Sagittarius in Love

Like a speeding arrow from your Archer's quiver, you enter the game of love, your only thought to conquer the man you've fallen for and to beat the competition. All the fire signs, of which you are the third, tend to make a battle-ground of their love life - ardour first, everything else, including conscience and certainly wisdom, second. Where you differ from your fire sign sisters is that you are a sprinter in the love stakes, not a marathon runner, in fact you can be quite capricious and difficult to pin down. Yes, you fall madly in love but you can fall out again with surprising speed. Men are attracted to your vivaciousness, your humour, your get up and go, and your enterprise - if anyone has a solution, you do, if anyone needs help, you're there for them. You appear endlessly optimistic and confident on the surface, but you do get hurt, and rather often. Why?

Well, deep down you are terrified of commitment: you are a free spirit, and even though you need love and support just like anyone else, you are equally fearful of being trapped in the tedium of marriage, your horizons shrinking as the years go by. You are eternally young, always looking for the next 'big thing', the next adventure: you do not take easily to the responsibilities and ties of marriage, even though your biological clock ticks as loudly as every other child-bearing woman's. You are non-judgemental and very liberal in your views about fidelity and marriage: after the initial sting of betrayal, you will forgive and forget; likewise, if some other woman isn't looking after her man, you'll have no compunction in taking him away. A little more consideration about where your actions will take you and how they may affect someone else would go a considerable way to speeding your course to happy-ever-afterness. Nevertheless, you have one of the biggest hearts in the zodiac, and someone usually finds it and keeps it.

The Sagittarian Man

They seek him here, they seek him there... Yes, I'm afraid the Sagittarian man is hard to catch - not hard to interest, not difficult to enchant, just near impossible to get to the altar. He is terrific fun, quite the lad, but absolutely not into long-term commitment, in fact he's the zodiac's leading commitment-phobe. If you want him, you're going to have to play the game of running as fast as you can in the opposite direction, refusing all invitations to move in with him, never leaving as much as a toothbrush in his bathroom. Mr Sagittarius loves women who ooze feeling and mystery yet he's also drawn to females who wield power and influence. What drives him away are weeping and wailing, despair and need.

Who's For You

The other Mutable signs top your list of the men most likely to floor and adore you - Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and another Sagittarian. Mr Pisces can barely be resisted: he is the most endearing chap - romantic and idiosyncratic, he keeps you fascinated, and sexually enthralled. In the long run, however, his chronic undependability and his victim mentality can bring the relationship to its knees. Mr Virgo is also a magnet for you. You love this man's mind, his reserve and his unflappable manner - he is not impressed by your dramas, which initially stabilizes the relationship but ultimately stalls it. The Gemini man is your best long-term bet: you both suffer from the commitment jitters but there is just enough sexual tension and enough mutual admiration to keep the relationship going. And much the same could be said for another Sagittarian - two peas in a pod, sometimes in perfect symbiosis on life's path, and sometimes headed in totally opposite directions. Aquarius and Libra are two other serious contenders in the love stakes - easy-going, fair and non-judgemental.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Garnet, amethyst and topaz.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Sagittarius

What a relief! For the first time in almost three years you do not have Saturn clinging to your coattails slowing you down, constantly reminding you of your failings and thwarting your ambitions and desires. Month by month your optimism will return and by the time Jupiter enters your sign (8 November) you’ll be on top of your game. What you may still have to watch is finances. The temptation to invest in bigger and better things should be resisted and that cliché ¬– less is more – pinned to the fridge door! You could go to some strange places in 2018, whether we’re talking travel or experience, and broadening your knowledge and adding to your skills is a major theme. Some Sagittarians will be ready to put down roots and provided you keep to the less-is-more theme this is a good year to do so. Jupiter’s retrograde passage (9 March – 10 July) offers you a chance to return over old ground, whether in terms of location, a relationship or your career.

One of the most positive and resourceful signs of the zodiac, you could be a little needy this year and require more stability and commitment from a partner. You have been through a challenging period of your life and are a tad gun-shy. Single Archers and those who have ended long-term relationships should abandon the hit and miss approach to love and instead understand their needs and make informed choices. Take it slow and don’t be too eager to declare your passion. Travel plays a part in the love story, whether you meet a new partner en route or a relationship that has seen better days is rekindled in a distant place. And some Sagittarians will reconnect with a lost-love and embark on a rematch. May is the month for romance and September a time when relationship crossroads are reached.

One of the constants for 2018 is: take it slow. You have been released from your term of trial but you have to get your sea-legs back. You need to think long-term. Do you need to retrain? Do you need to build up funds or regain the trust and respect of others? Such things cannot be rushed. Many Sagittarians will change career course, some because a job ends allowing you to consider where your talents might be better suited and others through an offer, which could appear in late November. 2018 is a seed-planting year: put in the behind-the-scenes work and you’ll achieve the recognition and success you so deserve in 2019. Property could prove problematic, whether there are costly renovations and repairs, and bringing down your price if you’re selling and not going below the offer price if you’re purchasing is advised. Elective surgery could be on the menu for some and in general 2018 is a year to fix what’s broken!

Penny Thornton

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