It's not often that we see revolution so clearly etched in a mundane chart, but the military coup that took place in Zimbabwe this past week (15th November) occurred as revolutionary Uranus hovered over the Sun in Aries and the IC.

Some six weeks before, the third and final Jupiter-Uranus opposition had straddled the MC-IC axis, and the total solar eclipse of 21 August had fallen on Zimbabwe's Mars, which is in turn square natal Uranus. The writing was clearly on the wall.

Zimbabwe Military Coup

At this point in time, all seems calm on the Zimbabwe front, although this may well change in the coming weeks. Currently, President Robert Mugabe, is under house arrest, reports suggesting that he is being persuaded to step down.

We do not have an accurate time of birth for Mugabe, although I have seen a chart raised for 11: 15 am local time, which yields an Ascendant of 17 degrees Taurus and a Mid-heaven of 17 degrees Aquarius. Based on the Sun, Moon and planetary positions of his solar chart, there is little to explain the sudden rupture of his political career – thirty-seven years in power. We can only assume that Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is currently transiting the angles of his chart.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

Although many will be relieved to see Mugabe go, he was in his earlier years a brave fighter for Zimbabwe's independence, reflective, perhaps, of his Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius, which connects with Zimbabwe's mutable T-square: Venus opposition Neptune squaring Saturn.

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13th Nov 2017 - 19th Nov 2017

It may be summer in the southern hemisphere - skies may be blue, the sun shining brightly - but this week’s astrology suits the dark, dank days of late autumn.Light is in short supply.Of all the complex aspects forming now, the relationship between Mars and Pluto is the most intense.

Mars, the warlord of the solar system, and Pluto, lord of the underworld, are not a happy couple. When these planets are aligned they bring simmering situations to boiling point; they eliminate with force and at the very least they generate an adversarial climate.Ideally light needs to be brought into dark corners now; corruption exposed and dark deeds paid for.

And this theme should be as much in evidence on the world’s stage as it is in our own lives.Life can be brutal.


November 2017

Scorpio: With so many astrological blessings, you should have no cause for complaint…


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