ambition and a high degree of self-obsession, not to mention a headstrong, combative side. The moon and Mars are opposed by Pluto enabling her to continually reinvent herself yet also creating considerable conflict in her life - she has a manipulative and ruthless streak. Plus, with Venus squaring Uranus, relationships are rarely built to last.

Penny Thornton

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