The Year Ahead, 2014

Most of us see the first day of the year as the beginning of a new journey. We make affirmations, resolutions, and hope in our heart that the coming twelve months will be better than the last, but the cosmos has no care for calendars: the planets do not get themselves realigned on the 1st of January; they don’t begin a new journey as soon as midnight strikes on 31 December: they continue in their orbits, occasionally entering new signs, changing direction and forming angles one with another. Which is a roundabout way of saying that on 1 January 2014 a whole new and marvellous alignment that will magically set all wrongs to rights will not be a-coming in: we remain stuck under the same celestial canopy that we have been since 2011.

There will be some differences, of course, and I will look at those shortly, but in the main we must continue to watch as Uranus and Pluto detonate old structures then wait to see what new and better ones can be built out of the rubble. We have seen this process going on in the Arab world since December 2010, and in the eurozone, and we have recognized it in our own lives. And whether we are happy or sad to witness the demise of the old the establishing of the new is a daunting task, and one that cannot be accomplished overnight.

I have got my eyes focused on April for some of the more spectacular events of the year. A powerful configuration known as a Grand Cross  will form, which is in turn  sandwiched between two eclipses – the first in Libra (15th April) and the second in Taurus (29th April). I am sure great things will happen at this time: exciting technological breakthroughs, for instance, sensational human achievements, and controversies that will keep us glued to our TVs for weeks at a stretch; babies will be born who will be the movers and shakers of the new world, and some leading figures will leave the world’s stage. But I am also expecting this same period to produce global events that could send the markets tumbling. October has a similarly volatile aura.

The February Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, begin and end with Mercury in retrograde, so these Games will not be without controversy and there could be some feats of skill and daring that do not end well. Plus, you don’t need to be an astrologer to figure out that the event will be a focus for political protests; some of them very heated indeed.

Jupiter will start the year in Cancer, enter Leo on 16th July where it will remain until August of 2015. Jupiter’s transit of Cancer – the sign of motherhood and all things female - has already revealed its power to bring women to the forefront in all walks of life, but especially business and politics. Where would we be without Angela Merkel and Christine Lagarde – Cancerians both – and Hillary Clinton? Cancer is also the sign of the home, and with Jupiter’s transit we have witnessed a boost in property prices, which looks set to continue through 2014.

Jupiter will be at the opposite point in the zodiac to Pluto on 31st January and 20th April, which are dates well worth watching for major gains and losses. Not perhaps the time to head off to the casino’s of Las Vegas with your entire savings, but to wait and see what fate and karma have to offer...

Jupiter’s passage through Leo could produce soe important royal stories. Last year saw coronations in Holland and Luxembourg, and the birth of a future King of England, but these royal events could be eclipsed by even bigger ones in 2014. Could there be a change of guard at Buckingham Palace? Will Prince Harry marry his Cressida, and Princess Kate fall pregnant with baby number two? And could the Norwegian Royal family be swept up by a scandal no one ever expected? Once again April could prove significant here, and late October/early November.

Saturn remains in Scorpio for the final year in this cycle, moving into Sagittarius on 23rd December. One of the pluses of this hard-nosed planet in depth-charged Scorpio is that we can no longer ignore the signs of climate change and the diminution of Earth’s resources. In 2014 we can expect more demonstrations of the force of Nature, whether in the form of freak weather or earthquakes.

Saturn in Scorpio may not be the only reason we are suffering from the effects of the austerity measures taken by our governments, but this combination can exacerbate our fears that we are losing our freedoms and being manipulated and lied to by those in power. Big Brother is no longer an entity in a novel. Thanks to Saturn in Scorpio individuals with a conscience have risked their lives to reveal the extent of mass surveillance programmes being carried out in our name by our own governments. And there will be more.

Which brings me neatly on to 2014 being a Number Seven year.

The number seven resonates with planet Neptune, which gives 2014 its special character. In a nutshell 2014 is going to be a year of mystery. There could be a rise in the sightings of “strange objects in the sky”, miraculous occurrences, and if ever there was a year in which spiritual leaders might change the shape of history, it is 2014.  Yet 2014 is also a year of illusion and deception. Issues of trust will be to the fore, and there will be many examples of individuals who and companies that have misled the public.

And then there’s the number seven and love. Some of the things I am most looking forward to in the coming year are the love stories that will warm our hearts. Selfless actions performed for the sake of others, people who have found each other against all the odds, and, why not – another beautiful royal wedding.

Happy days.

Penny Thornton

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