The Year Ahead, 2016

Another year, another opportunity to make a dream come true, or at least do a better job of fulfilling our New Year’s resolutions. Will 2016 bring us nearer a cure for dementia? Will the economy shrink and the price of oil rise? Will Prince Harry find his princess and will the White House become home to the first female President of the United States?

Astrology may not be able to answer all these questions but I can say that 2016 will be a landmark year; it will be a year of transformations.

2016 marks the end of a nine-year cycle, so it is also a year of endings. Think back to 2007 when this nine-year cycle began. More specifically, think back to the ninth month of 2007 - September - when the economy came tumbling down and institutions we believed were immutable collapsed in front of our very eyes. It was the end of the Age of Prosperity and the beginning of the Age of Austerity.

So, with 2016 being a year of endings does this mean the end of hard times?

The thing about endings is that nothing new can take root and prosper unless closure occurs. We know this from personal experience. We cannot open our heart to someone new unless we have processed the grief, anger and all those unpleasant emotions from the previous relationship; and if we do leap into a new relationship without having experienced closure, the new relationship is doomed to repeat the patterns of the past.

And so it is with the economy. We may have learned to live on less, to make do and mend, but the practices that brought down banking institutions in 2007 have not changed; new measures intended to prevent a repeat of the crisis have not been fully implemented. No Mr Big went to jail; still too few degrees of separation exist between high risk investment banking and consumer banking. And still the national debt continues to rise. Because of all this we could be heading toward an even bigger economic collapse. Maybe not in 2016, but keep your eyes trained on 2020.

So, no, 2016 is not the end of austerity but it is a year when, if wrongs can be righted in whatever walk of life, the future for 2020 will look a lot brighter, the world will be a better place. And we don’t just have to wait and see what David Cameron and George Osborne can do to improve our lot.

We may have no control over the decisions made by huge institutions and world leaders, but we are in charge of our own actions. And I am a firm believer in the concept that every step each of us takes to become a wiser and more compassionate individual helps humanity as a whole onward and upward.

Perhaps our most important New Year’s resolution, therefore, should be to act with grace and forbearance whatever the cosmos and the government care to throw at us.

Two planets have placed their signatures on the last nine years: Uranus, the revolutionary and Pluto, the transformer. Together they have wreaked havoc with the global economy and periodically brought the eruo-zone to the brink; they gave birth to the “Arab Spring” and are now enjoying some of their best work in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, and presiding over the desperate flight of millions of refugees from their war-torn homelands. And if you’ve seen your marriage collapse, your job come to an end and faced huge unplanned changes, you can be certain Uranus and Pluto have had a hand in it.

However, these planets are not really the “bad guys” we astrologers often make them out to be. They are in charge of taking humanity to the next stage of its evolution. In so doing, they inspire huge advances in science, technology and medicine, and we will see even more of these breakthroughs in 2016. Put a ring around 16th March, 26th June and 24th November when these planets are operating at their transformational best. There could be significant advances in the understanding and treatment of cancer and the nature of ageing. Yes, 70 really is going to be the new 45!

During 2016 Uranus and Pluto will be inspiring the end of chapters and the beginning of new ones for those of you with birthdays from 6th - 11th January, 4th - 13th April, 7th - 15th July and 8th -17th October.  So, if you have been debating the wisdom of a major life-change, debate no more: the green light is on.

Two other planets that give the year its individual character are Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn is at the beginning of its journey through Sagittarius, and bringing its maturing influence to bear on members of this sign and the Geminians, the Virgoans and the Pisceans. You’ll work harder than ever for results but when you get them they’ll be long-lasting.

To even things out a little Jupiter, the Fortunate, will spend nine months of the year in Virgo heaping blessings on these same four signs. Additions to the family, upwardly-mobile moves and a moment in the spotlight could be on the menu.

From early September Jupiter will transit Libra elevating the success rate and bringing happiness not only to this sign but Aries, Cancer and Capricorn. September is the beginning of your landmark year.

The fixed signs - Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius - are looking at a year of consolidation. With no great booms and slumps, you have an opportunity to regroup, reboot your energies and hopes and set in place long-term projects.  Food for thought for Hillary Clinton who has three planets in Scorpio. I’d call the presidency a long-term project, although the notion of regrouping casts an altogether different slant on her year ahead.

Saturn last made its way through Sagittarius almost 29 years ago. It was a time when Margaret Thatcher was in power and Ronald Reagan in the White house. Great lessons were learned and major changes occurred in the travel and publishing industries - Fleet Street moved to Wapping, the Challenger Space craft exploded shortly after take-off and Richard Branson’s power boat, Virgin Challenger II, broke the world record for crossing the Atlantic. So we can expect some major new trends and the occasional serious loss involving the airline business and the world of sport, media, books, magazines and newspapers.

And now the really important question: will Prince Harry find his princess? Harry’s astrological signals for love and marriage went off some five to seven years ago when Chelsy Davy was in the picture. He and Chelsy have some powerful and enduring links between their charts and if the opportunity arises for them to try a rematch, and in 2016, an engagement could be on the cards with a Royal wedding in 2017. Chelsy really is Harry’s true love. They should be together.

Here’s to 2016 - a year of transformation for us all.

Penny Thornton

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