Lifescope* is the latest addition to my collection of personal reports. So many of you have requested a basic birth chart interpretation that I apologize for keeping it from you for so long!

This 20-40-page report, based on the exact time, date and place you were born, provides an in-depth, comprehensive view of your personality, gifts and directions in life. The text describes each of the planetary bodies, their sign position, chart (house) position, and the angles they form with one another. The rising sign (Ascendant) is covered, as are the balance of the qualities (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and the elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water signs ). The very pattern of the chart is discussed, revealing and contrasting your inner and outer self. Not only this, but also an overview of the major transits you are currently experiencing. An altogether fascinating and absorbing report.

I am sure you will find this an extremely valuable addition to your personal astrological library too.

Price: £15.95 GBP

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