The Year Ahead, 2018

2018 marks an astrological sea change. Three of the most influential planets will be in different signs, changing the dynamics at work in our individual lives and on the world’s stage.

It will be a year of great possibilities.

Why I am bullish about 2018 is that the non-personal planets will be in signs that work well together. This gives hope that some of the world’s problems will be tackled in different ways with better results.  And the same principle will be alive and well in our own lives.

The sea-change was triggered when Jupiter entered Scorpio on the 10th October last year. Almost to the day the naming and shaming of sexual predators began, first in Hollywood, and by mid-November notable figures in all walks of life, including television, media and politics, had joined the list.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, expands the properties of any sign it transits: it is a planet of justice and ethics, and its effects are far-reaching; Scorpio, on the other hand, is synonymous with the taboo, the hidden and the mysterious, which not only includes sex, but such things as the “deep state” and the dark web; underground movements and secret organizations; oil, gas, nuclear power and radiation.

Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until the 8th November, and during the coming months we can expect secrets to be revealed, corruption exposed and the powerful to fall.

Jupiter’s passage through Scorpio puts us in touch with our deepest and darkest recesses: that old chestnut the only thing to fear is fear itself will have meaning for us all, regardless of our sun sign. Each of us will have an opportunity to face our fears – and they will be different for everyone – and overcome them.

On 21st December Saturn moved into its own sign of Capricorn where it will remain for the next two and a half years. Before the discovery of Uranus, Saturn was the outermost planet in the solar system; it was associated with limits, boundaries and time. As such Saturn has a relationship with law and order, the establishment, government, leadership, tax, borders and time-honoured systems and organizations. With Saturn in its own sign all the aforementioned will acquire an even higher priority.

In terms of our personal lives, Saturn in Capricorn will demand we meet our obligations and become model citizens. There will be nowhere to hide when it comes to “fiddling the system”. Tax havens will no longer be the refuge of the wealthy; no individual will be too powerful to escape trial and punishment. Security will become tighter, borders less permeable.

The above may not sound a lot of fun, but we will be safer and we will be learning to live within our means.

The third planet to change signs and so inspire a personal and collective shift is Uranus. With the discovery of this planet in 1781, our entire perception of the solar system changed, and in its wake mankind took great leaps in knowledge. On 15th May Uranus enters Taurus and will transit this earth sign for the next seven years. Taurus has an affinity with finance, property, nature, the arts and all things of the earth including its produce. Financial upsets, food shortages and natural disasters (most due to climate change) could be among some of the less wonderful prospects we face, although we should also look forward to technological and engineering breakthroughs; discoveries that will help mankind overcome some of the challenges of global warming.

While the effects of Uranus in Taurus on our individual lives will vary depending on our date of birth, what it is most likely to inspire is an increasing awareness of the fragility of our planet, and it will change our relationship with money and the value we place on possessions. Given that Saturn is in harmony with Uranus for much of 2018, we may welcome many of the financial developments that occur, and even if we don’t enjoy the fact that our homes are worth less than they once were, those who could not afford to get onto the property ladder will have a chance to do so.

Of course, we cannot rest on our laurels, so to speak. 2018 might be a year of great possibilities but from 2019 we are moving into tougher times. As Saturn moves forward in Capricorn it will eventually meet up with Pluto (12 January, 2020) and when Saturn meets Pluto conflict is almost always the result.

We can already see the potential flashpoints lining up: Donald Trump has sent the fur flying in North Korea, Saudi Arabia appears to be on a mission to change the shape of the Middle East and as the Brexit negotiations stumble on hope for a civilized divorce is looking increasingly bleak. And then there is the rise of the far right. If the demonstration by the far right in Charlottesville USA last August and the mass demonstration in Warsaw in mid-November are anything to go by the march of the far right is on the rise. And we only need to look back to the Nineteen-thirties to see what happened when the far right is in power.  

But let’s not go there now. Let us instead enjoy the prospect of a 2018 in which we can all make some kind of progress. And ultimately, of course, the planets do not control us: we have the power to chart our own course, meeting those slings and arrows of fate with ingenuity, determination and an unshakeable belief that light always overcomes the darkness.

Penny Thornton

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