2012 - Global Trends

2012 is considered to be such a portentous year for the planet that Hollywood even made a movie about it. It was, sad to say, all doom and gloom with a lot of fire and brimstone thrown in for good measure.

So, why has 2012 caught people’s imagination? What is there about the year ahead that is so awe-inspiring?

In a nutshell, the ancient Maya developed a sophisticated and extremely complicated calendar that spanned the millennia and it stops, according to many scholars, on 21 December 2012.

Too add fuel to the fire of speculation, it is said that the earth will align with the Galactic Centre on that very day, which could have some very undesirable consequences for our planet.

Let me assure you, this is nonsense. Yes, the solar system, which includes planet Earth, will cross the galactic equator – an imaginary great circle dividing an equally imaginary celestial sphere – but (and it is such an important but) this happens twice a year, every year. Actually, there is a little bit more to it than this but for our purposes here, it is all we need to know.

More to the point, that the Mayan Calendar reaches an end does not mean the Maya thought everything, including life on earth, would stop on a certain date: no, they believed a whole new cycle would begin.

This is the whole idea behind the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. We stand on the threshold of a new age, and the transition from the old to the new, like two great oceans meeting, is generating a lot of turbulence.

Although the business about the Galactic Centre and 21-12-12 is hogwash, it is obvious that the world is going through a great period of turmoil, and there are some planetary signatures on our term of trial.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn in late 2008, coincided with the collapse of Lehman Brothers, which precipitated the global economic downturn that we are still struggling to get a handle on. Pluto was and is not alone, however. With the arrival of Saturn in Libra (October 2009) and Uranus in Aries (May 2010) a configuration was born that is the essence of revolution – ends of old orders and the beginning of new. And this configuration will still be in place for much of 2012.

In 2011, we caught a glimpse of the positive potential of this great configuration in the Arab Spring, and as we enter 2012 we can but hope that the turmoil in the euro zone will lead to a new and better Europe, and a global economy on the road to recovery.

My personal belief is, however, that 2012 will take us to the brink regarding the economy.

2012 may not be the end of the world in terms of asteroids on a collision course with planet Earth but a banking crisis that will affect every country, every person. Food and fuel shortages, an increasing divide between the rich and the poor, civil wars and the break-up of the euro zone could be on the agenda. And you probably don’t need me to tell you that finance minister, Jacek Rostowski, believes that the incipient break-up of the euro zone will lead to war within ten years.

And that ten-year time line is interesting, since it will take Pluto until 2023 to complete its transit of Capricorn, and it has always been my belief that 2012/2013 represents the middle of ‘our term of trial’. Thus, in ten years time, the worst will actually be behind us so war in Europe appears not to be in our stars.

Now, before you book a seat on the next rocket ship to Mars, as with all crises, we will come through wiser and better. The word, crisis, is derived from the Greek krisis and means ‘turning point’. And we should keep this in mind every time we watch another wave of chaos threatening to engulf us.

Jupiter’s passage through Taurus until 11 June will cushion us from the worst effects of the double-dip recession. This is the time to buy property, with a view to the long-term, and the rental market should be booming. And if you’ve not yet grown your own vegetables, it’s time to get sowing seeds. The earth could yield many of its riches in these six months, with discoveries of new oil fields and mineral deposits. Indeed, Neptune’s entry into its own sign, Pisces, on 3 February – a 14-year transit - promises to open up the under-sea world in ways we could not possibly imagine.

As Jupiter moves through Gemini (June, 2012 – July 2013) solutions to complex problems will appear, and with them crucial developments in the fields of medicine and science, education, publishing and travel. This transit will speed the growth and effectiveness of communication systems, although, on the down side, it could increase the spread of air-borne diseases, interfere periodically with air quality; as for those annoying computer viruses and other acts of cyber-terrorism - the internet security business will be booming.

Saturn enters the sign of Scorpio on 5 October. The last time Saturn transited this complex water sign was during the years of 1983-1986 – years of austerity maybe, but we did have ABBA, Dynasty, shoulder pads and big hair to cheer us up! And, Scorpio is synonymous with rebirth, thereby raising the prospect of a two-to-three year process of recovery. Oh, and, by the way, I wouldn’t bet on President Obama making it to a second term. Indeed, I think we’ll see a lot of leaders falling on their swords, so to speak, in 2012.

There is talk in ‘new-age’ circles of an expansion of consciousness occurring on or around that date of 21-12-12, and while I think we can rule out a giant rainbow of light and energy emerging from the heavens and transporting us into a new and better reality, we should not underestimate the power of the spirit to work through us, helping us make wise decisions and to act with courage and compassion.

In my year-ahead horoscopes for every sign, I have tried to be realistic about the planetary portents without squeezing the wells of optimism dry – after all I’m in there with you, balancing my budget, trying to do the best for my family and generally meet the demands of 21st Century life. The way each of us experiences the events of 2012 is, of course, unique, yet we all live under the same canopy of stars and are caught up in a collective fate. When I prepare the year-ahead horoscopes for you, I explore those trends from twelve different perspectives, basing my advice on the weaknesses and strengths of each sign. We face a challenging year but one with great rewards, provided we handle everything that comes at us with wisdom and serenity.

Bon voyage!

Penny Thornton

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