YouTube On this page you can find a selection of videos that I have made or been a part of. I will be updating this page as often as possible, but if you would like to view more of my videos right now then please take a look at my YouTube channel.

The TV Cooking Series

Just in case you thought astrology was just about sun sign forecasts, take a look at my recent appearance on South Africa's Expresso Show. Enjoy!

Cape Malay Coconut Curry with Charred Apricots

Citrus Gin Cured Salmon, Pickled Cucumber ribbons & Wasabi Mayo

Pear & Almond Tart

Chorizo and White Bean Soup



I have just joined Poland's wonderful magazine, ZWIERCIADLO, so if you are Polish, you will be able to read your monthly forecast in your own language. And, whether you are Polish or not, you might enjoy watching this clip from the morning TV show on which I appeared this past New Year's Eve.
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Penny Thornton

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