This has been a slow week for news. The Brexit negotiations bump along, Catalonia's vote for independence seems to have had the reverse effect and President Trump continues to amaze (not in good way). Which brings me onto the one item of news that brought a smile to my face. The possibility that Melania Trump is using a double.

Melania Trump

I feel for Melania. She may be rich beyond imagination but she does not look happy. Perhaps the real Melania is indeed, as one journalist speculated, living in a small town in Missouri offering counselling and support on a volunteer basis to refugees and immigrants.

Of course, I am not serious. There is no Melania double living in the White House.

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

We don't really need to feel sorry for Melania. She is as tough as titanium. Whatever her rising sign, she has the Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in stalwart Taurus and the Moon in redoubtable Capricorn. She's not a woman to be trifled with. She may even wear the pants back home in Trumpland.

What we also know is she was born in Slovenia and speaks five languages. She was a model, launched a jewellery line and appeared on an Aflac commercial.

Jupiter returned to its original position recently and will, during the next twelve months, oppose her Taurus planets, so we can expect to see a lot more of Melania in her public role. And with a natal Mars-Neptune opposition she has a caring and compassionate side, enough even to volunteer her services to care and support those who suffer.

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23rd Oct 2017 - 29th Oct 2017

I may have mentioned this before, but I am not a lover of autumn. I was a spring baby, a lover of warmth and sunshine, so with summertime ending officially this Sunday and the clocks going back, depression has set in. How I hate the twilight afternoons and the dark mornings.Not that you would find any loss of optimism in the astrology. A glorious Sun-Jupiter conjunction is enough to lighten the darkest mood, so aside from the prospect of some good news in general we should all benefit from a shot of positivity in our personal lives.If you listen to my audios you’ll know I talk a lot about harnessing the influences and making them work for us rather than sitting back and waiting for the gods of change to do all the work.

So, ideally, we all need to look at a situation in our own lives that has been inspiring dark thoughts and fears and throw some light on it.

Perhaps this means making an apology or getting over a disappointment; maybe it means picking up a lost cause and giving it one more try. They say it is better to give than to receive, and under Jupiter’s magnanimous influence, let’s give it a try.


October 2017

Scorpio: It’s all systems go! With every personal planet in Libra, you have all you need to be a success and to charm and influence whomever you please. As for sitting on that famous fence – you’re having none of it…


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