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The Ask Penny service is not a computer-generated report. Ask a question and Penny will personally set up your natal chart, calculate the progressions and transits and givie her considered opinion.

While it is helpful to you to focus your thoughts on a single, most important point, the more detail you provide surrounding your question, the more fully it will be answered. For instance a question stating: when will I marry? could be answered in one sentence: July 2013 or unlikely!

On the other hand, the same question with the following information - I have been married before but divorced in 2002 due to my husband's infidelity; since then I have been cautious about forming close emotional bonds with anyone. Will I ever meet someone I can trust and marry again? - will demand a fuller exploration of all the issues.

If there are other key players in your question - maybe existing or potential partners - then please try and supply as much information about their date, time and place of birth so that I can make a more accurate analysis for you.

Price: £50.00 GBP

To be fair to everybody I will reply to questions in the order that I receive them. There is a current waiting time of around 15 days.

Please fill in all the details in the form below. You will be able to confirm this information before completing your order.

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I need a time of birth for an accurate consultation.
If you do not know the exact time please guess as closely as possible.

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Your question

What you would like to learn from your astrology.

Please include the birth details (date, time and place) of any people who are relevant to your question, and any information which might be helpful. For example, if you are asking about a future job opportunity it would help to know what job types you would like to explore.

If you are booking a consultation with me then please let me know where you are in the world so that I can find a time that suits both of our timezones.


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Electronic reports are sent via email to the email address you supply. Reports will usually be ready within one or two days, but please allow up to seven days for delivery of electronic products. All electronic reports are sent in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format. For full details about payment and delivery, please see our Shopping Information page.

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