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The reports I offer here are computer-derived, so it is important to be realistic in your expectations. You will gain insight about yourself, your astrological make-up and your current and future situation, but it is not like having me personally go through your horoscope and give you one-to-one advice.

The reports are reflective of the cost: a one-on-one consultation, £150; a report £15 - £18.


In-Sight is an in-depth forecast providing a psychologically-based interpretation of the planetary portents of the months ahead.

Each section unfolds chronologically, rather than in order of planetary significance, making the content flow more logically. In-Sight is both an intuitive and practical guide to living your life to the full.

3-month report

£15.95 GBP

12-month report

£18.95 GBP


The Lifescope report provides a comprehensive view of your personality, gifts and directions in life. The text describes each of the planetary bodies and the angles they form with one another.

The rising sign (Ascendant) is covered, as are the balance of the qualities (Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs) and the elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water signs ). An altogether fascinating and absorbing report.

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£15.95 GBP


Comparascope profiles are my guided tour of your relationship. Comparascope calculates two personal horoscopes, compares them in detail, and produces an in-depth profile of what's happening between you astrologically. Find out just how strong your relationship can be.

Each Comparascope report is written in four parts which look at the relationship from your perspective as well as the other person's.

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£15.95 GBP


My Childscope provides a unique insight into your child's personality, talents and future direction, as well as the challenges they may face along the way.

The report identifies the major life periods of your child's formative years and explains each of these in further detail. It also shows a summary of activity in each of the twelve houses of the horoscope.

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£15.95 GBP


Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his birth. By comparing and contrasting the inter-relationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and many levels that two people relate with each other. 

This is the astrological art of synastry as it has been practiced for several thousand years.

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Past Life Report

We each have lessons to learn. The past lives chart clarifies those lessons. It puts them up for a new examination, not to fear but to acknowledge and integrate into a resulting happier present.

For centuries, astrology has used symbols to represent past lives and karma. They represent the experiences we inherit and the struggles we confront across the duration of many lives.

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Electronic reports are sent via email to the email address you supply. Reports will usually be ready within one or two days, but please allow up to seven days for delivery of electronic products. All electronic reports are sent in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format. For full details about payment and delivery, please see our Shopping Information page.

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