Libra in Love

As the most partner-oriented sign in the zodiac, why is it that you have so many relationship crises? Those scales you balance on your graceful shoulders surely make you the most reasonable of people. Well, you are reasonable but you're also very keen to set the balance straight, and that can involve an awful lot of ups and downs, and a fair amount of arguments. You are, of course, the most desirable of women - you know how to make the best of yourself, whether or not you've been gifted with perfect features and a figure to die for, and your charm is legendary. Men fall in love with you at the drop of a hat, and, given the work you put into the art of relating and the give and take of marriage, it's hard to see why they ever leave you. Well, to be honest, you tend to be the one to spilt the mighty atom: when you've waited long enough to get back what you put into a relationship and realized your other half is never going to meet you, even half-way, you finally leave. Admittedly, you almost always have someone else to go to, to lessen the pain and panic of separation, but you do own a pair of designer boots - and for walking all over your mystified men!

Most people consider Virgo to be the zodiac's perfectionist but it's you: you expect a knight whose shining armour never tarnishes, and you'll go from one love affair to another until you find it. What you really need to do, however, is accept that no man is perfect and that no matter how you try, you cannot change a leopard's spots. Another technique to help you find long-term happiness in marriage is to take a much slower and reserved entry into a relationship in the first place: allow him to show what he can do for you, let him do the work. Draw the lines in the sand from the outset, and with a little bit of Libran good luck, you'll create a perfect heaven of a relationship in which to spend the rest of your life.

The Libran Man

Picking out Mr Libra in a crowd is easy: he's the debonair, urbane culture-vulture, hobnobbing with those of power and influence while making sure he's being seen in the best light. Charming? You've never been so charmed. He has manners, he is attentive, empathizes with you and your problems. He can be politically correct and let you pay for dinner but he'd rather play the gentleman. Don't be fooled though, it's just his captivating ruse to gain control. You see, he is a Cardinal sign - ambitious and self-motivated - and he's also a narcissist, which means no matter how much he talks about sharing, his main concern is himself. He's also not the sexiest guy in the zodiac - he may have a passion for erotica but intimacy and hot, steamy exchanges are simply not his thing.

Who's For You

Librans can knit a relationship out of any wool! In other words, you can make a match with any of the twelve signs, however, you will tend to be most attracted to your Cardinal fellows - Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. To begin with you and Mr Capricorn form a mutual admiration society: he loves your classiness while you admire his drive and strength, yet in the long run he can turn into a control-freak, appearing stingy, leaden and uncommunicative. The Cancerian, with his sensitivity, mystery and dependability can also make a wonderful partner: the only thing to watch here is that both of you have a dislike of confrontation, so that unexpressed hurt and resentments may lead to a permanent frost on the relationship. Aries is another good match - he is dashing and colourful, passionate and disarming: he makes all the decisions and you are in charge of carrying them out entirely as you wish. What can you say about a Libra-Libra relationship other than it's a perfect reflection of you - the good, the bad and the ugly! Sagittarius and Leo are two other signs who bring out your best - and vice versa.

Your Stone

What you should wear in your wedding or engagement ring

Pink diamond, rose quartz, opal.

Life Love Money The Year Ahead for Libra

Hopefully, you made the most of Jupiter’s transit of your sign last year by planting seeds for the future and grabbing those opportunities as soon as they appeared. Jupiter has now moved on to the zone of self-worth, so you continue to be in a phase where your star can rise and you can acquire more backing – financial and otherwise. Saturn’s new position is less of a plus, but it can be worked with. Practical decisions may need to be made regarding a senior member of the family and some Libran parents are going to have to dig deep into their pockets for an offspring. Buying and selling property could be more challenging, and cost-cutting exercises on essential maintenance will prove a false economy. There could be unexpected new arrivals and surprise weddings, and offers appearing in late January and early February could alter your horizons in the most unanticipated of ways. 2018 is a year to go places without reservations – and in every sense of the phrase.

Uranus temporarily moves out of the relationship zone from mid-May to early November, so there is a more settled feel to your love life for a good part of the year. Add to this Venus’s transit of your sign (August to early September and all of November) and there could be some excellent relationship developments. Whether you find love and happiness because you feel great about yourself, or your self-worth rises because someone loves you unconditionally, is the great chicken and egg conundrum, but whichever way round love happens, relish it. 2018, especially the last quarter, is a boom time for Libran nuptials. The year’s eclipses fall on the axis of creativity and collaboration, which includes love-affairs, and eclipses are very fateful things. You could be struck by the thunderbolt of love (possibly in March) or problems may arise because a colleague or friend falls in love with you. Love? It’s complicated.

The positive aspect to Saturn’s arrival at the base of your chart is that it will give you the desire for a more settled lifestyle. And Librans always bring into reality what they most desire. The challenge you face is that you are going against the astrological current, especially if being settled means getting a home. It may be that you cannot find the right place to live or that there are delays and problems with your home, but Saturn’s way is the way of persistence. And this same advice could apply to your career. You may feel as though people are standing in your way or that age is against you; and although you can make good money in 2018 payments could be delayed and costs rise in tandem with your income. But press on. Jupiter’s transit of the zone of self-worth will help you make money and achieve good financial agreements. Indeed, some Librans will make their fortune in 2018.

Penny Thornton

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