Johnny Depp

9th June 1963,08:44; Owensboro, KY

  • Sun: Gemini

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Like all Geminis Johnny Depp is adept at concealing himself. The real Mr Depp is to be found in earth signs - a total of six, including Mars, Venus, Mercury and the moon - so he's got his two feet firmly planted on terra firma. Despite the flirtatious twinkle in his eye he is Mr Faithful at heart - a family man, a traditionalist. Leo rises with Jupiter in Aries trining the Ascendant, which may have something to do with his enduring fame and popularity. His dark side - and what card-carrying Gemini is without one - is located in the Mars-Uranus-Pluto stellium in Virgo. Sex is a medium through which he both finds and loses himself but there's a disturbing history here somewhere and some damage. Maybe a past life, if you go along with that notion.

Penny Thornton

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